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  • Re: Real-World Trade-In Values

    A few months ago, I asked you for a value on my 2013 Escape SEL.
    Your number, because I bought it used and was trading in, was 17k.
    The dealer offered me 17k, so I took it.
    I did look at other sources and it was not an unreasonable number.
    Also, tied to having trade in was a $1500 rebate.
    Your number gave me a lot of confidence in the ball park value.

    Trade in:


  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Back in the Bro club after a 25 year absence..

    I'm already looking for new wheels.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    That vapor valve (purge valve) kind of makes sense. My Fusion had that go bad and it ran rough and stalled a couple of times on my way to the dealer. It had to warm up a bit before the symptoms became evident.
    They diagnosed it in a few minutes, but it took 2 weeks to get the part.

    In the late 80's, we went to China Lake for a wedding and I saw a pilot getting out of an F-86 while my friend was taking us around the base.
  • Re: Bad Naming Has Skewed Our Outlook - 2015 Ford F-150 Long-Term Road Test

    The original moniker for these engines (DI turbos) was supposed to be 'Twinforce', but was changed to Ecoboost.
    My only experience with them is the 2.0 4cyl. You can get good fuel mileage out of them, if you know how to use them.
    Dipping into the gas pedal doesn't hurt too much, if you don't do it all the time.
    When I swapped my '02 Explorer V8 for a '13 Escape 2.0, I thought I'd miss that V8, especially the sound, but the 2.0 is quiet and never sounds awful, plus it provides plenty of power and fuel mileage is more than 50% better.
    I've been looking at F150's, but I'm leaning toward the 3.5 instead of the 2.7 or 5.0.
  • Re: Bad Naming Has Skewed Our Outlook - 2015 Ford F-150 Long-Term Road Test

    I get what you are saying, the Escape could never tow like the Explorer.
    My point is that you can get very good mileage with Ecoboost engines.
    With 3 people and luggage, the Escape is never underpowered and gets much better fuel mileage.
    I still love my 91 Mustang GT, bought new.

    Also, regarding the Ranger, Ford makes more money selling the F150, so how are they wrong in that decision as a profit oriented corporation?
    If it was such a bad decision, the market for competitors smaller pickups would be bigger, but it's still small compared to full size.
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