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Crossroads of America: I70 & I75
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2003 LeSabre 2008 Cobalt 2014 Malibu
  • Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    Will the last person out please turn off the lights and close the door?

  • Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    @houdini1 said: If you want to get your news from watching American Idol, that is your business. The rest of us are discussing cable networks.

    @robr2 said:Just the typical type of right wing cable news network response I expected - rather than answer the questions, it's all bluster and yelling.

    I don't see anything blustering and yelling in Houdini's sage response.

    Now IIRC, we had reached a gentleman's agreement to avoid politics a few weeks ago - there are hundreds of other boards on the interwebs to discuss that.

    Odd to make a politically slamming response (@robr2 said:Just the typical type of right wing cable news network response I expected - rather than answer the questions, it's all bluster and yelling) and then suggest not to discuss politics.

    However, I had pointed out not getting into politics in an earlier post.

    Back to arguing about cars.

  • General Motors Fans

    GM's self driving car photographed. Looks like the driver doesn't think much of the photographer.

  • General Motors Fans

    @andre1969 said: If you didn't realize you were using the wrong key, it could lead you to think there was something wrong with the ignition.

    Reminds me of a cold night when I drove to Krogers. Parked on an end space next to the drive in front of the store. Came out, hit my unlock button and nothing happened. Kept hitting it thinking maybe the battery finally was worn out. Nothing. Looking in the driver's window, still hitting the unlock, I then tried the key. Wouldn't turn. Darn, did it freeze up--the little internal cover tab doesn't flip to cover the opening like it should. Finally looked up and realized the car in the next row was flashing its headlights at me while I was pressing the unlock button.

    I realized a crimson pearl metallic leSabre with the same chrome wheels had parked in the row closest to the door I used. The next row was where I had parked also facing north. I sneaked away from the twin hoping no one in the parking lot had been watching me trying to enter the wrong car. There are at least 3 red leSabres with the chrome wheels that came on the Celebration package in our small town and surrounding area.

  • The Current State of the US Auto Market

    @uplanderguy said: Concerning Cobalts being able to be bought as cheap used cars....

    A friend has a G5 2008 bright red coupe with 60K and new tires. Not a scratch to be seen on the perfect car. He mentioned the Buick dealer had offered him 4500 trade in for it on a demo top of line Verano. I told him to put a $12000 sign on it while driving around and he'd probably get a $12K offer because the car is so good. At worst he'd get $11K for it. Edmunds says $8200 roughly for retail sale.

    He keeps getting letters from dealers wanting to buy it. I get letters about buying mine. Some suggest a price with the usual disclaimers that the price suggested means nothing.