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Crossroads of America I70 & I75 area
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2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Was in Pittsburgh

    But saw one of the self-driving Uber vehicles go by. It was very close to the stadium and people and vehicles were going in every direction, so I'm not certain if the person behind the wheel was in "manual" mode or not, but given how many people were dashing across the streets in all directions, I suspect they were.

  • Re: General Motors Fans

    If I was buying in the near-future (and I'm not; despite conventional wisdom my Cobalt keeps on keepin'on, cheaply--finally biting the bullet and will replace the original battery after 102K miles and 8.5 years, soon), I'd buy my fourth Lordstown, OH-built small car, the all-new '16 Cruze. There's not a whole lot in that extreme corner of Ohio, but GM has invested there for fifty years. .
    The 17 Cruze hatchback is at my local dealer now. I'll have to stop and take a look.

    I still consider GM and F and Chrysler American. Most companies are global now, the excuse for accepting that HoToy build some of their product here, and that applies to US brands having content from other operations as well. Goes both ways.

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Sorry, no time to read, busy setting up a "What would it take for YOU to speed in a diesel SUV wearing your Tag Heuer?" discussion....
    That may be more interesting than my true story of an S8 driver who bulled his way into the one car space between me and pickup driver in front of me at 25 mph and then almost hit the pickup before Audi had completed the bullying into the lane, because the truck quickly slowed to take the entrance to the gas station instead of the turn into the street for ChickFilA 80 feet further on. Audi driver probably drives that way on the interstate as well. LOL BTW his license plate was Workhorse. Him or the Car? Either way I'd suggest a different end of the horse would be more descriptive of him and his driving. Or of his psyche.

  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    I searched for 4-door hardtops in the 56 Chrysler. Can't find any good pictures of ones. Lots of convertibles. Lots of 2-door hardtops. The taillights on the 56 Chrysler were great: they exuded power in their design.

    Found this that I'd never seen before of a concept car...the Plainsman by Ghia.
    I don't want to hear anyone poke fun at the GM Aztek again--ever. Laughting out loud.

  • Re: Car Commercials, the good, the bad, and the annoying!

    I suspect a lot of Walter Mitty types out there like the idea of being "bold" (as Toyota says over and over again about the Camry) while still making a safe and reliable choice.

    For Lexus, it is about being different for the sake of being different, and brash to compete with the image of BMW.
    My opinion is that toyota being bold to majority of buyers is like my 2003 leSabre being bold.

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