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  • angry2011
    2011 Chevy traverse 2 LT.
    I just recently in past 6 months got the sensor for Stabilitrack/ Traction control. The dealer told me if it restart it should be fine, no service for this issue. On Friday October 2 2015 my wife had the same problem with loss of power on the highway. So I took the car to see what was going on. On October 6, 2015 it happen to me on highway. The throttle body had a short from dealer. The throttle body has a special warranty until 120,000 miles. My car has 138,000 miles. Cost 634.00. It will happen to all Chevy traverse from 2011 that were build. So bring it in right away before your not covered.
    October 2015
  • rumari73
    Just curious to see what happened to your vehicle, I started having same problems with mine, but before I start spending on it I rather just trade it in.
    May 2015
  • dericg
    Hopefully your car is fixed now...

    2011 Chevy Traverse:
    Stabilitrak/Traction control/Check Engine Light/Loss of power
    You probably have read lots and lots of blogs/forums on the internet on this issue and are not sure what the problem it is or what to throw the money at.

    In most cases it is the Throttle Body.

    Do NOT buy or have installed the factory OEM part. Why would you install the same part that was giving you this headache?

    The gear can go bad on these and the throttle body can intermittently land in a place that the computer disagrees with and that will send codes. Most often throttle position sensor but it also will give phantom codes like stabilitrak, traction control and...

    It is a terrible design with that oil and carbon build up in the throttle body. The fix is more often than not the bad throttle body. I would try replacing it before you panic and want to trade it in. It's under $200.00 and worth your gamble. If it happens again, maybe ditch it??
    March 2015
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