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PFFlyer@Edmunds Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles


Pennsylvania Furnace, PA
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More about me
Nothing but manual trannies since 1980!
Vehicle(s) I currently own
2011 & 2012 Nissan Versa


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    December 2015
  • Leopard Lady
    I am having an issue with my 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback. It is a 5 speed. My car was sitting as I had to leave to care for a family member. When we went to start it up and move it, it was running fine but then ran out of gas as it was very low and had been sitting that way. We put some in from a gas can and started it and drove it on a trailer and halfway up the trailer it died and won't start. Any ideas? It has a new engine and clutch put in just before it was sitting.
    September 2015
    • PF_Flyer
      Running out of gas can cause problems. First one that comes to mind is the fuel pump. The gas in the tank also cools and lubricates the fuel pump. Running the tank dry can possibly damage the pump. Could explain what's happening
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  • brian125

    PFFlyer.... i think when you sent me that last badge i seen your anniversay dates on your profile and thought it was my new updated profile.. sorry to repost that question again.

    December 2013
  • brian125

    Pfflyer my anniversary date is incorrect. All members prior to 2001 had a date of april,13 2001 which I had.. my original sign on date was 1998. You probably can still go back to forums 10 yrs ago and find me in honda pilot, among others..

    December 2013
  • brian125

    How do i get those anniversary badges ive been on these forums for 15 years

    December 2013
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    December 2013
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    December 2013
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    • brian125
      pfflyer you have made a error on my time. When edmunds changed servers in 2001 my old date was april, 13 ,2001. my original date was back in 1998 could you please adjust.
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