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brian125 ·


New york / S.C. myrtle beach
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2012 MB ML 350, 2012 BMW X-5, 2013 Honda Accord EXL V-6, 2013 Genesis R-SPEC 5.0


  • bondc
    hi brian, can you please suggest me what is the best price for 2015 crv exl in dallas area. currently best i have is 27300 + tax, title
    February 27
  • bingroy
    Thanks Brian. Will follow your advice.
    January 25
  • bingroy

    I am getting a on the road price of $16.8K for 2015 Corolla L automatic trim.

    Breakdown is as follows

    Price 14500
    Tax 870 (state = 6%)
    Destination 825
    MD tags/registration 300
    Dealership LOW 300

    TOTAL 16795

    Good deal I suppose? Your feedback is appreciated! Thanks.
    January 25
  • citizenchi
    Hey Brian,

    My friend is buying in Texas - Houston Area. They want the following:

    Toyota Tundra Limited 2WD CrewMax with Short Bed. Gray or Silver. With Tow Package. No trade-in but they are putting $8k down for down payment.

    Thoughts on what they should pay? They were quoted $42,883 after $1000 rebate and this includes state taxes, title, destination fees, Documentary fee ($125), Dealer Inventory Tax ($86). etc. They got a work order from the dealership.

    I think they can do better especially today/tomorrow. Let me know where you think they should be price-wise.

    December 2014
  • citizenchi
    Hey Brian,

    Do you help with Toyota Tundra buying as well? Or just Hondas? Also, can you message me a link to your email template that you send dealerships? I've been looking all over the forums for it and I can't find it.

    Thanks for all you do!
    December 2014
    • brian125
      yes.......I could get you the best deal with any make or model.
  • dorio53
    Brian it seems like you are the expert ;-) Please tell me if these are good deals in
    San Diego, Ca. I am a little confused because I have two different dealer invoices for the same model.
    Thank you!

    2014 Accord CVT COUPE EX-L W/NAVI/RED
    MSRP $30,910.
    Discount $5,937
    Price Promise $24,973.
    OTD= $27,346.

    2014 Accord CVT COUPE EX-L W/NAVI/Metallic Steel
    MSRP $32,800
    Invoice $28,337.
    Dealer price $25.837. plus tax and lic.

    With added Dealer Package-wheel locks,door moldings,mudguards,trunk liner,2 yr. Maint. Is this worth the Difference of $864?
    December 2014
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    October 2014
  • janice678
    Hi, Brian, I should call you "Brain". You have the Brain for buying cars. Thanks so much to wonderful people like you helping no car buying experience people like me. I got a quote from the local dealer, I live in Orange County, California. What do you think of the final OTD prices for W/NAV and one W/O NAV? I don't really care for one, but my husband's Honda had one and he loves it. What's invoice price for EX-L W/NAV and W/O NAV. So I can work on my negotiation. I don't think these prices are good enough. What do you think? Thanks again for everything you do for us! I am really grateful!

    "All the money Honda offer have been apply to the price quote.
    2014 Honda CR-V EX-L W/NAVI 2WD
    Sale Price:$ 26,707
    Doc fees:$80
    Sale Tax:$2,142.97
    License Fees:$312.75
    Total : $29,242.72"
    2014 HondaCR-V EX-L 2WD

