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  • Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    @oldfarmer50 At Verizon you can get an iphone 4 for 99 cents if you sign up for 2 years. My wife and kids are on at least their 3rd generation of iphone and never had a problem. Of course, they always got the newest version. I gave up my 10+ year old phone. I hoping with the Fusion, the rear trunk gasket can be repositioned or replaced. The water is definitely coming through it. I can see the dried soap from the car wash on it.

  • Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    It's the Monday before Christmas, not too many people in the office, so a quiet day. Had an appointment to look at a fluid leak in the '04 Escape. It has been leaking oil for the last year and a half, but not a lot. When I first brought it in to have it looked at, it was diagnosed as an engine front seal leak and was going to be about $900 to fix. It wasn't a big leak, so I declined to get it fixed at the time. Fast backward to last month. Escape is due for the 5k maintenance we always do, oil change/tire rotation. I told my daughter to bring it in for 'The Works' and call me about anything additional. Dealers writes up 2 problems; oil leak ($250) and front axle seal leak ($425). Told my kids to drive it back home. Same dealer that looked at it originally quoted the $900, today told me no axle seal leak and fixed the oil leak for $300. YAY! THEN, got an email from HR that company stock I bought is paying a huge dividend. YAY! THEN, wife calls me, hit a pothole and blew out a tire on her 2013 Escape. 2013 AWD, so might need all 4, probably around $900. BOO!