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Oldfarmer, I know you're interested in the Mustang ' I saw this in a GM discussion and because it lists 4 links to reviews that appear to be newly released now that Ford's embargo on 2015 information is off for the Mustang and because it's in another forum that competes with Edmunds in parts, I didn't think I should copy and quote.


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  • Re: Photo Radar

    >certain types of surveillance are handy tools for law enforcement and do help bring bad guys to justice.

    Odd. That's not the way it works. Real officers stopping cars that are running lights, speeding, driving erratically find many violations such as warrants, DUI, drugs, etc. Our local police won't use redlight cameras for just that reason. However they actually have cops doing cop work.

    Another agency nearby makes a fortune stopping people on a state highway feeding into Dayton. Lots of people stopped have - surprise! - drugs. Or they are DUI or they have warrants. The key is they actually police the area with real people in real cars looking for driver who aren't doing right.

    I feel much safer driving when I know there are actually policemen on the road, instead of sitting in a station or Dunkin Donuts having coffee because the camera is making folks "safe."

    I hear the red light cameras are causing global warming with all the energy they use.
  • Re: U.S. Auto Market News and Reviews

    Just dug out this old thread to see if the anti-GM folks were touting the recent largest fine ever for HONDA and were posting about it over and over. Guess the recalls are only important if they're GM. Crickets here. Last post December.

    Well I spoiled the sleeping topic, so I'll apologize for pointing out the bias and let it go back to sleep.
  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    "Saw a typical PNW thing today - car gets into a turn only lane, no signal, then hits the signal after the light turns green. I have to wonder about the thought process involved, why bother?"

    Here the habit is to use the turn signal power steering assist. They seem to think it's a power assist and they turn on the turn signal as they start turning the wheel, say to the right. If you're behind, it's a surprise; if you're waiting to turn left and they're the oncoming traffic, it means you don't get notice that you could have turned left and been gone down the street. Instead their turn signal pops on as the front wheel start turning.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    In case anyone missed it!

  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    Some vehicle types have a percentage of drivers who fit the discourteous stereotype.

    Today, Mazda with an air dam on the trunk uses the left turn lanes only ramp off the interstate,
    then at the end of the line cuts into the right turn lane. The right turn lane is backed up a quarter mile onto the interstate. This is at lunchtime, so it probably was someone wanting to get to the many restaurants and carryout places on the strip next to the interstate.

    Got the Chick-Fil-A and it has entry off an access street behind the store. People line up in the direction that comes from the east to make a left turn across the alley into drive-thru. A car from the west somehow ends up making a turn in front of the cars from the east and is sitting block both lanes of the "street" for 3-4 minutes until the drive-thru line moves again. Brand of car? A Mazda that's a few years old just like the one on the interstate ramp.