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Crossroads of America: US 25 & US 40
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  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    I'm sorry, but this is garbage, trolling of the first order. Bad on me for feeding the troll but it needed to be said.
    Amen. I usually skip the posts.

  • Re: Car dying

    If you don't get stalling any other time, I don't suspect the crankshaft position sensor.

    I would take the MAF (mass air flow sensor) off and use a spray meant to clean electronic
    sensors. It contains two fine wires that are cooled by the air going over them. They collect
    dirt particles on them. The MAF is held on by two security torx screws--they have the little
    dimple in the middle so it takes a special bit on the end of the tool.

    I would also think about having the intake cleaned around the butterfly throttle plate.
    That area gets gunked up with blowback gases from the crankcase when the car is
    turned off. The layer of gunk affects the air that bleeds past the throttle plate when it
    moves from dead off at idle to slightly off idle. Does the throttle ever feel like it
    sticks the first time you move it after the car has sat and is totally cold overnight?

    Along that line too, the IAC (idle air control valve) is on the throttle area with the
    MAF and it bleeds air past it's nozzle. The IAC is adjusting constantly to bleed the
    right amount of air through; if the throttle plate is very gunked up,
    the IAC may not keep up quick enough, hence the stall.
    The gunk inside the throttle where its nozzle
    sits can affect it as well. So it might help to be taken off and cleaned carefully so
    that chemical doesn't go down into the valve's working parts.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    OK, need expert advice for my son. He got hydraulic fluid sprayed on his car (some front loader in a parking lot sprang a leak). ran it through a touchless a couple of times, but still has a film. What is the best way to clean this? Normal car wash cleaner/degreaser, followed by a good wax job? anything special for this situation?
    I'd try a good car wash soap in a bucket with a hand mitt or towel to actually see if the film of the
    additives as well as the oil comes off. If it doesn't, try Dawn. This will remove wax and everything, but you probably want to rewax the car anyhow. Dawn is considered the ultimate oil remover. I recall when a truck load of animal fats on its way to a body lotion manufacturer in Cincy overturned on a tight interstate curving ramp. They brought in 5 gallons buckets of Dawn to emulsify the fats.

    Convenient that Dawn is a Proctor Gamble product, a Cincinnati-based company.

  • Re: Mystery car pix

    all we can do is pray that, against all historical odds, they don't screw up the production version
    Am I the only one who thinks those wheels rate about 2 on a scale of 10. There are lots of
    better designs for a car of that ilk.

  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    OF, I know you're joking now but just wait until you get froggy passing a couple of semis. The 5.0 is so powerful that you can go from 75 to 105 in a couple of seconds like passing a pair of semis. I know because it happened to me. I was shocked by how quickly it accelerated. There seems to be no top end or lack of fuel/air. I just goes really fast and does it more quickly at higher speeds. Hey Hey, be careful out there.
    Mike has found his medicine. AND I see OldFarmer has found HIS medicine!

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