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brian125 ·


New york / S.C. myrtle beach
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2012 MB ML 350, 2012 BMW X-5, 2013 Honda Accord EXL V-6, 2013 Genesis R-SPEC 5.0


  • dorio53
    Brian it seems like you are the expert ;-) Please tell me if these are good deals in
    San Diego, Ca. I am a little confused because I have two different dealer invoices for the same model.
    Thank you!

    2014 Accord CVT COUPE EX-L W/NAVI/RED
    MSRP $30,910.
    Discount $5,937
    Price Promise $24,973.
    OTD= $27,346.

    2014 Accord CVT COUPE EX-L W/NAVI/Metallic Steel
    MSRP $32,800
    Invoice $28,337.
    Dealer price $25.837. plus tax and lic.

    With added Dealer Package-wheel locks,door moldings,mudguards,trunk liner,2 yr. Maint. Is this worth the Difference of $864?
    December 23
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    October 20
  • janice678
    Hi, Brian, I should call you "Brain". You have the Brain for buying cars. Thanks so much to wonderful people like you helping no car buying experience people like me. I got a quote from the local dealer, I live in Orange County, California. What do you think of the final OTD prices for W/NAV and one W/O NAV? I don't really care for one, but my husband's Honda had one and he loves it. What's invoice price for EX-L W/NAV and W/O NAV. So I can work on my negotiation. I don't think these prices are good enough. What do you think? Thanks again for everything you do for us! I am really grateful!

    "All the money Honda offer have been apply to the price quote.
    2014 Honda CR-V EX-L W/NAVI 2WD
    Sale Price:$ 26,707
    Doc fees:$80
    Sale Tax:$2,142.97
    License Fees:$312.75
    Total : $29,242.72"
    2014 HondaCR-V EX-L 2WD

    MSRP: $*28,700
    Norm Reeves Honda's Price: $*25,318 OTD for Orange County:$27,849
    October 10
  • Which models are you talking about. awd models or fwd models?????? Navagation is not worth the 1400 dollars difference. buy a 200 dollar garmin nuvi gps system they are alot better than dealer installed systems. I have navagation in most of my vehicles. i stll find my portable Garmin alot better than them. click on my 2800 comments read thru my postings on buying tips and advise and you will save some money.
    October 9
    • janice678
      It's the front wheel drive. Thanks a million!
  • janice678
    I really need your expert's opinion. I got a quote for CR-V EL-X with Navigation is $26,707 plus $2,185 registration fee. Without the navigation is $25,318 plus register fee. Are those prices sound good enough to you? Can I bargain little more? Interest is .90% APY. Should I get one with navigation or have an outside company install it? Should I buy 2014 or wait for 2015 model? Thanks so much for your help!
    October 7
  • iecavi
    Thanks Brian!!!
    September 27
  • iecavi
    Hi! Brian,
    You were right, fees are way over what I thought; yesterday I called 4 dealers, 2 of them are the ones I had spoken before;
    1st dealer: "Offical fee" $131, plus
    'Doc fee" $189,
    so that's closed to what you had mention on your first comment ($399),
    2nd dealer: Title and Reg fee= $50
    Doc fee $189 and
    something called an "inventory fee" of 0.35% - they add it after all these fees and sales tax,
    The other 2 dealers want me in before telling me their fees...
    Most probably I will have to go by myself, even though all the info and tips I'm learning here are being of huge help, I am afraid once in their "office" I will be an easy prey, I will not know all the answers or ways to reject their reasons for all those fees I know they are ridiculous and can be taken away. I have read that dealers get reimbursed for every car they sell, advertising expenses, servicing cars, etc.
    Can you please offer me some advice?
    September 27
  • iecavi
    Hi! Brian, first of al I really appreciate your support and advice.
    So far this is what I have come with after reading your posts and comments. I could not find the DOC fee for Tx dealers, all I found was some charge between 0-250, so I calculated my target price on 250 as Dealer fee.
    I have set my target price (MTP) for a 2014 Accord Sport CVT( trunk tray, splash guards, mats and wheel locks ) as
    - MTP- 20,975
    - Estimated sales tax(TX) - 1,311
    - DMV - 63.50 + local county fee (maybe) - 11.50

    So this makes it for a OTD - 22,361, this should be a good fair price, right?

