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Crossroads of America I70 & I75 area
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2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT
  • Re: can anyone advise me of where to buy a head lamp ,not the bulb, and a head lamp bracket for my 2009

    I bought new headlamps for my Cobalt on Amazon. The particular seller was clear that they came with the brackets, which I didn't need. Auto lights and bulbs is the name of the seller. There were two different colors for the parking/DRL lights and I was limited getting the exact match to what my 08 has currently.

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Glad neither of you were hurt. I was hit from the rear long ago and my neck and shoulders developed a stiffness after a day or more. My Mustang had the tall Recaro seatbacks that kept my head from moving more. She hit me twice. I'd recommend having a doctor check you out rather than wait for problems to develop.

    I hope you had the car towed to the MB dealer's body shop to get their expert opinion.
    Maybe that damage can be buffed out with the proper wax, LOL.

    Hope you can find a good replacement vehicle sitting on the dealer's lot.

    A big problem with stoplights here is all the people who tried starting their own business with the poor economy through the years. They get a pickup, a heavy trailer, and some commercial grade mowers. Then they're driving in a pickup and heavy trailer. When someone stops quickly in front of them, they haven't allowed room to stop. They drive as if it's the pickup's weight only that the tires and brakes need to stop. BAM.

  • Re: Tires, tires, tires

    Michelins are round, they roll round (road force measurement), and they stay round as they wear.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    While we're talking about cars that aren't performance cars for track level, I was passed today on a flyover ramp with a large radius by a CTS 4 He had no trouble negotiating the 40 mph ramp at 60+. Certainly not a monster vehicle. LOL

    I noticed it because long ago someone commented in one forum that typically curves/ramps can be negotiated by vehicles properly fitted at double the marked speed. I thought about this ramp and decided 80 mph probably wouldn't do it even if you were driving the Gorilla glue car with Gorilla glue tires.

    But several days ago I was romping around the curve at 45 mph and was passed by a BMW M at much higher speed than 48. It wasn't a brand new M and all I saw was the M on the trunk as he/she passed on the inside lane. He was doing at least 70 and likely over and had no trouble ticking on the surface which is raked with heavy cross grooves. So maybe 80 for a performance car could happen.

    This ramp has had several trucks crash and spill load over the side and more than 1 motorcycle rider has lost their life or at least their bike on this ramp. The first truck crash dumped cardboard boxes of Budweiser cans onto the westbound interstate below the ramp. Lots of volunteers to help pick up the spill I'll bet before the road was closed off.

    This is close to the BMW store where Kyfdx picked up a car a couple years back, so lots of test drives from BMW's.
  • Re: Midsize Sedans 2.0

    A second improvement over my wife's 2013 Accord is the aluminum hood. It's much lighter! Not that it's so hard to lift a regular hood, but this one feels like it weighs half as much as the ones on previous Accords.

    Does any other midsize sedan have an aluminum hood?
    My '14 Malibu's hood is aluminum. My 2003 leSabre's hood was aluminum.
    Don't think Accord's got anything new there. B) Probably a little late to the party.
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