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  • carshopper1975
    Hello CarMan@Edmunds, I was just quoted the following lease deal and I need help evaluating:
    2016 Acura RDX w/ Technology Package:

    Residual value is $23,136.20, and money factor is .00083
    Price: $38K (before tax/title etc)

    36 months
    15,000 Miles

    Cash Due Options:
    $0 $558
    $1,027 $524
    $2,000 $496

    The dealer is saying there is no negotiating on Residual and Money Factor.

    Is this a deal I should pursue?
    November 16
  • fostermom2
    You seem to be pretty knowledgeable about extended warranties. I'm getting ready to purchase a 2015 Toyota Sienna and I was trying to find a dealership that will give me the best price without having to call 50 dealerships. Any suggestions?
    March 18
  • vibhz
    i am looking to lease a 2015 VW Passat SE for 36 months with 15kmiles/year. what is a good monthly price for this and what is the residual value and money factor of this car?
    December 2014
  • jgirl6

    Hi CarMan trying to help my brother He is looking at a 2014 Ram Big Horn 4wd Quad cab 5.6 bed 5.7 liter engine and is interested in finding out the residual values. Where can I send him to find this information? The dealers should provide that information correct? Especially if asked.

    August 2014
  • 2012r

    Car man. Have a 2012 CPO MB R350. Looking at buying a MB 2 year extended warranty. Currently have 41000 miles and have been told must buy additional warranty before original expires at 50000. Will do before that occurs as I want to have this car always under warranty. Any advice on what others are paying for the 2 year unlimited miles extended warranty. Understand that I can buy from any MB dealer; obviously want to get the best price. Thanks.

    June 2014
  • tomy3

    I need some recent lease data on the 2014 Audi A5 Premium convertible. You have always been a good source for this kind a data in the past.


    April 2014
  • veerman

    Hi Guys, Leased an E350 in Feb 2014. Please share any experiences or comments about my lease/MF rate:
    3 years/12,000 miles for 2014 E350
    Final Capitalized Price: $53,100 includes Acquisition Fee[$795] and maintenance for 3 years, plus Premium 1 Package, Lane tracking, Rear Deck Spoiler, Comfort Box, 3 Spoke Sport Steering Wheel, Keyless-Go Hands Free Access, 18" AMG Wheels, Lane Tracking Pkg: Blind Spot, Freight Charges.
    Paid $2500 Down. Monthly Lease Payment is $704.
    My Credit score is above 810, the dealership states that since I am considered Tier1, I am getting the best interest rate 3.95 APR. However, In the lease papers, I noticed that they have applied the MF rate of 0.00265 and according to them, this MF rate is pretty much fixed and non-negotiable as it is set by Mercedes Leasing/Financial services and they have no control over it. I believed them and leased the car. Now to confirm the effective APR they used, I multiplied this MF rate of 0.00265x2400 and it arrived to an APR of 6.36% and not 3.95% that I was initially promised?? :( I have already leased the car. Reviews posted on Edmunds forums and MB Forums for e350 show the MF rate is actually lower than what I was offered and could have been negotiated?? Any opinions here friends? I am confused here, as the 3.95% APR that I was shown initially does not match up with the MF rate in the final lease papers. I had specifically asked the dealer about this MF Rate before signing the lease and the dealership states that this is fixed by MB Leasing company and that I can call up Mercedes Leasing directly and ask them about the Money Factor, But they simply cannot lower them. I have already leased the car now.
    I would appreciate any inputs in this.

    March 2014
  • baylornation

    Hi there- I'm new to this forum but we are looking at leasing a 2014 IS250. I am in Texas. See below terms from the dealer.. I have tier 1 plus credit. What do you think? We aren't sure if we should put money towards a down payment, MSD's, etc? We are wanting a payment b/w $400-450.
    12000 miles/year. Any advice is much appreciated.

    The Money Factor for both 27 and 36 months will be .00080

    The residuals are 72% of msrp for 27 and 64% of msrp for 36 months

    Is250 MSRP $38,623 price $34,300

    Is250 fsport msrp $41,403 price $36,800

    January 2014
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