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Crossroads of America: I70 & I75
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2003 LeSabre 2008 Cobalt 2014 Malibu
  • Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    @oldfarmer50 said: Found a Craigslist car for Isell.

    I hear it was only driven to church on Sunday by a little old Nigerian prince.

    I googled the email address for this puppy: Report Craigslist Scams Easily & Anonymously

    This scam has been posted before.

    This SAME SCAM is posted across the USA!! Once you dial this number, you will be directed to an Email account where the scammers get to work with the lies.

    Just take a look at the other reported car frauds posted, they ALL have the same scam! ALWAYS, with minor changes, but ALWAYS the same....!

    THIS DAILY CRIME ON C/L originates from organized criminals that operate from Romania!! I HAVE VERIFIED THIS 100% and there is information about this crime (GOOGLE to learn). This is a country we send our tax dollars for aid that hides these crooks due to massive corruption. This is the definition of what massive corruption is and continues without intervention.

    Posting: 1. Is a stolen photo. The scammers troll he internet stealing pictures daily that they use 2. Number is a proxy where you will be directed to an email address, They do this to hide their tracks 3, You will get a "story" why car is cheap because of death in family brings bad memories, or military person needs to sell, or both, ALL LIES! 4, Offer to ship 5. They will NEVER speak in person (because their English is very poor) and give excuses why not. The "at sea" or "can't use training" stories are common, the latest is they are deaf. THESE ARE EXPERTS at STORYTELLING!! 6. Will direct you to an "escrow" service such as Ebay, Google wallet, Amazon or other phony page. These are FAKE pages they have made to make it look real 7. Your will be directed to send a CASH TRANSFER to an "agent" who is a middleman or mule based in the US that skims a cut then sends the rest to the boss back in the Fatherland, Romania 8. You will NEVER hear from these well organized crooks again and kiss your cash Bye Bye 9, You will contact the FBI and they will tell you sorry, we can't help (they are USELESS in stopping this SCAM, they have allowed the SAME crime group to operate this crime for almost SEVEN YEARS now!!) 10. Now you feel stupid, as you lost cash, but you SHOULD feel mad that despite the fact that this crime has been presented IN MASS to law enforcement, they allow this crime to rip-off Americans DAILY! OUR FBI HAS ALLOWED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BE STOLEN FROM AMERICANS DESPITE HAVING ALL THE TOOLS TO LOCATE AND STOP THESE CROOKS!

  • Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    @driver100 said: The Malibu lost points because there was less legroom in the rear seat.

    That's an example of why I don't think many actually tried the sit test. They just perpetuate the anti-GM thinking without facts.

    Match the car for 2014 with its rear seat leg room measurement vs media reportage:

    Accord Passat Sonata Camry Malibu

    34.6 in. 39.1 in. 36.8 in. 38.9 in. 38.5 in.

    As for " more fun to drive," "more refinement, flashier styling," or better fuel economy--two out of 3 are subjective, hence the comment about different suspensions on low models as compared to higher models making a difference. How many reviews of a Cruze with a noisy (1.8L) engine in the LS have been printed and very few pointed out the 1.4 L turbo engine is much sweeter to drive.

    For even more subjective fun with facts, match the same 5 cars above with gas mileage figures for city/highway:

    27/36 25/36 25/35 24/35 24/35

  • Buick LaSabre engine splash guards

    @dewc3 said: I have a 97 buick lasabre limited and I need to find the correct splash guard for the passenger side.

    I recommend a pull it yourself junkyard. These cars are fairly common and because of the many cars sharing parts through the years in this H-body group, a lot of them are in the junkyards now. Those two parts on each side that snap to the body/frame with fasteners are the same for many Oldsmobile 88/98, Bonnevilles, and LeSabre/Park Avenues.

    I had trouble finding them online but here is one

    [ 7 ] BODY HARDWARE / FENDER / FENDER & COMPONENTS / Splash shield splash shield engine, front Left

    MSRP    Online Price

    $20.61 $12.66

    [ 8 ] BODY HARDWARE / FENDER / FENDER & COMPONENTS / Splash shield splash shield engine, rear

    MSRP    Online Price

    $15.48 $9.52

    I have never dealt with this online GM parts site. They have been around a lot of years for looking up parts and pricing. I assume there is a shipping charge to be added. But for about $23 plus shipping you can avoid going to a pick-&-pull yard. I put in year and model and when I got to the page where it wants me to pick a category along the left side from blue links, I searched for "engine splash" because these are properly name "engine splash shields." (I had to find them in my 1998 leSabre factory service manual to know what these were called.

  • Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    @roadburner said: he thought that the book 1984 had a happy ending...

    LOL. My belly laugh for the day.

  • Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    @driver100 said: Maybe, what they meant was.......every GM brand has been recalled, except for the 3 they said weren't recalled. I believe there are 36 brands. So, maybe not necessarily every car....but every brand name has been recalled over the last year. Just guessing, because they saiod it fast and it was a short story

    I believe handling all the recalls thoroughly and quickly, even going to the extreme as to what things are recalled has been the best way to handle this.

    And it gets people into the doors of the dealerships. Some people get a loaner and decide maybe it's time to trade their car in for service for something newer that they drove for a couple of days. It's helping sales.

    "Just the Facts:
    GM Dealer Mike Bowsher, the president of Carl Black Automotive Group, 
    welcomes the chance to help his customers through 
    the  automaker's multiple product recalls.
    "This is our time to shine," he told Edmunds.
    GM CEO Mary Barra recently singled out GM dealers for 
    praise in her Congressional testimony, saying: "I can't be more proud 
    of how our  dealers are supporting the customer."