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Stamford, CT
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2001 Honda Prelude Type SH, 2011 Honda Pilot EXL w/ Navigation


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  • mvela007
    @nyccarguy - Thanks :-)

    Also i think as long as you continue to lease from the same brand they USUALLY don't charge you for excess mileage given the dealership buys the car from you instead of NISSAN/INFINITI corporate.

    My wife's family is big on Lexus and they never get charged for excess mileage given they continue to lease a Lexus.

    I know for sure if i had decided to go with another brand there is a chance i would have to pay for my excess miles. Also i think it also depends on what vehicle you are returning and if it has a high resale value. If the resale value is high and has a demand for it most dealerships are okay with taking in the vehicle.

    November 2015
  • roadburner
    What forum has the wacko? I'm always up to stirring the pot!!!
    October 2015
  • fezo
    Hey, Bradd! Fezo here. Love the offer on the Yankees tickets. I'm just down the Jersey shore so essentially any old time would do.

    Get talking once the season gets going. I suspect Red Sox and Mets games are out of the question....

    March 2015
    • nyccarguy
      Hey Steve. I just saw this message. METS games are gone already. I'll check the schedule tomorrow & let you know what red sox games I have available.
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    December 2014
  • blackberryboy

    Hey NYC,
    Im in CT also and looking at a 2014 Sport Accord lease. Could you provide me with what sales price you are hoping to be at on a Sport. Also this is the first of the $1500 Marketing Support cash I've heard of. Do I qualify. I bought a 2014 Civic EX just a few months ago so I should qualify for the 500 loyalty cash.

    August 2014
  • hondaguymn

    it's funny you say that...
    I took my Honda into the dealer today and I'm told my tranny is getting ready to fail at 168k..

    June 2014
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    April 2014
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