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  • 2017 Tesla Model III Targets BMW 3 Series |

    I get it. S. E. X. That's so immature it's hilarious.

  • 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Is Fastest Muscle Car Ever, Chrysler Says |

    5.0 Mustang competes with this monster? Come on, really?

  • Drive Unit IV: The Milling - 2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

    They point here is that Tesla is not an experienced automaker. As such, there is going to be a noticeable learning curve. What differentiates Tesla from the established automakers is that they’re taking the time to investigate problems and devise effective solutions, which bodes well for their future vehicles’ reliability and the reputation of their company. I like that. If they can keep it up, I will be a future Tesla owner.

  • Lincoln Bucks Conventional Wisdom With Future Flagship Plans |

    I have to respect that a big car company like Ford has the resources to accurately gauge the wants and needs of their Lincoln brand’s target demographic. However, if I was president of Lincoln, I would resurrect some retired names and largely discard the MK-whatever nomenclature. Town Car would be my luxury barge – with other brands tending to emphasize a sporting feel, I’d make this one plush and cushy: think Rolls Royce, but of a size similar to an S-Class or 7-Series. Continental would be a “mid-size” luxury car, with a little sportiness thrown in, along the lines of a GS or E-Class, and probably based off the Taurus platform. 3.5L ecoboost as the top engine. Mark IX would be along the lines of a TL or Lacrosse, again emphasizing luxury over sport. FWD, powered by NA and FI 4’s. Now, as something of a “halo” car, I’d bring back the LS, based off the Mustang platform (so, RWD), with Mustang engines. It would definitely be more sporty, potentially on par with a 3-Series, and MUST include a drop top. As for the Navigator, I’d bring lightness to the platform, but there would be no radical departures. The MKX would be rebadged Aviator, and the MKC… I might rename Mariner (to resurrect a Mercury name). For S&G I’d toss out a one or two year run of a Mariner Marauder, with AWD and the ecoboost 3.5L. Yeah.

  • Automakers Won't Abandon Traditional Ignition Key, Despite GM's Recall Woes |

    Push button ignitions are going to reach a point where the few turn-key ignition systems still offered will be unusual and quaint. It's the same reason why manual windows, manual door locks, tape decks, and CD players have disappeared. I don't buy the argument that an extra cost of $75-125 -- on a vehicle costing 300x as much -- is any sort of limiting factor. Once the consumer EXPECTS push-button start, any vehicle without is less desirable. That alone will kill the turn-key ignition.