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  • deerlake7
    I, too, had a 2013 Accord EX that I gave to my son last September and replaced it with a 2016 EX Sensing. Like you, I like the remote start and HD radio, plus Honda changed the steering. At about 75 mph, the '13 felt a little squirrelly (a common complaint), while the '16 feels much more planted. On the other side of the coin, taking the knobs and buttons out of the EX's and above is bad news and Honda still needs to improve the quietness of their products.
    July 30
    • cski
      Yep. It is true that an OEM spoiler is just for looks under 55mph, but my spoiler is mounted a little higher (about 1") because I mounted it myself. and the tape gave me the ability to change the angle of attack a little bit too, but I frequently cruise at 70, when the limit is 65, and there are just places where it is relatively safe to have a friendly race with a similar sedan. That is where the splitter/spoiler come in. Also, I have stability control!!!! Dont you guys?
  • cski
    Hey Ben. Loved the 2001 Hal and Dave conversation being applied to midsize sedans. Just brilliant. Hey, I am having a problem. All of my quotes....everything I have written since I posted about how my car was doing and added the pictures, keeps re-posting. I have never had this happen before. I have been manually deleting all the text/pics from the last 5 posts. Wierd. Glad to see you are still here.
    August 19
  • cski
    Oh, the wing king stocks spoilers already painted FACTORY colors. I can tel you that I bought min like 30 days after I bought the car. There has been no problems at all with it aging or turning colors etc. Also, unless you are having a pro install your spoiler, user the grey 3M double sided mega-tape that even the factory uses for stick on pieces. run that tape the entire length of the spoiler, line it up, and press HARD. Hold ...preferably with a friend, for about 10 mins..and thats it.
    August 15
  • cski
    My 2012 Optima feels well planted at 100 mph. Go to the Wing king and get a spoiler (if it does not already have one), . Now, a 2.4 and a transaxle is actually very front biased...just a rear spoiler should make it feel more planted at highway speeds.It is the the rear end that is making it feel squirrely. Nobody wants to feel insecure in their car on the highway.
    August 15
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