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  • halotree

    New to this, and never posted anything on a forum, so I hope I'm doing this correctly, and on the correct forum topic.
    I was going to purchase a 2015 Outback, but I noticed a problem that will keep me from buying, unless Subaru addresses the problem. Looking for others who have noticed the problem, and are willing to contact Subaru.
    There is a problem with glare on one of the dashboard displays. My friend in Utah bought a new 2015 Outback the first week they arrived. He said he absolutely loves it. I drove one, and decided that I would also be purchasing one soon. Then, after owning it a couple weeks my friend called me back to let me know that he had noticed a major design flaw. Above the ac/heater controls is a thin display read out. The material produces severe glare with whatever light is entering the vehicle, making it extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible to see the display. The display is not recessed or hooded, so it's not protected at all from the light. The brighter it is out, the worse it is. And if it's bright out, you need sunglasses. This makes it worse because the sunglasses make the readout even dimmer. The display is not bright enough to cut through the glare, and the display brightness cannot be increased. As you move the car to different angles, the problem improves and worsens, depending on the angle that light is entering the car. The problem is worse on sunny days, and is worse early in the day, and late in the day, when the sun shines more directly into the car. I love this car in every other way, and really want one, but I'm not going to spend a lot of money on a car that has such a big problem. You need to be able to see your displays at all times. Not just when it's night time, or when you're at just the right angle.
    This could be fixed by recessing and/or hooding the display (like it was on previous generation). Also, the display material needs to be made of an anti-glare material. And finally, they need to increase the intensity of the display itself.
    The dealership said that they have already had other complaints about this problem. They said that if it's not a safety issue, it's harder to get it fixed, but said that if enough people contact Subaru about it, then they just might fix it, especially if it's being discussed on forums, which may turn people away from buying. So, if you own a 2015 Outback, or are looking to purchase one, PLEASE contact Subaru, and let them know that we want this problem addressed. I REALLY want a new Outback, so I'm hoping that Subaru will fix the problem. Please help to spread this around (this forum, and other online forums). Thanks everybody.

    August 2014
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