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2015 Subaru Forester 2.5i Touring
  • Re: Subaru Crew - Meet The Members II

    Had the same rental last year. White last year, silver this year. Reserved a VW Passat wagon last year and Skoda Octavia wagon this year, but was assigned an Audi A4 wagon each time. Was offered a Ford Galaxy minivan w/AT for a little more this year ... hmm, no thanks.

    The A4 is only FWD, but handles nice with 245/40-18 Pirelli P7's and rowing the 6 speed with my left hand. The in-dash NAV comes in handy navigating all the roundabounts. And nice, comfy heated leather seats.
  • Re: Subaru Crew - Meet The Members II

    Five more days driving on the wrong side of the road in my Audi A4 Avant S-Line TDI 6spd MT rental.
  • Re: Subaru Crew - Meet The Members II

    I'll get some new pads on the back and see how they do this time around, but at this point I have no reason to think that they are dragging or otherwise operating out of spec. Heck, some people (I'm looking at you, Mike!) might even call BS on the life span of my pads, as they insist that 30-40K miles is a normal L.E. for brake pads, so I should be happy that they last as long as they do! :p
    You do have manual trans, so your brake pads should last longer than the same car with auto trans.

  • Re: Dealer selling extended warranty based on so many electronics that can go wrong over 7 years

    $1500 for what 7 year warranty? Subaru Added Security Classic? or Gold Plus? Miles? Deductible?

    Why only 5 more days? You can get the Added Security Plan anytime before the 3/36 warranty expires.
  • Re: Subaru Crew - Meet The Members II

    Congrats on the new arrival Kate.

    We have had quite a number of Subarus in our family.

    '89 GL-10 AWD Turbo Touring wagon
    '93 Legacy L FWD sedan
    '96 Outback
    '03 Outback
    '02 Outback <- bought from Mom
    '12 Impreza Sport Limited
    '15 Forester 2.5i Touring

    '89 GL-10 AWD Turbo Touring wagon -> sold to brother
    '02 Outback -> sold to me
    '11 Outback Premium

    '89 GL-10 AWD Turbo Touring wagon <- bought from Mom
    '95 Outback Limited
    '12 Outback Premium
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