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    To paraphrase some of what I'm reading in terms of a family's deficit and debt:

    Since debt is being discussed, what I hear is that it's okay for the couple who makes $50,000
    per year and owes $200,000 (debt)to keep buying more things each year. They are spending
    $70,000 per year but that's okay because in previous years they spent $90,000 and $80,000
    so they're reduced their rate of overspending (deficit) lower than it was. They also have
    had the lenders reduce the interest on their $200,000 debt (quantitative easing has kept
    the interest paid to 0% for savers, many older people, for last 7+ years) or their $70,000
    would be higher.

    And when the interest rates have to go up and their $70,000 spent each year rises to
    $80,000, that's okay because they may have a $700 raise and their income will be
    higher relative to their debt (debt to GDP ratio?).

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    I had explained that on the second try the legislature got a bill passed that requires a policeman to be present at the location where the red light/speed cameras are clicking the photos. Dayton City was going to try another way around that law, but apparently gave up after a few months.

    It's NOT about safety. It has always been about revenue. Our city has never installed cameras. The cameras don't NAB anyone. They don't reach down and grab the car that just went through the red light. The owner gets a bill a few weeks later. Not a very good reinforcement for punishment of the bad behavior. That's like telling your youngster next week about how they're not allowed to throw food at the table when they're 2 years old. Even funnier was that Dayton City in past years was only having about 2/3 of the bills paid and the red light camera money maker folks were getting on them to collect more money so the Australian company could collect more of their share of the money.

    Nothing is more effective than an officer in a car who observes the violation and actually stops the driver, then and there, and is able to assess for drugs and alcohol as well as a valid driver license and registration for the vehicle along with proper insurance in place on vehicle. A red light camera did none of those.

    The primarily folks who get photographed by cameras are ones from out-of-town who don't know where they are located. The locals stop at those but ignore the others without cameras.

    During the campaign by local political divisions to keep cameras they showed pictures of accidents where people ran red lights. I never saw one camera stop the red light runner and prevent the accident. It made great "You're on candid camera videos" but nothing in the way of timely positive enforcement.

    Our state had passed a bill a few years before but an outgoing (idiot) governor vetoed it. Another village had lost its idiot).

    Similar bill got through this time. I actually feel safer, but I still don't drive through the cities here that were using red light cameras other than the interstate or freeways.
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    The data about red light cameras has been mistreated much like the global warming errr climate change malarky. Better than red light cameras was to lengthen the amber a small amount AND have an interval red lights all ways for a second or more before the cross traffic gets a green. Out very smart town has done that at intersections that are high risk. We also use policemen in cars to actually patrol and use their eyes to give tickets to people violating the red light.

    The cities wanting the cameras were trying to cut their police cost by reducing offiers and putting up cameras to bring in more money so they could spend their money on high salaries for executives and social programs. I avoid those cities and don't drive through them at all and don't spend money at their retailers. If I do go there, I rarely see a police car except in line at a McDonalds next to a Lowes if I don't want to drive 9 miles to the next Lowes which is cleaner and safer to visit.
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    Please be careful about shoveling. Heart attacks are too common.
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    HBO is running the 7+ hour Godfather Epic right now. It's the first two movies edited together to tell the story in chronological order with some additional scenes that weren't in the originals. I think this is my favorite car from the movies, although the one that the ambulance passes on the causeway when Vito is coming home from the hospital is pretty cool too

    don't think anyone would get a red and black one..
    I remember them from the "good old days." That red and black with the "odd" side molding
    is even one of the advertised Fords that year.

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