    MSRP: $*28,700
    Norm Reeves Honda's Price: $*25,318 OTD for Orange County:$27,849
    October 2014
  • Which models are you talking about. awd models or fwd models?????? Navagation is not worth the 1400 dollars difference. buy a 200 dollar garmin nuvi gps system they are alot better than dealer installed systems. I have navagation in most of my vehicles. i stll find my portable Garmin alot better than them. click on my 2800 comments read thru my postings on buying tips and advise and you will save some money.
    October 2014
    • janice678
      It's the front wheel drive. Thanks a million!
  • janice678
    I really need your expert's opinion. I got a quote for CR-V EL-X with Navigation is $26,707 plus $2,185 registration fee. Without the navigation is $25,318 plus register fee. Are those prices sound good enough to you? Can I bargain little more? Interest is .90% APY. Should I get one with navigation or have an outside company install it? Should I buy 2014 or wait for 2015 model? Thanks so much for your help!
    October 2014
  • iecavi
    Thanks Brian!!!
    September 2014
  • iecavi
    Hi! Brian,
    You were right, fees are way over what I thought; yesterday I called 4 dealers, 2 of them are the ones I had spoken before;
    1st dealer: "Offical fee" $131, plus
    'Doc fee" $189,
    so that's closed to what you had mention on your first comment ($399),
    2nd dealer: Title and Reg fee= $50
    Doc fee $189 and
    something called an "inventory fee" of 0.35% - they add it after all these fees and sales tax,
    The other 2 dealers want me in before telling me their fees...
    Most probably I will have to go by myself, even though all the info and tips I'm learning here are being of huge help, I am afraid once in their "office" I will be an easy prey, I will not know all the answers or ways to reject their reasons for all those fees I know they are ridiculous and can be taken away. I have read that dealers get reimbursed for every car they sell, advertising expenses, servicing cars, etc.
    Can you please offer me some advice?
    September 2014
  • iecavi
    Hi! Brian, first of al I really appreciate your support and advice.
    So far this is what I have come with after reading your posts and comments. I could not find the DOC fee for Tx dealers, all I found was some charge between 0-250, so I calculated my target price on 250 as Dealer fee.
    I have set my target price (MTP) for a 2014 Accord Sport CVT( trunk tray, splash guards, mats and wheel locks ) as
    - MTP- 20,975
    - Estimated sales tax(TX) - 1,311
    - DMV - 63.50 + local county fee (maybe) - 11.50

    So this makes it for a OTD - 22,361, this should be a good fair price, right?

    After I did my search on fees and charges I have not made an offer to any dealer yet, neither to the first 2 dealers I had spoken at first, should I first offer MTP before all taxes and fees or should I write my offer including those charges and fees?

    Greetings from the South &
    Thanks for all you do!

    September 2014
  • ingoialo
    Hello brian 125
    What do u think of the2014 Nissan rogue select awd ?
    September 2014
  • road_gypsy

    You wanted to know which dealer I purchased RDX at. It was Acura of Serramonte.

    September 2014
  • song14

    Hi Brian, I am from Philadelphia, am planning to buy Honda Accord EX-L w/o Navi. Could you give me some comments regarding the following quote: $26,696 OTD price=$24,550 (car price)+$1964(Tax, 8% in PA)+$184(TTC) Its higher than what people paid from other areas, but this is the lowest quota among 10 local dealers. Do you think this the right price to target ? Would the price be lower on Monday, which is the last day of Labor day sale promotion? Thanks in advance.

    August 2014
  • sunny_9

    @brian125: Hi Brian, am from DE, am planning to buy Honda Accord EX. Based on the comments posted by you and other members in this forum, I decided to buy from Maryland dealerships instead of DE. I am thinking to target price around $21,250 excluding TTL and accessories. Do you think this the right price to target ?

    Thanks in advance.

    August 2014
  • bocalm

    Hi, Brian,

    Can you give me some comments regarding the following quote: South Florida (north Miami area). Honda Accord EX-L, 4doors, no navigation, 4 cylinder, Black (and black interior).

    Current quote: $27, 000 OTD price (including everything, the car also come with a new tag, because I do not want to transfer my license plate)

    Options: mud guard, trunk tray, wheel lock, floor mat, door edge, window etching, Tint, paint stripe.

    I finance the car, but the rate won't be available unless I sign the sale contract. Can you comment?


    August 2014
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    August 2014
  • viggs

    Hey Brian,

    I do not think I did but I will have to check the contract tonight. I'll let you know.


    August 2014
  • sweets1180

    Thanks! I'm sure its time consuming to be the forum expert! I appreciate your time, and had already started reading your past posts after I sent the last message.

    August 2014
  • balabask

    Hi Brian125,

    Greetings!, I am in need of a car this weekend badly, Looking at a 2104 Honda Accord Ex 4cyl CVT with accessories with 0.9% honda financing for which I am already qualified with a dealer.

