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brian125 ·


New york / S.C. myrtle beach
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2012 MB ML 350, 2012 BMW X-5, 2013 Honda Accord EXL V-6, 2013 Genesis R-SPEC 5.0


  • brettkarren

    Hi Brian, I posted this a day or so ago. You seem like the guy who knows whats up. could you look this over I'm looking at the 2014 lx cvt in Phoenix area. I have seen people mention they have purchased for $2000 below invoice. Invoice is $21,620 right?

    question 1. Does that include the flex cash or is it in addition to flex cash? question 2. based on the #s below, how far below invoice am I?. I never know how to treat doc fees question 3. Looking at the best offer below, How much better can I expect to get question 3. How do I squeeze it out. (i followed the guide posted earlier except that i'm at the start of the month not the end.) Here is the best breakdown I have after dealing with them via email sale price: ** $20,771** (includes destination, add ons like tint, guards blah blah blah) doc fee: $399 (seems to be the standard so far) registration $405 tax (8..3%) $1,750 flex cash $(500) Out the door ** $22,800**

    Please give me a hand. I'm too cheap to spend more than i shoul

    April 9
    • brettkarren
      I guess i should ask how much below invoice should someone be getting the 2014 accord lx cvt in the phoenix area? thanks for your help. you and people like you are saving people like me thousands of dollars.
  • dontburnearl

    Brian, wanted to thank you for the information about the insurance concerns on my lease. Do you know of any insurance companies that cover this?


    April 5
  • honda4mee

    Brian, I am going shopping for a 2014 Honda Accord EX or EX-L 4 cylinder in the Baltimore area with no trade in. A couple of questions: 1. What are your thoughts on which model to buy? (most bang for your buck) 2. Any thoughts on a reputable dealer? 3. What price should I be aiming for on each model before TTL?


    April 1
  • chaccord


    Can you recommend good dealers to buy Honda accord ex-l around Indianapolis. I am ok to go chicago or Columbus if i get good deal.

    March 31
  • chaccord

    Thank you very much Brain for your reply. My max budget is around 400$ per month( 600-650 including insurance,gas, maintenance) i can get around 1.27 APR in DCU for my credit. I have one offer for used Accord 2013 EX-L 7k miles with extended warranty from owner leaving the country. ******The car has these extras, in addition to what usually comes along with a factory body. ** Extended warranty up to 7 years ** Trunk tray from genuine Honda accessories ** Low jack security system. (Helps locating the car w hen stolen) ** Mud guards ** wheel locks ** all weather floor mats .

    What is the best price to buy this Accord(including/excluding taxes). Is it good to go for used one or new 2013 Accord EX-L. I am asking it for 22K+Taxes is that good offer?.

    Thanks in advance.

    March 31
  • chaccord

    Hi Brain,

    I am looking to buy new Honda Accord 2014.I am confused whether to buy new one or used one for 15K$. If i choose to buy used EX-L for 15K is it better to go for new LX?. I am not much concerned if it is new one or old one but for me most matters is the deal anything i buy i need to get it for best price. Can you suggest me which is the best price(OTD including all the Taxes) for LX,EX-L. I live in Indianapolis ready to go Chicago or Columbus,OH once deal is finalized. I need your suggestion it will get me out of confusions. If i can get very good deal for 2013 i can think about that but is that suggestible to go for 2013 in April as within few months new model will be in Market.

    If you have few quotes send me to my Email ID:

    Thanks in Advance, Prithvi

    March 30
  • jlmlkl

    Brian - Getting a quote for EXL 4wd

    Cost 33,300 Tax 7% Or 2,331 Doc fee. 285

    OTD 35.9 approx

    How does that sound?

    Flag Quote · Like LOL

    March 29
  • alpha123

    Hey Brian, looks like these forums are keeping you pretty busy. Thanks for what you're doing. Question: I used your advice and process a good deal on my Highlander a while back..for my wife. Now it's my turn except I'm going used and lower budget. Looking at tsx, Camry, legacy, etc. my question is about the process..I think now would be the best time to deal..end of month and end of quarter but I'm not ready unfortunately. Need a couple of weeks. Should I use the same approach? Find 5-10 similar cars, email the sales manager with my price and wait? I guess the catch is finding "similar cars" right? Also, I have access to Mannheim pricing. I've noticed that edmunds private party sale is about $1000 over the average MMR. So if I offer $1k over MMR do you think dealer will bite? My basic assumption is that used dealers price about 4-5k above what they paid at auction. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    March 29
  • tco2005

    Hey Brian! You helped me get a great deal on a 2014 CRV back in September on the old forums. I was hoping you could help me again - I'm trying to find some data on a 2014 Civic EX for my wife, but the forums here are lacking for info. I'm looking to buy in MD, so figuring on hitting Pohanka, Honda of Bowie, Annapolis, etc.

    Not sure what the invoice price is or a good target, but any help would be appreciated.

    March 25
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    March 3
  • dcanes41

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your reply and suggestions..

    Do you think the EX quote and added accessories is a good deal?

