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  • The transmission was my biggest problem. That was probably the main factor I cancelled my $99 reservation and got a Mini Cooper. On a side note, looks like Toyota is coming out with a Smart copy calls the iQ.
  • The main reason I withdrew my $99 deposit for the smart car was the test drive. I love the way it looks on the exterior, but the interior looks quite cheap. The worst part was the driving. I feel like I am waiting for the car to response to the p…
  • I will be removing the pictures linked in my original post soon. I have decided to buy a Mini Cooper instead. If anyone wants to copy them and host them somewhere else, feel free! :)
  • just posted some initial pricing for the US smart fortwo. Pure will start under $12k, Passion under $14k, and Passion Cabrio under $17k. I am thinking about getting the Cabrio. It seems like a fun car for Southern California.
  • The road tour is starting this weekend at Irvine in CA. I got invited to a private test drive event next week because of the $99 deposit. I will report back next week after the test drive.
  • According to the new email from, people who put down the $99 reservation fee will get to attend a private preview and test drive during the tour before the public get to see them. Good incentive to do the reservation.
  • I did the $99 thing. I figured I can always get it back later. Aren't they suppose to start the cities tour thing this summer? I think they let people test drive it right? I will try to go to one. The last time I saw a smart car (other than on …
  • Maybe one of the weights fell out and you need to rebalance the tires?
  • $635/month with $5000 down on a lease?? Is it with 30k miles per year or something like that? For the 08 XC90 with versatility and premium packages, I was quoted $487+tax/month with $0 drive off, 24 months, 10.5k miles/year.
  • Is your target of $450/month with $0 drive off? Last month I was offered $478/month for 24 months 0 drive off on a MSRP $42625 XC90. This month the quote goes up to $487/month. This is before tax too. $450/month seems very low unless it is after…
  • It seems like the Sign and Drive promotion is over. The new lease offer has a $2.9K drive off instead of $0. The monthy payment is cheaper, but last month's deal is better.
  • Anyone knows when would Volvo announce the lease incentive for Sept? I want to wait until Sept to do the lease, but I don't want to lose the current deal. Would the dealers find out before hand?
  • I got quotes from 2 dealers here in LA area for a 08 XC90 with premium and 7-seaters, 10.5k miles/year, 24 months lease, $0 drive off. One wants $575 + tax per month, the other $478 + tax per month. I think you know which one I will be going with!…
  • If you are buying a Mini at Southern California, don't go to Crevier. They are about the only dealer left still charging you over MSRP and will try to add on $$$ dealer packages. Go to Southbay Mini, Long Beach Mini, or Assael Mini. They won't ch…
  • I am an adult male 5'9" tall, 172 lbs. The third row feels very comfortable to me. My head is about 2 inches from ceiling, but other than that, short to medium trip should not be a problem.