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New york / S.C. myrtle beach
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2016 BMW X-5 35i , 2012 MB ML 350, 2013 Genesis R-SPEC 5.0


  • samsung2016
    Hello brian125

    I am in NJ looking for 2016 CRV Touring Model, I am trying to be aggressive in my offer. I responded to dealerships with an OTD price of 32,000. I may be too aggressive.

    My best offer so far:

    30,735 this includes destination and doc. fees of $399.

    32,886.45 with taxes at 7 percent.

    350.00 give or take on DMV fees.

    33, 236.45 out the door.

    I am in no rush to buy, I am hoping there may some more rebates coming down the road before labor day.

    Couple of questions:

    What do your think about the above offer?

    Can I get closer to my desire 32000 OTD price?

    Thanks Shawn
    July 17
  • kkkuyil
    Hi Brain, I live in NY, Looking to buy 2016 CR-V LX AWD base model, got quote $22700 + tax + DMV. What would be the best final bottom line price to buy? 22k? or 21,700? 21500? your advise please. thank you!!!
    June 30
    • brian125
      Your at 1719 below invoice price. Its a decent deal for NY.

      300 to 500 dollars more would be where I'd be looking to purchase tonight otherwise buy from this dealer if no others will beat. good luck
  • your deal now as it stands is a good one at $2285 below dealers invoice. A $300 to 500 savings off the 26,100 price would make your sale a excellent deal giving the area your buying in.

    25k is ridiculous no dealer will go that low. Don't even go there. Call other dealers tell all of them Grieco has offered 25.6 k with destination match for consideration or beat price for sale today.
    June 28
    • brian125
      See if.... Saccucci Honda or Majestic will match Grieco price. I used to recommend Balise Honda but a few buyers had a bad experience with them quoting then switching pricing. Until I hear otherwise the jury is still out on them.
  • cellodi
    Thank you Brian!
    Grieco Honda (RI) was offering me $26100 including destination. the dealer fee is about 499, I am not sure. I am thinking to go Planet Honda, but I am not sure if they can offer me $25000 with destination?

    June 28
  • cellodi
    Dear Brian125,

    I am planning to buy a EXL with Nav and Sening, The best deal a get now is $26100 without deal fee and doc fees. Do you think it is a good deal at this moment? I am in NY NJ CT area. And is there any suggestions?
    Thank you so much Brian!!
    Looking to hear back from you!
    June 28
  • plina
    Brian I live in Manhattan what deslership you recomend for Honda? I can go to NJ actually I buy most of my cars there.
    May 25
    • brian125
      NY........... New Rochelle , Yonkers, Friendly, Maybe Bay-Ridge Honda

      In LI .......Atlantic, Huntington Honda

      NJ.............. Auto-Sport , Garden State , DCH Paramus, Joyce, Madison,
      Maybe......................... Paul miller, or RTE23, DCH Old-Bridge.

      You could try the other NY Honda dealers not mentioned with a email / call . Do not go into these dealerships they lie and will bait you to come in then Re- nig on price.

      Use the Honda dealer -rater to see reviews in our area. Post back if you need me.
  • bradz06
    Honda of Riverside.... They want to make thousands on every car!!
    April 24
  • bradz06
    Hi Brian, I purchased at DCH Honda Temecula Ca.
    April 24
  • bradz06
    Latest offer from Riverside Honda is 22,500 + 10% = 24,750 Roughly OTD and Honda Financing for 3 months min @ 4.9% 20K plus amount to be financed not 8,500.00 so I would have to finance like 20,500 for 3 months?
    they said I could pay it off in 3 months
    April 12
  • Buying @22,922 puts you at $1761 below invoice and in my target price to buy. Being that you have inside info on pricing in your state and buying closer to months end $300 to 500 more of that $1761 is very do-able.
    April 12
  • bradz06
    Hi Brian, 4-11-2016 8:42 pm I know your in bed right now... hehe but I just got back from Riverside Honda I asked them for 22,500 + 10% fees roughly 24,750 OTD cash... they came back at 22,922.00 + 80.00 doc fees 288.75 dmv 1840.16 tax= 25,130.91 OTD tax was wrong should have been 1833.76 they tryed to tax doc fees, but they could not give me this price unless I financed through honda, I said no way... I give them one more try@ 22,683.00 + 10% roughly 24,951.00 OTD they stuck at 22,922.00 + fees and honda Financing. I walked!! I know they get kick back from honda finance and hold backs on the car, How much $$$$ do they need to make on one sale!!they could have made this sale Cash and I would have been out of there in 1hr max. Just a little venting... haha talk to ya later Thanks Brad
    April 12
    • brian125
      Consider financing thru Honda if it gets you a better price. Ask dealer the least amount you could finance to get there best or matching price from another dealership. $5000, 7000 etc . Once you receive the 1st payment pay off whole loan . Interest is only .9% or 1.9%. just make sure there is no penalty for early pay off.

      Play hardball with this dealer. Tell Riverside you are definitely buying by the end of this month or sooner if they match or beat AutoNation which is @ X price . Tell them you would prefer to buy vehicle from them cause there closer to you . BUT will have no problem driving out to AutoNation to buy.

      Again Tell this dealer to match or beat X price and you will buy today. Leave your email and cell then hang up and wait. Continue negotiating with another dealer bringing AutoNation into the price mix again. This is how you pit one dealer against the next . tell each dealership who there competition is. Dealers who know another dealer may steal the sale for 300 to 500 dollars less usually give in at the end of the month. I like to pit 10, 15, 20 dealers against each other in harder pricing market area's . I have bought and brokered over 1100 new vehicles spanning 45 yrs. apply what I teach you....... you will make your best possible deal.