    $268/month for 35 months (includes tax)

    Purchase Price:$22,900 Residual: $15,600

    Accessories Included: Car Mats Mud Guards Remote Engine Start System II (Installed)

    Thanks, Dave

    January 26
    • brian125
      Hi dave,

      You need to put that question in the leasing forum. Without knowing your residual/money factor numbers and other dealer costs your 288 a month price can not be determined. A good price to buy/ lease is between 500 and 1000 below invoice. That is the price range you should be buying/ leasing at.. wheel locks bought on line are 36 dollars, splash guards are $67.. How much is the dealer charging you for auto start. do u want that item.. Most decent deals the dealer will throw in the wheel locks and splash guards at no extra cost.
  • ddegraw1

    HI Brian, It looks like your the guy with wonderful advice! I was wondering if you have an idea on what a good price to pay is for a 2013 Honda CR-V EX-L without Navigation it is used and has 31,000 miles.. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    January 3
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    December 2013
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    December 2013
  • dh2013

    brian, thanks for your comments & insight ... we are looking at a 2014 CRV 2wd EXL and in NC we have received this quote : $25,890 + 776 tax (3%) + 73 title + 549 docs = $ 27288 we will finance with American Honda to get this price. Does the $1500 below invoice come off the $25,890 (25890 - $1500 = 24390 ) ? or is the 25890 already a reasonable price point ? And if 25890 is reasonable then can I start asking for accessories such as Spoiler, Spleahguard, Cargo Tray, all season mats and roof rack ? and when should I start the trade in discussion ? Thank you very much

    December 2013
  • buyer80

    Hey Brian Just purchased a HONDA CR-V EX-L With Navigation in southern California Invoice is $28234 price paid includes destination is $27223 + $80 doc fee +288.75 TTL +$29 electronic vehicle registration + sales tax $2508.49 OTD $30129.24 Also purchased Honda Care for $1500for 7 year or 100K how does this look to you

    December 2013
  • hotshot187

    Hey Brian I live in upstate NY area and the price quotes im getting don't seem to be that great. Here is a price quote for a dealer in my area. Can you tell me away I can try to get them down a bit. Hello Doug:

    I appreciate your contacting Ontario Honda to let us know of your interest in the 2014 Honda Accord.

    The 2014 Honda Accord EX Sedan with CVT has an MSRP of $26,470.00, which includes the destination charge of $790. According to Kelley Blue Book, the Fair Purchase Price for this vehicle is $24,331.00. Our internet sale price for the 2014 Honda Accord EX is $24,188.00 plus sales tax and DMV related charges (approximately $250). Honda is also continuing to offer special financing on the '14 Accord , with 0.9% available for terms up to 36 months and 1.9% for terms of 37 to 60 months, with approved credit. This is a special Year-End Clearance Price - you must take delivery by close of business Tuesday, December 31, 2013, to take advantage of this great price

    December 2013
    • brian125
      dealer is selling 100 below invoice.. You could do better tell all dealerships that for 800 below you buy today maybe striking a deal at 800 or 700 below at worst.. our market price is not as good as other area's. 500 below invoice should be your bottom line number to buy.
  • PFFlyer@Edmunds

    Hey brian, the anniversary badge thing is still sorting itself out in the changeover, so give it a bit and things may/should/ start to get squared away. The comment badges and all the accumulated stuff in the new software should be piling up already.

    Hope you had a great holiday

    December 2013
    • brian125
      Thanks ..............Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.
  • hps25

    Hi Brian,

    I thank you so much to provide wonderful info for Car Anti-theft device. I did my own research and found the Viper is one of the best anti-theft device and Best Buy is the seller and installer or Car Dealer can install it. LoJack is less/equally good if it's get signal, also local police vehicle must have tracking device installed from LoJack.

    Can you please provide further information as per your experience and knowledge of the anti-theft device.

    Sorry, but I have Couple more question to you. Q.1 What is MPG of your Honda V6 (City/Highway)? Q.2 Is it okay to buy Honda Car from farthest dealer and go for regular service to local dealer ?

    Please advice.

    Thanks, HPS

    December 2013
    • brian125
      yes buy the honda care from the cheapest dealership. bernardi honda is very well priced along with hynaniss and sacucci ..... spelled wrong but close google it. any dealership you bring your honda to has to service it.
    • hps25
      Hi Brian,

      Thanks again to answer my all questions.
      I always look the family car have all nice feature and good MPG, 4 Cyln will be good for me.

      I search about Saccucci and found two diff result.
      First search was; Due to CA law out of state dealer can't sell any warranty to any CA residence.Hence, I search CA rule and there's I found the out side state company can't sell extended warranty over internet, only car dealer can...
      I found on Yelp that several ppl in CA purchase Saccucci for 2014 model cars. I will contact them by Monday for further details.

      However, I also found that major ppl recommend for MBI (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance), rather than to purchase extended warranty provide by car dealers..

      Once again, Brian, I thank you so much for all useful information.

  • dinky

    Brian, I live in Ohio and would like to purchase the 2014 CRV LX AWD. The price promise quoted by dealer was $23,573. Then, I would need to add tax, title, etc. Is this a good deal?

    December 2013
    • brian125
      i will look into it for you and post back today. Is the dest/ charge included in this price. what are the dealerships doc fee charge? was flex cash added to this selling number?
  • fnnclplan

    Brian, I am buying a 2014 HONDA CR-V 2WD * 4dr Wgn EX-L w/Navi

    December 2013
    • brian125
      do you want all these options
    • fnnclplan
      Yes I want those options.
    • brian125
      posted on main board post any comments on there.
  • fnnclplan

    Brian, Please advise me on this Tucson quote. Thank you, John

    Vehicle:    2014  HONDA  CR-V 2WD  * 4dr Wgn EX-L w/Navi     

    PURCHASE OPTION Vehicle Price: $30,025.00
    Market Savings: - $2,291.00
    SmartChoice Price: $27,734.00
    Gravel Guards: + $124.00
    TRAILER HITCH PKG: + $810.00
    Wheel Locks: + $95.00
    Window Tint Car: + $99.00
    Vehicle Selling Price: $28,862.00

    Sales Tax (estimate):   +   $2,337.82    
    Documentation Fee:  +   $399.00  
    Other:  +   $5.00    
    License Fee (estimate):     +   $508.22  
    Balance Due (estimate):         $32,112.04   
    No Trade-In 

    FINANCE OPTIONS Cash Down 24 months APR: .90 %
    $24,612 $316

    December 2013