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Crossroads of America I70 & I75
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Crossroads of America I70 & I75
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2014 Malibu 2LT. 2008 Cobalt 2LT. (2015 Cruze 2LT)
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    I asked the dealer once how much it costs to replace one of the LEDs in the light pipe, as I see some blown out (usually in the rear) on Cadillacs every once in a while. He said you can't replace just one. You have to replace the whole stack at the same time. There's a service/parts money maker.
    On a 2014, $1297.59, for the part. Haven't found a 2015.

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all here.

    If driving tonight or tomorrow, be safe. Many travelers through here since Monday have been idiots on the interstates. It's raining this evening and I'm surprised there haven't been accidents blocking things.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Silk browser. I can just start randomly pushing buttons, would that help?

    Ah, got no experience with that one. But that's probably it, something about how it renders our pages. I'll ask around.
    Several months back I had trouble with what might be similar pages showing up with everything justified along the left side--no formatting. My Firefox wasn't reading the style sheets was my thought. I switched to Chrome, but still occasionally loaded a page that was missing formatting. My computer is XP. Firefox keeps updating but Chrome says it won't update because my OS is out-of-date! Imagine that, LOL.

    I took a screen shot then, but can't find it now. Problem got fixed somehow by someone.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    OK, here is the follow up on Son #2's 2014 Fusion purchase about 2 weeks ago. ..

    Love your storytelling skills! Great narrative. Felt like I was there. Two thumbs up.

  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Look at those floor mats! I'm going to start looking inside the Studebakers and Avantis more closely for the
    rest of the cruise in season here--soon to end. Those are nice.

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