      Good luck
    • bradz06
      Thank you for the info, They wanted 4.9 for 60 mo through honda finance. they said since i was receiving such a good deal that they couldn't give me 0.9 or 1.9 thats when I said bye bye...
  • bradz06
    Hi Brian, would you happen to know what a great deal would be on a 2016 Accord sport with sensing in southern california? I'm thinking 24,600 otd at the most?
    April 8
    • brian125
      2016 Accord sport w/ sensing Invoice w/ destination is $24,683.

      $1500 to 2000 below Invoice should be your target price to buy. That price excludes Taxes, Dmv, and dealers Doc fee of 80 dollars. That should round out your OTD pricing. In CA the pricing on Accords are excellent. you should hit my target price. Buying at the end of the month will net you the best deal.
    • bradz06
      Thank you Brian!! I appreciate your help
  • bradz06
    Thank you so much Brian! I was pretty close in my figures I'll go back with 24,951 max otd.
    April 10
  • brian125 changed his profile picture.
    February 5
  • brian125 changed his profile picture.
    February 5
  • felinos11
    Hi Brian! What would be a great target price for 2016 Accord EX CVT w/o Honda Sensing in IL?
    January 31
  • zeppy68
    is it that hard to get them to give you a breakdown of all the fees. thanks brian
    January 16
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    You received 250 Likes. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    January 15
  • mbl7777
    Hi Brian,

    Sorry to bother you again, I just got back from the dealer and wanted to ask you what you think of his final offer:

    2016 CR-V 39 month lease. He was willing to take my trade-in for $3000. He said no down payments.

    Cash / Equity:
    Customer Cash Rebate: $3,000
    Inception Fees: $1,429.08
    Excess Cash/Rebate Equity: $1,570

    Original MSRP: $30,495
    Adjusted MSRP: $30,495
    Maximum Advance: $40,238.50
    Residual Value: (61%): $18,601
    Mileage Adj: (0) + 2.00%: $609.90
    Annual Miles: 12,000
    Adjusted Residual Value: $19,211.85

    Discount/buy Rate: 0.001750
    Adjusted / Sell Rate: 0.001750

    Dealer Cost: $28,678
    Selling Price: $28,678
    Price Adjustment: $0.00
    Adjusted Selling Price: $28,678
    Down Payment: $1,446.19
    Down Payment Tax: $124.73
    Acquisition Fee: $595.00

    Thanks @Brian125
    January 3
  • jackies35
    Hi Brian
    I am waiting on two more bids. One place wants to sell to me $36,698 / MRSP $41, 140 / Invoice $ 39, 098

    I told them this:
    Yes, I can only do $1500 at the selling price of $ 35,880. Gross capitalized cost + acquisition of
    $ 36,475.

    The money factor is very hard to nail and I need the best bid at this time.
    I will try my best to stop by on Saturday.

    How does this sound? I am paying my first month, dmv, and docs upfront.
    The money factor is 0.00097 and 60% ($24,477).
    December 2015
    • brian125
      Confirm with michaell about correct leasing numbers for your model . Once we know that will work on pricing okay.

      please give me all the added options in this vehicle. The invoice is higher so there are added accessories in this vehicle.
  • jackies35
    Oh, this is for the SX V6
    December 2015
  • gocowboys13
    Hi Brian,

    You are one of the best here in the Honda forums, can you please let me know what do you think. I value your opinion.

    I have a 2012 Honda Pilot EXL with RES that is in great shape but has 78K miles, the Honda dealership offered me $22K to trade it and with $5K I still own on it, my equity is about $17K.

    I have managed to negotiate a new 2016 Pilot at invoice ( 2016 EXL with RES). Given the new tires I need to replace on my current Pilot, 80K service and overall miles but also a new 5 year loan, what do you think will be a better choice for me? To keep the car or trade it now for the 2016 model?


    December 2015
  • john77082
    Hi Brian125

    I got a quote for 2015 CRV EX-L FWD $27900 OTD in Houston TX. Is it a good deal? Please help!

    December 2015
    • brian125
      post info I left on your home page
  • priya123
    HI Brian

    I got a quote of 26500 (OTD) from florida Honda dealer - Hendrick for 2015 Honda CRV EX 2WD (copper color)

    Is it a good price
    I was looking for 25000 OTD
    is it feasible?

    November 2015
  • Melosgirl
    Hi, Brian:

    My husband and I are considering going to Coast Honda on Saturday to purchase a 2016 Honda Pilot EX-L. We are specifically going on the last day of the month to be able to negotiate the best deal possible. Can you offer any tips? Which is better purchase or lease? I need the lowest monthly payment I can get. Thank you.
    October 2015
  • mahajan1
    Hi Brian,

    I'm reading of people thanking you for the formula for calculating the target price. Can you share the formula again. What should be the target price of Honda Accord 16 (CTV) 4 dr sedan with Honda Sensing in MD
    October 2015
  • hilljack1
    Hey Brian can you run a car fax for me.
    October 2015
  • ringmaster
    Brian took delivery of new 2015 Accord LX and the tires are noisy on all road services. The car came with Firestone's. Is this normal and are Firestone's standard? Thanks
    September 2015
  • ringmaster
    brian125, I have read through all 41 pages and you are a fantastic source. In the Houston area and received a quote of $19,200 for a 2015 EX with no extras. It seems from prior posts from you that this is ($21,786 - 19,200) $2,586 below invoice. Should I buy or continue to look. Thanks for your help.
    September 2015
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