    After I did my search on fees and charges I have not made an offer to any dealer yet, neither to the first 2 dealers I had spoken at first, should I first offer MTP before all taxes and fees or should I write my offer including those charges and fees?

    Greetings from the South &
    Thanks for all you do!

    September 26
  • ingoialo
    Hello brian 125
    What do u think of the2014 Nissan rogue select awd ?
    September 25
  • road_gypsy

    You wanted to know which dealer I purchased RDX at. It was Acura of Serramonte.

    September 4
  • song14

    Hi Brian, I am from Philadelphia, am planning to buy Honda Accord EX-L w/o Navi. Could you give me some comments regarding the following quote: $26,696 OTD price=$24,550 (car price)+$1964(Tax, 8% in PA)+$184(TTC) Its higher than what people paid from other areas, but this is the lowest quota among 10 local dealers. Do you think this the right price to target ? Would the price be lower on Monday, which is the last day of Labor day sale promotion? Thanks in advance.

    August 31
  • sunny_9

    @brian125: Hi Brian, am from DE, am planning to buy Honda Accord EX. Based on the comments posted by you and other members in this forum, I decided to buy from Maryland dealerships instead of DE. I am thinking to target price around $21,250 excluding TTL and accessories. Do you think this the right price to target ?

    Thanks in advance.

    August 31
  • bocalm

    Hi, Brian,

    Can you give me some comments regarding the following quote: South Florida (north Miami area). Honda Accord EX-L, 4doors, no navigation, 4 cylinder, Black (and black interior).

    Current quote: $27, 000 OTD price (including everything, the car also come with a new tag, because I do not want to transfer my license plate)

    Options: mud guard, trunk tray, wheel lock, floor mat, door edge, window etching, Tint, paint stripe.

    I finance the car, but the rate won't be available unless I sign the sale contract. Can you comment?


    August 19
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    August 15
  • viggs

    Hey Brian,

    I do not think I did but I will have to check the contract tonight. I'll let you know.


    August 14
  • sweets1180

    Thanks! I'm sure its time consuming to be the forum expert! I appreciate your time, and had already started reading your past posts after I sent the last message.

    August 13
  • balabask

    Hi Brian125,

    Greetings!, I am in need of a car this weekend badly, Looking at a 2104 Honda Accord Ex 4cyl CVT with accessories with 0.9% honda financing for which I am already qualified with a dealer.

    I have an email from one dealer that says this Per your request, here is your price quote: New 2014 Honda Accord Sedan EX - splash guards, all weather floor mats, door edge guards, trunk tray MSRP: $26,470 INTERNET SALE PRICE*: $24,902 Drive Out, financed through American Honda Finance . is this a good deal? Is this a valid quote ? and what other preparatory steps should I take to avoid any surprises. Please advise. I saw a terminology 'Buyers Order" what is that and please advise me of things I should take care off before visiting the dealer

    Thank you in advance for the reply and direction. Regards, BB

    August 9
  • yankeefan101

    Thanks for your help. I followed your suggestions and at this point the best offer I have received is $1100 below invoice with no doc or destinations fees. I am hoping to do better in next two days. if that ends up as my best offer should i take it? Thanks again. I would have never thought I could get this SUV for anything below invoice had I not studied your posts.

    June 29
  • yankeefan101


    Thank you for all your information. i have really learned a lot from your suggestions. I am on Long Island and have followed your suggestions in trying to get quotes. I would like to purchase a 2014 CRV AWD EXL. I have followed your advice in previous posts. I have obtained financing. I have asked each dealer whether they have flex cash available if i financed with the.

    I would like to buy the car by the end of the month. I have emailed 8 dealers in the area and have only received one response. My question may seem silly but I am not sure whether I should make them an offer of $1000 + doc fees first or let them make an offer and then counter with the price I am willing to pay.

    Thanks for your help.

