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    Do those windshield fillers really work?

    Is there a particular company that does better work than others?
    Yes they work. Especially if the damage is NOT in the part of the windshield directly in front of the driver or passenger, i.e., not in the usual line of vision. I have a repair spot on my Cobalt's windshield.

    It's best to repair the spot as soon as possible. The stress in the windshield is affected by the new damage and will sometimes start to crack further out from the damage.

    I just contact my insurance company, State Farm. They have an 800 number for this kind of work, but I like to stop at the office to see the secretary. They have an 800 number for a company that handles the windshield repairs for them. As soon as the claim is entered by State Farm, this other company accesses the info and sets up up with a choice of companies in your immediate area to contact for repair. In fact, I believe they put me on a 3-way call to have the chosen glass company set an appointment to come do the repair. I have used Guardian twice for this and earlier Safelite, but I believe Guardian bought Safelite.

    They drill into the windshield where the damage is to relieve the new stress. They pull a vacuum in the hole and adjacent cracks and then let the suction draw in a silicone material which has the same refractive index as the glass and therefore is invisible. They treat the sealer with a UV light to set it, similar to a dentist using a specific light frequency tool to set the new material for a tooth repair.

    The repair is guaranteed for your life of the car, i.e., if it cracks further, they will then replace the windshield. I prefer using the repair if possible because cutting the windshield out and breaking the factory materials means that the replacement windshield may not seal as well or be as integral a part of the car's crash design strength as the original was.

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    @Stever@Edmunds said:

    .... For some reason the automated spam filter grabbed it

    That just registered in my mind. We haven't had the usual spam postings that occasionally showed up on the old platform. Didn't think about their not being around after the change until the filter was mentioned. Another good thing about the vanilla forums.

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