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  • Re: Can VW Overtake Toyota and GM To Become #1?

    From today's Automotive News Europe...
  • Re: Can VW Overtake Toyota and GM To Become #1?

    "Volkswagen has announced a $500 bonus incentive for current owners of a 2001 or newer VW when they purchase or lease certain models of the company’s cars. The offer does not extend to the TDI Clean Diesel models. After all, chances are pretty slim that VW will be selling many more of those in the U.S. in the near future."

    VW Offers $500 Loyalty Bonus (

    I would guess they cannot keep up with demand for diesels if they have figured out how to get around the EPA. Nothing was said about sales of current models. Only they are waiting for a fix before they approve the 2016 models with diesel. I would be surprised if it is anything more than a quick flash. It is obvious they can meet the emissions. If it passes the CARB test.

    I don't think there's a quick software fix. VW already tried that and it failed.

    Seems like they may need to change the software and hardware, which will be expensive and difficult.

    Could it be impossible? Could VW be forced to buy back these polluting diesels to get them off the road? Hmmm.

    In today's New York Times, it quotes some VW diesel owners as saying they want their money back because VW deceived them.

    Also, while there are almost 500,000 non compliant VW/Audi diesel cars in the U.S., worldwide there are 11,000,000 such cars, according to the NY Times. It seems to me that VW will lose its 2015 sales lead to Toyota, and maybe even fall behind GM this year.

    Another consequence of this diesel issue is that it'll put GM's ignition switch issue in the background. On balance, it'll help sales of the other major world manufacturers, including the Detroit 3, Peugeot, Renault and Chrysler-Fiat.

    Longer term, most people tend to have short memories, so my guess is that if VW handles this mess well sales will begin to recover by sometime in 2017.
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    Ask Not for Whom the Wrecker Comes, It Comes for Thee:

    Any ad that uses the word "plethora" can't be all bad:

    Needs Some Parts? That should be easy...

    He was going to get around to it, but....ZIP...there went 20 years:

    All you'd have to do with that 1952 Studebaker 6x6 is rub a can of Turtle Wax on it and you'd have a good daily driver. :D
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    Regarding the barn finds that have been displayed on this forum, I find the comments and opinions as interesting as the cars themselves. Here's my take: At some point, years or decades ago, these cars stopped serving the purpose for which they were originally intended, serving their owners' transportation needs, and began serving their owners' varied psychological needs. This transition was probably not abrupt, in most cases, as there was usually a period of months or years when they were used for transportation and bonding.

    People own old cars, whether well maintained or neglected, for the many reasons cited in numerous previous posts. From an economic perspective, the vast majority of them should be euthanised, or used for parts. However, most of us who contribute to these forums aren't that objective when it comes to old cars, especially our own. The owners of these pathetic looking lumps have strong emotional attachments to them. They may not be the same attachments that you or I would have, which is why we get such a wide variety of opinions on what should or could be done with them. In the final analysis, it's for the owners, and only the owners, to decide their fate. If scrapping them would be like pulling the respirator on an old friend, then there's no harm done by letting them continue to rot until they're eventually sold, donated or scrapped by those who inherit them.

    For us, these old relics serve our desire to remember our past, our memories and dreams associated with the images, and our desire to express our opinions to others. The huge amount of time we collectively spend on this and similar forums, and the frequency that many of us read or post on this topic, speaks to the importance of old cars in our lives.

  • Re: Can VW Overtake Toyota and GM To Become #1?

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