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  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Just poking my head in to see what trouble you guys are up to. I'm pretty boring as far as cars go, the same 4 in the stable as the last time I stopped by. Hubby's '12 Focus is past the 80k mark, still a great car, daughter's '15 Focus (the one that was wrecked) hasn't cracked 10k yet, the '14 Explorer is nearing the 53k mark and still no issues. Our truck doesn't get enough miles put on it to note, its an expensive pig to drive.

    We just got back from Texas.....loved the severe thunderstorms in Abilene, would have enjoyed them more if I wasn't worried about hail and the rental car! Speaking of the rental car, we ended up with a 13 or 14 Sienna, that was an awesome vehicle to hang with for 12 days. So awesome that I may be picking up a used '13 Sienna this week. Haven't completely decided if I'm ready to let the Explorer go, but after having the van for 12 days, the Explorer is small! I've had the Explorer for almost 3 years and really can't complain, its NEVER had an issue, always been a great car. Hard to let that go and step into the unknown. The '13 Sienna has 41k miles on it but is clean as a whistle and I really like it.

    Little man turned 2 in January, pure trouble that one is! He put a dime in the power port of hubby's car, blew the fuse, and cost us $7 to figure out what was wrong with it.....very expensive dime! He's obsessed with cars, tractors, fire trucks, basically anything with wheels. He is always trying to figure out how to take things apart, we never know what he will dismantle next!

    So that's it from the far north. My oldest son has bought more cars than me in the past 3 years........I think I should pass my membership on to him!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Back for a brief update while I procrastinate on homework. Got the '15 Focus back about 3 weeks ago, the body shop did an amazing job. To quote my wholesaler friend "if you didn't know you wouldn't know." Car is still the same as it was before the accident. I was hesitant about the repair but it's flawless and the car is fine. It was nice I was able to see it at various stages of repair which gave me peace of mind that it would be fine. Final bill was $11,035. Allstate was really good about diminished value, I had done some checking around with various used car dealers and my wholesaler friend and the general consensus was approx $3000 in diminished value. Allstate came back with $1750-2250. I held firm at $3000 and they gave it to me. I'll pay off our other Focus with that. Everything with the car is taken care of as far as insurance/repairs/diminished value now. Just the injury portion left to deal with and I'll probably hire an attorney.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Took the disgusting rental back yesterday and they were quite snippy about it. I made sure that they understood just how gross that thing was, but at first they didn't seem to care, just said they'd close out the rental agreement and I could be on my way....on foot since I didn't have a ride. When I mentioned I would certainly let my insurance company know how I was treated and how nasty the rental was they changed their tune. I left with a '15 Altima with 9700 miles on it.....amazing how that works.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    My '14 Explorer must be old will be turning 40k very soon, our '12 Focus has 66k, '01 Silverado 125k, and the '15 Focus had 1599 miles on it the last time I saw it.

    For you?! Yeah, your Explorer is definitely getting old! Hahah. IIRC, your husband does a pretty decent job of miling up his cars, so that one doesn't count. :D

    We have 86K on our '10 Forester now, and the 08 I just bought has 128K, but that doesn't really count since I have only added four (K) of them.

    Yes he does do a pretty good job of miling up his cars, the '12 Focus is 3 years old and will stay with us until it dies. His Civic was 4 years old and 108k when he traded it, only real reasons were the seats hurt him and he wanted stability/traction control.

    I can't see me trading in the Explorer, I still truly like the car and doubt that will change. The '15 Focus will probably be with me until the end too since its worth about nothing now.

    Thankfully the police report (persistent mommy got her hands on it, just had to go to the police commander) shows that my daughter was 100% NOT at fault, the other guy was cited for failure to stop at a steady red light. The witness backed up my daughter's statement that she had a green light. Allstate has already said that they are willing to pay out diminished value if their insured is found at fault, which obviously he was.

    Going to have to get a rental car tomorrow, hubby went back to work so we are down to the Silverado (I do NOT want to feed that thing to drive it) and the Explorer which my daughter needs.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    So. No damage to our wallets, but that’s still a lot of to-and-fro turmoil in the span of 25,000 miles.

    25,000 miles?! Who would keep a car that long? :p
    My '14 Explorer must be old will be turning 40k very soon, our '12 Focus has 66k, '01 Silverado 125k, and the '15 Focus had 1599 miles on it the last time I saw it.
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