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2015 Subaru Forester 2.5i Touring
  • Re: Subaru Crew - Meet The Members II

    Congrats on the new arrival Kate.

    We have had quite a number of Subarus in our family.

    '89 GL-10 AWD Turbo Touring wagon
    '93 Legacy L FWD sedan
    '96 Outback
    '03 Outback
    '02 Outback <- bought from Mom
    '12 Impreza Sport Limited
    '15 Forester 2.5i Touring

    '89 GL-10 AWD Turbo Touring wagon -> sold to brother
    '02 Outback -> sold to me
    '11 Outback Premium

    '89 GL-10 AWD Turbo Touring wagon <- bought from Mom
    '95 Outback Limited
    '12 Outback Premium
  • Re: 2015 Forester vs 2015 Crosstrek

    I had a 2012 Impreza Sport Limited (aka lowered CrossTrek) and now have a 2015 Forester Touring. Got the Forester after the Impreza was totaled by an encounter with a deer.

    I liked the Impreza but did missed the larger cargo area (previously had 1996 and 2003 Outback). The Forester does have more power but the Impreza was pretty peppy.

    As far as the sound system, the Impreza had the pre-2015 system and the Forester has the Harmon Kardon system which are both different than either of the models you are interested in.

    FYI - The 2015 Impreza / CrossTrek have new sound systems (similar to 2015 Legacy / Outback). The 2016 Forester should get the same sound upgrade.

    It all comes down to which model YOU are satisfied with. Buy which one YOU like.
  • Re: Subaru Outback 2015 reliability question

    First, the 2.5L (FB series) in the 2015 (also 2013/14) Outback is different than the "problematic" 2.5L (EJ series). Subaru has changed the cooling system so that there are no cooling passages between the block and heads. Only time will tell if this resolves the head gasket issue.

    Second, the 3.6L is a six cylinder motor. I don't recall hearing that the 3.6L has head gasket issues.
  • Re: 2014 Subaru Forester

    It lasted longer than I thought it would ... it was still $102.xx at Noon EDT.

    When I ordered it said 11 in stock and I watched it slowly go down to 1.

    Liners are scheduled to arrive on my front porch on Friday, 10/3.
  • Re: Replace 1 strut or 4 on 2010 Subaru Forester?

    OEM used to be (still are ??) sourced by KYB. Check around for prices on KYB.
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