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  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    We have gone a year now with the same 4 vehicles and no plans to replace any of them. Just put a new stereo and speakers in the truck, hubby was so tired of blown speakers and a stereo that barely worked. Daughter got a job and took over payments on the '15 Focus, I gave her an ultimatum, get a job and pay for the car/insurance or I was going to sell it. I haven't driven it in months but she drives it all the time, that being the case I figured she could pay for it too. Surprisingly she was more than happy to do that, 60 pmts left on the car at 0% interest, pretty sweet deal for her I think.

    Can't complain about any of the 4 vehicles currently in the fleet, all reliable and low cost to own. Just finished the detached 1 car garage giving us a place for all 4 vehicles to now be inside. Bad news is hubby may be facing medical retirement and if that happens we will have to sell the house and move to the lower 48, way to expensive to live in Alaska at that point.

    On another note, my son is working on dumping the RX-8, he is suspecting electrical problems and doesn't want to go down that road. He's in the car approx. $4500 so hopefully can recoup those funds.

    That's about it from the car front, about time to turn in my CCBA card!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Well, it seems my son has caught the bug. He's back from Italy (long story but involves a soon to be ex). Anyway, he's been commuting to the base on a bike, 25 miles round trip and finally decided he needed a car. He sold his '14 Focus ST before he went to Italy, still has his '96 Firebird but its broke down up near Travis AFB. He has a buddy that's going to fix it and sell it for him. He had a Fiat of some assort in Italy, sold it before he left. Prior to all these, he had a '95 Escort as his first car and a '12 Elantra.

    This brings us to this week. He told me he bought a car.......not from a dealership, I asked if it was CL, he said no. He went to an auto auction in San Diego (where he lives now). Honestly, I cringed but the kid does have a pretty good eye for a nice car. He said he scoped out a couple decent trucks, a Colorado and a Dakota, figured he'd grab one of those. Then a 2005 Mazda RX-8 came across the block and he decided to bid on it. He paid $3500 for it, its clean and in good shape, clean title, car fax (I pulled one after he bought it, terrified at what I would find), and a 3 owner car. Its a Shinka edition, 6-spd manual, leather, sunroof, 140k miles.

    He said it runs good, but has a few issues. He ran it to the shop after he picked it up at the auction, needs brakes and the rear main is leaking. He took it in to have the rear main fixed and found the clutch was burnt up, thankfully the shop is only charging him parts for that and no extra labor. Stereo had a blown fuse and the a/c compressor is shot. Not too horrible for an auction car. I know he could easily sell it if its a stinker like the bird is, although the bird had help from that soon to be ex.

    When I saw the pics of the RX-8 I can't say as I blame the kid for grabbing it, its beautiful!

  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I needed dates of vehicle purchases for some stupid lawsuit thing against Worthington.......hey its worth $125 each so I'm not complaining. I couldn't remember when I bought the F-150, so I searched this forum. Yup, I buy too many cars! Although it has been almost a year since my last punch, seems like they are starting to seriously space out compared to old times. The '15 Focus has been here the shortest amount of time, 11 months(7/11/2015). Explorer is almost 3 (8/3/2013), '01 Chevy has been here just over 2 years (4/2014), and the '12 Focus is coming up on 4 years (9/12/2012). Glad I didn't pull the trigger on a minivan last month, would have really missed my Explorer.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Sienna turned out to be a no go. We were about 1/2 way to the dealer when I got an email from the salesman listing the info about the CPO warranty and the car fax on the car, which of course they touted was clean. Then at the very bottom of the email, almost as an afterthought he mentioned that the prev owner had reported that the car had been in an accident. When I looked at the Sienna the first time it was dirty but I didn't notice anything glaring, I asked if it had any accident history and was assured it did not. He went on to say that any accidents wouldn't allow it to be CPO.

    I decided to continue to the dealership and look the van over again. My salesguy was magically "too busy" to help us so we ended up with a greenpea who annoyed the crap out of me. I looked the van over and kicked myself for not noticing the obvious repairs, the paint was rough, trim was on crooked, and it was missing a part on the bottom of the sliding door. Hubby wanted to drive it so we took it back out, naturally the greenpea didn't know when to STFU! I held my tongue and hubby noticed when he made any left hand turn the sliding door popped and protested.

    We got back to the dealership and I asked the sales manager if he knew who did the repairs and approx. how much the damage was (I was told the driver's side sliding door and quarter panel were replaced). He told me he could not tell me that information due to the privacy act....yeah, BS. They agreed to fix the issues with the repair and kept saying how it couldn't have been much damage because it had a clean car fax.....I laughed and mentioned how my '15 Focus has a clean car fax too yet had over $11k in repairs done to it.

    Hubby and I talked, the popping made him nervous and so did the thought of trading in a perfectly good, never wrecked Explorer for that Sienna. In the end we decided that the Explorer would stay. I don't regret it for a second, it just turned 53k and is still a great car. So very glad I didn't buy the Sienna!

    Oh and when I got home it occurred to me that the paperwork said the accident happened in March and the repair was in april. I started thinking about the huge pile ups that happened with a big snow storm in March. I jumped online and started searching through pictures of the accidents.....wouldn't ya know it, there was the Sienna in all its glory having just been clobbered by the back end of an F-350! Minor damage, yeah ok!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I'm still on the fence about the Sienna. I'm losing a TON and I do mean a TON on the Explorer. Hard to decide if I want to take the hit or drive it in to the ground. I'm the most resistant in the family about trading it in, hubby and daughter are all for it. They keep pointing out how much better the van will be now and in the next few years. I keep pointing out that the Explorer has done nothing wrong and I'm taking a HUGE hit on it. Such a flip flop compared to the old days! I just hate buying cars, trading cars, its stressful and annoying!

    On another note, we are having another garage built, our 3 car isn't big enough for all hubby's crap and 3 cars. The 1 car garage will clear out the crap, allow a 3rd car to go inside, and the truck to have a garage too. Hopefully that will keep the thieves from messing with our cars. New garage should be done in a couple weeks.
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