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  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Poor Explorer... it has been so faithful to you, too! :)

    If your Focus uses the DCT as in prior years, the only time I noticed anything "weird" with it was during very low-speed driving. It has a sorta manual-like behavior to it (e.g., need to engage/disengage the clutch), so trying to drive very slowly (e.g., 5 mph-ish) would make it feel a little jerky. My experience is from 2013, though, so they may have figured that one out.

    The Explorer will venture out on occasion, but at not quite 2 years old and 38k it will be nice to leave it in the garage for a bit. I do love the car and it will never be forgotten about, it even gets to stay in the garage while the 2 Focus (Foci?) are outside in driveway, I never leave the Explorer out.....she's far better than that! Sure is nice getting 32+ mpg vs 19 mpg though.

    I've driven slow with the new Focus but didn't notice anything. I'll pay attention tomorrow when I drive it and see if I notice it. I might not since I bounce between 3 automatics and a manual. They all have their quirks and I tend to ignore them.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    My July punch is now official, picked the '15 Focus up on Saturday. Pleasant little car, great gas mileage. Hubby is headed back to work tonight and taking the truck, so that will leave the '12 Focus and '15 Focus, won't be any reason for the Explorer to leave the garage.

    The automatic transmission in the new Focus is really smooth so far, haven't seen a hint of anything weird with it, even with the auto its a peppy little car.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Seems like I only pop in here once every few months, miss you guy! I'm crazy busy with school and a very busy 14 month old. I still have the '14 Explorer..........20 months now, it has 31k on it and not one problem. Great car by my standards. Still have the '12 Focus, over 60k on it with no problems. The '01 Silverado is still around too, daughter drives it and other than a battery problem its been a good truck for the past year.
    I admit I came very close to trading in the Explorer........very close, but I couldn't pull the trigger. My son has the '14 Focus ST he bought in October, wrecked it a couple weeks ago......$6700 in damage. He's looking to offload the car, but I'm trying to talk him out of it. He goes overseas in November, I'm hoping to take over the car until he gets back and decides what he wants to do with it. If he sells I'm buying!
    So, there you have it, my car life is pretty boring and I do believe I have now violated the terms of my chronic car buyers membership. Hope you guys are doing great, I'll check in as I can.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I realized the other day that its been over a year since the last time I test drove any car. That's pretty sad. My explorer is just over a year old with 18k on it. Its kind of nice having a car I could care less about, I don't worry about scratches or dings or if the baby spits up on the floor or seat. I'm enjoying that!

    On another note, I did test drive a car today but its nothing I was looking at, my son was looking for a new car and talked me into a test drive. Long story short, the car was amazing and he bought it. I got to work a car deal with someone else's money. Considering he has to ship it out and its a somewhat hard to find car he got a very very fair deal on it. He bought a 2014 Ford Focus ST, leather recaro seats, sunroof, basically loaded with every option a Focus ST can have. Awesome driving car, that much I can say about it. That was fun, but I'm good, have no desire to buy anything for myself. Should I hand in my CCBA card?

  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I hope you are all buying lots of cars and staying out of trouble. I never have time to pop in here anymore, let alone read posts! I'm coming up on a year with the Explorer, I think it has around 17k on it, haven't had any issues with it and gas mileage is decent at 20 mpg mixed driving. Its a good car, reliable, but there's nothing exciting or endearing about it. I think its the first car that I could care less if it gets a ding or scratch (has a huge door ding in the rear door and scratches on the rear bumper), I drive it and put gas in it, probably should get the oil changed eventually too. My daughter drives it as well, although she prefers the Silverado.

    My son bought himself a different car, I helped him with advice over the phone and text, but he did the deal himself and I think he did ok. He found a 1996 Pontiac Firebird with 124k on it, V8 with a 6-spd manual with an asking price of $3500, no accidents, 3 owner car with a good history. Had a pre-purchase done and the mechanic basically told him to walk away. The owner of the car was with my son and heard everything the mechanic said. I guess the guy didn't know there was much if anything wrong with the car. Mechanic said rear main and crankshaft seals were leaking, rear brakes were bad, water pump, hoses were leaking coolant, and it had rust on the undercarriage. My son decided to take on the project and offered the guy $1500 for it, they settled at $1900 which included a second set of wheels/tires.

    A few days later my son decided to take the car to the gm dealer to get a second opinion. The rear main seal is fine, its the oil pan gasket that's leaking, the crankshaft seal is leaking but its minor, it needed a water pump, hoses, and rear brakes. GM tech also said the rust on the undercarriage is very minor and nothing to worry about. He had most of the work done on the car and put new tires on it. Eventually he will have to fix the A/C (the only issue the prev owner said it had) and fix the clear coat issues on the roof and hood.

    He's happy and his 2011 Elantra will be sold tomorrow.

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