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imidazol97 ·

Oldfarmer, I know you're interested in the Mustang ' I saw this in a GM discussion and because it lists 4 links to reviews that appear to be newly released now that Ford's embargo on 2015 information is off for the Mustang and because it's in another forum that competes with Edmunds in parts, I didn't think I should copy and quote.


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  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    said the Prius is not a slow car. It might have slow drivers, but the car will go if you stomp on it.
    Zero to 60 is not really where most people need acceleration. It's more like 40-60. Some
    cars can really dig out at the zero end but it's that ability to speed up to merge
    that can disappoint.

    If you need speed, the McLaren 360S I posted does 0-60 in 3 seconds.
    Should be able to fit into any opening on a busy expressway merge. :grin

  • Re: General Motors Fans

    Consumer Reports' best of the best vehicles (

    Sports sedan: Buick Regal, booting the BMW 328i that won the past two years

    Large car: Chevrolet Impala. New category this year.
    That's good to see. I test drove the Regal and it was too tight for me. I'm not the
    target demographic, by far. There are lots of them around my area
    owned and driven by folks as replacements for larger GM vehicles,
    I'm sure. I.e., they go in to look at Buicks, see the Lacrosse, and decide on
    the Regal.

    Glad to see the Impala on the list. I think it deserves it.

  • Re: General Motors Fans

    Now if they can just finally fix Stabilitrak so buyers make a repeat purchase after owning one.
    This is the GM Fans forum. You're looking for the "I hate GM forums." LOL

  • Re: Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues

    I have a 2006 Grand Prix GT that will suddenly stall out.  Starts out with a traction control and abs light then shuts off nearly immediately after with a electronic throttle control light.  Please help me.  No sensor codes for this dangerous problem 

    My first check would be the battery. I'd consider replacing it especially if it's a few years old.
    The aging battery may be dropping voltage and that low voltage causes odd reactions from various computers in the car. Then check connections at the battery and the ground cable on both ends. And try wiggling the posts on the battery with the engine running to see if there's a broken post.

  • Re: United Automobile Workers of America (UAW)

    Companies who marginalize their workers these days may have a bigger threat to worry about than unions. Imagine if all those Walmart workers talked on the internet (and they do). And imagine is someone tweeted about a flash mob nationwide to do a sickout over pay.

    Just who would Walmart negotiate with to get their workers (any sympathetic customers) back as they bleed green ink?
    Walmart's workers in this area are typically "non-caring" about the customer. The closest store has had several managers comment about their worker problem when my wife confronts them about things that happen in the store. They keep making mistakes in the ones they choose to employ.

    Last night I watched two workers at the third closest Walmart in our area spend 10-15 minutes talking in a rear aisle in front of TVs before both heading on out. I was looking for DVD players and looking at phones. Did either make eye contact to ask if they could help me? No. Lost productivity time.

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