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Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 mo
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BMW 535, Mercedes C and E, Jaguar, Rover
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Live in Canada...right now a Snowbird, have a place near Tampa FL
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2015 Mercedes E400, 2015 Mercedes GLX, 2013 Passat


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  • brian125

    When you buy a new car you need to know each dealerships doc fee charge and take that into consideration when you calculate a buying price.. In florida doc fee's are as high as 700 dollars. There is no reason to give any dealership 300 over invoice price, plus pay doc fee charge, right there alone dealer puts 1k in his pocket. Then there is the dealers holdback fee which is 2 or 3% of msrp dealership gets just for selling you this vehicle.. Now put on top any special manufactorer to dealer incentives that we are not previe to and dealers is sticking 3k in his pocket on your sale. I always tell people who dont like to haggle or grind dealers take the invoice price minus his doc fee charge and make the deal. That gives the dealership his whole hold back plus incentives from his company. Thats fair on both ends. especially higer volume dealers , vehicles. Dealerships, managers, car salesman will never tell you or me the real invoice price dealerships are buying there cars for

    May 2014
    • driver100
      Hi Brian, Sorry I don't check this page too often and didn't see your note until today. I think your approach to buying does make sense. I got the impression the dealers in Florida were pretty set about applying DOC fees, but, I suppose you could discount the car by an equal amount.

      I bought our Passat for a price just under Edmunds fair market price. I think it was a fair price, though not a super deal....because I could have pushed the DOC fee issue too I suppose.

      The car is 3 years old and it has served us well, and I like the dealer...and that is worth something too.

      You wrote a very knowledgeable email to me, you should post on the site.
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