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Central CT
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  • Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    A Fiat 500 could bend the running board on an Expedition and maybe cause a flat rear tire as it was run over. That's about it. :D

  • Midsize Sedans 2.0

    It probably means that text was copied from somewhere else. Notice the font is different. Either way, you're busted. :(

  • Reader's Rides & Photos

    @kcram Getting ready to pull that house somewhere?

  • Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    No sale required! The last few weeks I've been mowing the lawn on a regular basis. I use 2 walk behind mowers, a light 20 incher for the close cutting and angles (mowing part of my yard is similar to a mowing the inside of a soup bowl), and a larger self propelled 22 inch for the flat stuff. The larger mower has been doing a terrible job, despite the fact the I just put a freshly sharpened blade on it. After mowing for the 3rd day in a row, I decided to hose off the larger mower. When I was cleaning underneath, something looked a bit off. Turns out, I mounted the blade upside down, which meant it was cutting using the back of the blade. DOH! At first, I could not get the blade off, which put a picture in my head of me going down to the local power equipment dealer and telling them, not only did I put the blade on upside down, I couldn't get it off to correct it. Luckily, I let some liquid wrench soak for a while and was able to put the blade on the correct way. I told my wife, I might have bought a new mower instead of having to endure the embarrassment, if I could not get the blade switched around.

  • Road Trip!

    Taking the wife's Escape on a road trip next week and we are bronging the cargo box. Haven't used it since last summer and I couldn't find a key. Turns out she has one on her keychain/fob. Once I found the right key, I was able locate the 2nd key also. Whew!