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  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    I had to look it up on Wikipedia. "Jetaway" was a 2-speed automatic used in the midsized B-O-P cars from 1964-69, and completely different from the Chevy Powerglide. It was also used for a couple years in some of the various Olds 88's, as well as the LeSabre. And it made it into the Pontiac Firebird as well. It used a bell housing that could mate to both the B-O-P engines and the Chevy inline-6, which the Pontiac OHC-6 used as its basis.

    I don't think it actually went into any Chevrolets though, even though it would mate up to the 6-cyl. It was also known as the Super Turbine 300 in the Buicks, but Pontiac didn't give it a special name...just called it "automatic".
  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    Obviously, that BMW driver needs to be caught and punished. However, in watching the video, I think where the biker really screwed up is that he got in front of the BMW and held him back when the light turned green, to drive home his point. IMO the lane splitting was wrong, legal or not. That was a tight space to squeeze though. Yelling at the driver of the car, regardless of what he was doing, also not cool in my book. It's actually somewhat similar to my story a couple weeks back when I was getting ready to make a turn onto a busy road, when a guy on foot yells at me outside my passenger window. Took me totally by surprise, and startled me.

    So, this guy in the BMW is startled, and pissed that someone's getting up in his business. But then the icing on the cake is when the biker moves all the way to the front. That light turns green, and you see a Prius, of all things, get a really good lead on them, and about half way through the intersection before the biker even takes off. Well, that's just going to get the BMW driver even more steamed.

    Also, throughout that whole video, that biker never even catches up to the Prius, and is still holding the BMW driver back. That's only going to increase the BMW driver's anger, holding him up like that. I know that's one of the things that annoys me the most as a driver, when someone's in an all-fired hurry to get in front of me, and then slows down.

    That BMW driver definitely went too far, but the biker provoked him. Not just by yelling at him (that was more of a whine), but the other things, like holding him back at a green light, etc.

    FWIW, I've yelled at people on the cell phone too. But I only do it if they're affecting me directly. For instance, if someone is in front of me, driving way too slow because they're on the phone, I'll pass them (when safe to do so), lay into the horn, and yell at them "GET OFF THE PHONE AND DRIVE!!" Never had anyone come after me, but if someone tried that BMW maneuver, the results would be a bit different when applied to a Ram, versus a motorcycle!
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    Hope this isn't too much Youtube overload for y'all, but here's a video of my '76 Grand LeMans starting up this morning...

    It had been sitting about a month, I think. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it started. Just 3-4 pumps of the pedal, some cranking, and then it fired up. Probably a lot less effort and annoyance than most 70's cars. B)
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    Finally, after many hours, my '85 Silverado cold start video finally posted to Youtube. So here it is, if anyone's interested. Again, I apologize for the sideways slant on the phone!
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    That was a fairly smooth start, all things told! Considering that gauntlet through which you backed it as you came out of the garage, I think I would probably have grunted now and again, too. :p
    Yeah, I think I need a bigger garage. Or a bigger driveway. Or both! Today I fired up the Silverado, and used it to run out to get some gas for the mowers, and a quick trip to Safeway. It's loading to Youtube right now, but taking its sweet time. This one doesn't have the highest production values. At one point I turned the phone without realizing it, so most of it's sideways. And then I had to get under the hood to spray some starting fluid in it, and at one point had to put the phone down when I pulled the throttle cable back to set the choke. But, once it started, it didn't stall out, at least!

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