    June 28
  • gauravj

    Brian - Can you please let me know

    June 9
  • gauravj

    Thanks a lot Brian.

    here are the quotes for CRV EXL 2WD: 1) Gwinnette place Honda: Internet Sales Price $ 24,799.00
    +Dealer Added: (Mudguards, wheel locks, trunk tray, 3m door edge, pinstripe) $ 808.00
    +Doc Fees $ 549.00
    +TAVT $ 1,783.69
    +Title Fee & Lemon $ 80.00

    =Total Drive Out $ 28,019.69 (Discount of $200 here and hence cost to me - $27,800 with these accessories)

    2) Ed Voyles Honda: $24,500.00 Internet Price $ 598.00 Processing Fee $ 98.50 Electronic Title Fee $ 1,700.76 GA TAVT 6.75% (Estimated) $ 39.00 Title $26,939.26 Total Drive Out Price Factory Equipped

    "3 YEAR CAR CARE PACKAGE" Includes 1. Lube, Oil and Filter 2. Clean and Adjust Brakes 3. Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection And: 1 Year Cross Country Motor Club Membership a. 24-Hour Roadside Assistance b. Emergency Towing Coverage

    June 8
  • gauravj

    HI Brian, Is the price good?

    My earlier post:

    Hi Brian and Steve, I am in Atlanta, GA and have received quote for a 2014 Honda CRV EXL 2WD from a few dealerships. I am about to zero down on two of the quotes and wanted to run it past you experts. 1) Gwinnett Place Honda - for a OTD price of $27,800 - they put $808 of accessories (Trunk Tray, Mudguards, 3M door tape, pinstiping, wheel locks) into the price and putting "exterior paint sealant" and "interior fabric/leather protection" for free. I am not sure how good or necessary are the freebies they are throwing in. - 2) Ed Voyles Honda - an OTD price of $26,950 and they are putting a 3 year car care package which mainly include oil changes/lube/filters and tire rotation.

    Please advice if these are good deals and which one of the dealership is better. I am yet to visit them and all the negotiations/quotes have been on phone/on-line as of now.

    Thank you very much for your advice

    June 7
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    June 4
  • cski

    Thanks again for your help with the coilover info. Here is a copy of my post on Optima Forums after reading about popping noises. That is the kind of stuff I want to know before making a major purchase.

    ....and here I am considering coilovers hard. Thinking about the Megan street series (the red ones for $899). I really want to tighten up the rebound and basically make it more fun to drive. I love the idea about lowering the center of gravity too. I spent a lot of time cringing after hitting smaller potholes this winter, and even just broken pavement sends quivers through the body structure. Around corners I have to man handle the d*** thing and that is pretty much the opposite of fun. One thing I want to make sure of is if the coilovers will even help some of the things I just mentioned. Maybe the car has a few less welds than optimal. I just know it drives great at 6 - 7/10ths, but anything more it gets sketchy.

    So, I guess starting now I am looking for some input on models that d

    May 25
  • retrolol

    Brian, I've been lurking and wondering. In an older post u said to raise ur asking price to compensate for the dealer doc fee. I would think u meant lower ur asking price. What am I missing? Thanks for all ur great info. It will be a big boost in my car buying process.

    May 14
  • trgi

    By the way it is touring model. Thanks for your help. TJ.

    April 30
  • trgi

    Hi Brian, I sent you earlier "He quoted me $27492 with destination charges and flex cash as well as grad discount. What do you think? OTD comes to around $32,800 because of ridiculous tax rate of Arizona. Let me know if it is a good deal. Customary doc fees of 399, 527 for title and registration." But later internet sales guy emailed and said there are $800 worth of add-ons and he won't be able to adjust the price or remove the dealer add-ons.

    I made a different deal with nearby dealership. Can you please look at the numbers. Sale $30,432 Honda incentive $-1000 Taxes $2981.92 Document $149.50 Registration and title $18.50 Prep $389 Out the door is $32,970.92

    Thanks, TJ.

    April 29
  • trgi

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for amazing forum and your help. I am in the middle of negotiations with internet manager for a 2014 Accord touring. He quoted me $27492 with destination charges and flex cash as well as grad discount. What do you think? OTD comes to around $32,800 because of ridiculous tax rate of Arizona. Let me know if it is a good deal. Customary doc fees of 399, 527 for title and registration.

    Thanks, TJ.

    April 26
    • trgi
      Price quoted is $29492.
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    April 26
  • chaccord

    Hi Brain,

    I was offered a deal for Honda Accord 2014 EX-L V6 26500 OTD + Taxes(Indiana). Which includes(500$ flex cash + 500$ Graduate discount + Interior I'll,Mats,Tray, Locks,splash Guards ). Can i go ahead with this deal?. Can you tell me + Taxes includes how much for Indiana State.

    Thanks, Naga

    April 23