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  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    I'll backpedal a bit and say that I do like the hidden headlight model of the '71 Fury. And the Monacos with the hidden headlights, I like those alot. And in most years of that fuselage generation, I thought the Polaras and Monacos looked nicer than the Fury models did.

    Traditionally, big Mopars usually handled better than their GM and Ford rivals. I remember reading somewhere that even by 1977, when GM downsized their big cars, that the big, old-school C-body Gran Fury still compared favorably when it came to handling, at least. Of course it was more cumbersome in tight spaces, less space efficient, burned more gas, and was bad in a bunch of other ways, but supposedly it still handled well for such a big brute.
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    I can always tell when the thermostat first opens up on my '85 Silverado, because the gauge goes up a bit more than half-way as it gets up to operating temperature, and then it drops down a bit. After that, it usually stays constant. Except for that one time I overheated it driving into DC last year. Oops!
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    Now that I think about
    Let us not forget that idiot lights have returned! Many cars nowadays no longer have temperature gauges. Both my Forester and Fiesta are examples, and I find it highly annoying (for my part). Apparently dash space is just too valuable these days, what with all the electronics and idiot lights....
    Want the ultimate in cost cutting? When an idiot light on my 2000 Park Ave comes on, the HUD shows the warning "Check Gages". They couldn't aven afford the "u"! :p

    The Park Ave only has a gauge for fuel and temperature, but it has a trip computer that lets you cycle through various functions, and where the odometer normally is, it can display battery amps and oil pressure. It will also show the coolant temp in Fahrenheit. I think it'll show it in Celsius too if you hit the metric button, but can't remember.

    My 2012 Ram has a coolant gauge and fuel gauge, but idiot lights for oil and amps. There's space for the extra two gauges though. I think you have to either pay extra for them, or they come standard with the nicer trim levels.

    One reason, I imagine, they went to idiot lights back in the late 50's and 60's over real gauges was cost cutting, but I wonder if it was simply that the gauges they used at the time were pretty cheap, and not always very accurate? The amp gauge, especially, in those older cars tended to jump around alot. And if you were sitting at a traffic light with the turn signal on, the needle would dance in rhythm with the turn signal.

  • Re: Is the vehicle you drive a ticket target?

    Topaz drivers probably get pulled over in states where they actually enforce left lane camping laws. Or they get hit with visual citations...too much visible exhaust, something from the undercarriage dragging, etc...
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    It looks sort of bluish green to me, unless my eyesight is going bad. FWIW, the color chart I looked up also had a color called "Sumatra Green" that had sort of an aquatic hue to it.

    Silver with a red/burgundy interior can be a really nice combination, though. Back in late 1996 I looked at a '76 or so Newport that was for sale locally. 4-door hardtop, silver, burgundy vinyl interior and, I think, a burgundy top. It had a 400, IIRC. I started it up though, and it was missing half of the exhaust system, was leaking fuel in the engine compartment, and the rear quarters were rusty where they tucked under at the bottom. It actually looked good at a quick glance, but when I saw it up close with all those problems I passed.

    My '86 Monte Carlo was a 2-tone gray over silver, and had a burgundy cloth interior. It was pretty sharp looking, back in the day. By the time Mom gave it to me though, the hood and roof were faded pretty badly.

    Wow, it's kind of wild to think how fast the time has gone by. I hadn't even thought about that silver Newport for a long time. At the time, it was an 18 year old car (well, okay, 19 model years). And yet now, another 18 years have slipped past...