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  • Re: Need wiring diagrams (especially starter) for a 2002 Buick Regal that won't start

  • Re: 2011 Chevy Equinox engine problem/stalling/rough idle . . . Yikes!!

    Update, GM contacted us this morning (only two days later than they promised) and said they will not fix the car, because we bought it used and it was never brought in to a GM dealership for service by the previous owner. Seriously disappointed in the "customer service" by GM. This is the first GM car I have ever purchased and I assure you it will be the last. Hope once we replace the catalytic converter and the O2 sensor the car will be in working condition and we can trade it in for something reliable. We may lose too much money trading for this to work out and I may be stuck with this car. Praying this isn't the case.
    I'm trying to figure out under what theory you believe GM should warranty a car which you bought used far, far out of warranty. What is your theory?

    Did you have your own mechanic make a prepurchase inspection of the vehicle BEFORE you bought it? Go back to your inspection mechanic and whine at them to fix it.

    Did you buy it from the GM dealer whom you are taking it to for service now? If not, have you asked the other dealer to replace the car under that same theory you seem to use that GM should warranty the car bought by someone else forever?

    I know it makes people feel good to kvetch online, but as Judge Judy would say, " R'diculous!"
    I can hear her saying it now...

  • Re: U.S. Auto Market News and Reviews

    I find all of the above to be at least as serious as FOX News.
    I don't see what the "Fox News" comment has to do with the price
    of tea in China, unless it's just to try to make a political comment
    which isn't supposed to be on this topic. And as people who actually
    watch Fox News during the news period daytime knows, they have
    as many liberal analysts as they do conservative analysts.

  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    If you look at it on an Apple product, it looks right:)
    Or just click on the picture to see it full size; that takes me to
    the normal version on my HP laptop.

  • Re: Which fuse controls the rear window in a Chevy Suburban 91 Silverado?

    I the other windows are working,
    this circuit diagram may help you as well to troubleshoot.
    You can download it and save to your computer AND make
    a printout to hold as you try to figure out the wiring.

    Don't overlook the possibility of a broken wire inside the
    plastic covering where a wire is flexed as the door/tailgate
    is opened and closed flexing the wire every time. Outside
    can look good but inside has broken.

    Good luck.

    I see there are two power supplies from the fuse/relay block. One is
    ON when key is ON and other is HOT all the time. Not being familiar
    with Suburban, I am guessing that's so the key can operate the rear
    window without the truck's being turned on?

    It looks like the HOT all the time line allows the window to be put
    up without the key in from inside the truck.

    EDIT: I took another look and as I read the diagram, if you test
    for power at the plug for the motor you won't get any power,
    unless someone is operating a switch for UP or DOWN on the

    You might test the motor by applying power through a FUSE on
    a line from the battery and supplying a ground to the other contact.
    That will verify the motor does work.

    These are difficult to understand the wiring diagrams on.
    I troubleshot the power windows on the
    scout troop van that was a middle 90s before their trip south
    years ago. It was
    the longest 2 days I spent in the _hour_ I was deciphering the
    colors and wires. Makes my head hurt.

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