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Mini Cooper S; Dodge Dakota 4X4, Triumph TR6


  • kjv2252
    1998 Toyota Camry. Just came back from store. Parked vehicle and had to go back out. Attempted to start and the whole electrical system shut down. The head relay was vibrating and there is a noise under the dash like a whirring sound. Removed head relay but noise under dash won't stop. Cannot take out of gear, flashers not working. Seems car just shut down. 60000 miles on vehicle
    November 27
  • bowtieboy79
    My 1991 cavalier will run fine, then bog down and lose acceleration. Engine is doing the work and sounds great, but the car will just not GO!! Ill drive for a couple miles, and then boom!!! Drives like new. Then bogs down again. i smell gas while its doing this. It has new plugs and wires, a new coil, and i still have the problem. please hel me. ive been to mechanics school but i am lost.
    November 24
  • jackia13
    So, they definitely need to be reset..... correct ?? Does this require removing the Tire from the Rim ???

    Thank You Very Much for your help !!
    November 19
  • jkahall
    i didn't get the info on how to test the axle sensor on my 01 montana. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    November 16
  • mv98od
    HEY Mr_ Shiftright thanks for your help maybe if i get the wiring diagram for that system I can find the problrm
    November 14
  • jlsicard
    Thanks for your help on my Kia crank/no start problem. I solved the problem! I'm taking her to my mechanic tomorrow morning.
    November 8
  • fortee9er
    Hi Shifty,
    It's been a long time since I visited the forum and it has changed so much that I don't know how to navigate it anymore.I have posted a couple of questions but don't see them show up. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Need help with that. Also how can I get posts to the forum emailed to me.
    Best Regards
    Jorge Garcia aka
    November 8
  • jkahall
    Are u familiar with this problem
    November 8
  • jkahall
    How do I do this. Can I do it with a multi-meter
    November 8
  • jipster
    Hi Shifty! How's it going?
    November 4
  • 06jeepliberty
    On Monday, my driver side break light was out on my 2005 Jeep Liberty. I took it to get replace (because I know nothing about cars) and I was told that it was not the bulb, and that it was electrical. When I got my car back, the driver side turn signal started blinking very fast (same side as break light). Today, I went to unlock my car and my remote entry didn't work. A few day later my remote entry on my keys sometimes works. Its hit or miss. This morning (Friday), my check tire pressure light came on, but above it says "Check TMP System"

    What is going on with my Jeep? I have very little knowledge about cars and could really use some quick advice.
    October 28
  • mkunze
    2008 Chrysler Town & Country 150,000 miles.
    Water Pump is bad. Mechanic says spillage contaminated the timing belt. Do I need to change the belt for sure (was already done once)? Also he now wants to change all the stuff inside the timing area - pulleys, shaft seals. Increases bill by about $400. Is all this necessary if I want to get about 50,000 more mile out of it before buying a new car? Total bill for all is $944 0r $567 for belt and water pump. Not experienced with this auto shop.
    October 18
  • quetips
    hey there....yes it is a 5 speed manual tranny. it shudders under acceleration felt thru out the car. cv s are newish .tranny guy said it is not cluch or transmission......idles and revs up well . the shuddering felt more in 3rd and 4th gears and lessens when I have more weight in the car...weird!so Mr Shiftright diagnose this 2007 Hyundai Tucson for me if you would please.
    October 14
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