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  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    She's 19 and the car has mirrors, back up sensors, and even a back up camera!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I think I have you all beat on wrecking a new car. When I sold cars back in 1999, I was showing the owner of the dealership's demo (brand new fully loaded 1999 Sierra) to a customer. They decided they didn't like the color so I was going to put it away and grab a different one. I was backing out of the parking space and didn't look to my right......side swiped my SM's friend's Toyota Paseo to the tune of $2500. Not the best day of my sales "career." And no, the customer didn't buy a truck......they went down the street and bought a Ford......sigh.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Seems like I only pop in here once every few months, miss you guy! I'm crazy busy with school and a very busy 14 month old. I still have the '14 Explorer..........20 months now, it has 31k on it and not one problem. Great car by my standards. Still have the '12 Focus, over 60k on it with no problems. The '01 Silverado is still around too, daughter drives it and other than a battery problem its been a good truck for the past year.
    I admit I came very close to trading in the Explorer........very close, but I couldn't pull the trigger. My son has the '14 Focus ST he bought in October, wrecked it a couple weeks ago......$6700 in damage. He's looking to offload the car, but I'm trying to talk him out of it. He goes overseas in November, I'm hoping to take over the car until he gets back and decides what he wants to do with it. If he sells I'm buying!
    So, there you have it, my car life is pretty boring and I do believe I have now violated the terms of my chronic car buyers membership. Hope you guys are doing great, I'll check in as I can.
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