    I have an email from one dealer that says this Per your request, here is your price quote: New 2014 Honda Accord Sedan EX - splash guards, all weather floor mats, door edge guards, trunk tray MSRP: $26,470 INTERNET SALE PRICE*: $24,902 Drive Out, financed through American Honda Finance . is this a good deal? Is this a valid quote ? and what other preparatory steps should I take to avoid any surprises. Please advise. I saw a terminology 'Buyers Order" what is that and please advise me of things I should take care off before visiting the dealer

    Thank you in advance for the reply and direction. Regards, BB

    August 2014
  • yankeefan101

    Thanks for your help. I followed your suggestions and at this point the best offer I have received is $1100 below invoice with no doc or destinations fees. I am hoping to do better in next two days. if that ends up as my best offer should i take it? Thanks again. I would have never thought I could get this SUV for anything below invoice had I not studied your posts.

    June 2014
  • yankeefan101


    Thank you for all your information. i have really learned a lot from your suggestions. I am on Long Island and have followed your suggestions in trying to get quotes. I would like to purchase a 2014 CRV AWD EXL. I have followed your advice in previous posts. I have obtained financing. I have asked each dealer whether they have flex cash available if i financed with the.

    I would like to buy the car by the end of the month. I have emailed 8 dealers in the area and have only received one response. My question may seem silly but I am not sure whether I should make them an offer of $1000 + doc fees first or let them make an offer and then counter with the price I am willing to pay.

    Thanks for your help.

    June 2014
  • gauravj

    Brian - Can you please let me know

    June 2014
  • gauravj

    Thanks a lot Brian.

    here are the quotes for CRV EXL 2WD: 1) Gwinnette place Honda: Internet Sales Price $ 24,799.00
    +Dealer Added: (Mudguards, wheel locks, trunk tray, 3m door edge, pinstripe) $ 808.00
    +Doc Fees $ 549.00
    +TAVT $ 1,783.69
    +Title Fee & Lemon $ 80.00

    =Total Drive Out $ 28,019.69 (Discount of $200 here and hence cost to me - $27,800 with these accessories)

    2) Ed Voyles Honda: $24,500.00 Internet Price $ 598.00 Processing Fee $ 98.50 Electronic Title Fee $ 1,700.76 GA TAVT 6.75% (Estimated) $ 39.00 Title $26,939.26 Total Drive Out Price Factory Equipped

    "3 YEAR CAR CARE PACKAGE" Includes 1. Lube, Oil and Filter 2. Clean and Adjust Brakes 3. Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection And: 1 Year Cross Country Motor Club Membership a. 24-Hour Roadside Assistance b. Emergency Towing Coverage

    June 2014
  • gauravj

    HI Brian, Is the price good?

    My earlier post:

    Hi Brian and Steve, I am in Atlanta, GA and have received quote for a 2014 Honda CRV EXL 2WD from a few dealerships. I am about to zero down on two of the quotes and wanted to run it past you experts. 1) Gwinnett Place Honda - for a OTD price of $27,800 - they put $808 of accessories (Trunk Tray, Mudguards, 3M door tape, pinstiping, wheel locks) into the price and putting "exterior paint sealant" and "interior fabric/leather protection" for free. I am not sure how good or necessary are the freebies they are throwing in. - 2) Ed Voyles Honda - an OTD price of $26,950 and they are putting a 3 year car care package which mainly include oil changes/lube/filters and tire rotation.

    Please advice if these are good deals and which one of the dealership is better. I am yet to visit them and all the negotiations/quotes have been on phone/on-line as of now.

    Thank you very much for your advice

    June 2014
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    June 2014
  • cski

    Thanks again for your help with the coilover info. Here is a copy of my post on Optima Forums after reading about popping noises. That is the kind of stuff I want to know before making a major purchase.

    ....and here I am considering coilovers hard. Thinking about the Megan street series (the red ones for $899). I really want to tighten up the rebound and basically make it more fun to drive. I love the idea about lowering the center of gravity too. I spent a lot of time cringing after hitting smaller potholes this winter, and even just broken pavement sends quivers through the body structure. Around corners I have to man handle the d*** thing and that is pretty much the opposite of fun. One thing I want to make sure of is if the coilovers will even help some of the things I just mentioned. Maybe the car has a few less welds than optimal. I just know it drives great at 6 - 7/10ths, but anything more it gets sketchy.

    So, I guess starting now I am looking for some input on models that d

    May 2014
  • retrolol

    Brian, I've been lurking and wondering. In an older post u said to raise ur asking price to compensate for the dealer doc fee. I would think u meant lower ur asking price. What am I missing? Thanks for all ur great info. It will be a big boost in my car buying process.

    May 2014
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