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Oldfarmer, I know you're interested in the Mustang ' I saw this in a GM discussion and because it lists 4 links to reviews that appear to be newly released now that Ford's embargo on 2015 information is off for the Mustang and because it's in another forum that competes with Edmunds in parts, I didn't think I should copy and quote.


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  • Re: U.S. Auto Market News and Reviews

    Don't check this topic due to the boring repetition. But just checking in to see if the folks continually criticizing GM/Big 3 are criticizing the fraud
    by Hyunda and Kia on their customers. $750 million so far in costs to the company.

    "Hyundai and Kia cheated on their mileage claims by “cherry-picking data,” Mr. Holder said. Federal officials said Hyundai engineers used data collected from cars that had improper tires and while running certain tests with the benefit of a tail wind." WSJ

    If the companies will present fraudulant data for their cars, how many other ways have
    they done things in their vehicles that are not right.

  • Re: A Mechanic's Life - Tales From Under the Hood

    The tech came back after 35 minutes or so and asked me what problem I was having with the car and I said none- I just wanted to make certain that I hadn't tweaked something. He then told me everything checked out fine. When I went up to the front desk to pay the answer was "No charge- it didn't need anything."
    That's a keeper. I go to a similar local area chain tire store here. I had my Michelins put on several months back and the chrome plated wheels on my Buick (no remarks about chrome wheels, cloth roofs, and gold emblems please) have deterioration. One was slightly out of round and road force balanced okay. Manager recommended replacing. I finally picked up a reman wheel and took it over when I was in for rotate and balance--no charge to change the tire to the new wheel. I was surprised, because the deterioration of the chrome plate is not their fault. It's due to the winter salt and my not cleaning the wheels every week. I felt they were owed a charge for switching the tires.

    That's the way businesses used to be and they earned our allegiance.

  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    Go Bucks. National Champions!!! Rated #4 for the playoffs. Ended up #1. WOW.

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  • Re: A Mechanic's Life - Tales From Under the Hood

    Couldn't get that link to work and found this in the BIOG discussion you linkedo--thanks.

    I've used Techron Fuel System cleaner in my cars since BMW started recommending it (Steve Overbeck
    talked a lot about it on his Cincy radio car repair show on 550 AM.)

    When I'd put it in, within 10-20 miles I'd feel the difference in acceleration. This was in the 80s and 90s.
    But now when I use it, I notice little change in my 3800s in the leSabres. I had. I attribute that to improved
    gasolines in general and engine/injector designs that minimize the need to cleaning.

    I listen to a Detroit 760 car talk on Saturday mornings and they push the BG44 like it's the
    greatest thing since sliced bread. They recommend using it something like every 30K miles--
    I may be off on that. Of course it has to be done by a shop unless one buys the contraption
    needed to connect and inject the stuff at home. I conclude they like BG44 because the
    shops get the money. With Techron they can't figure out how to charge the customer for
    the customer putting it in himself. :grin