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  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Mopar's R-bodies had the fuel filler in back, as well. However, while GM's cars had the license plate that swung down, and could be propped with the gas cap, the Newport/St. Regis/Gran Fury actually swung upward, spring-loaded, and the cap would not hold them open. On the New Yorker/5th Ave, the center part of the taillight, a dummy housing with reflectors rather than bulbs, pivots upward and stays out of the way on its own.

    You'd think having the fuel filler in back like that would be dangerous. And on some older cars, like my '67 Catalina, the gas tank is only a few inches from the rear bumper! However, with those old body-on-frame cars, when they got rear-ended, they tended to buckle first over the rear axle, where the frame curved up and over. On more modern cars, like my '76 LeMans, and the downsized B/C bodies, there was a lot more distance between the gas tank and the rear of the car. With these cars, when they were rear-ended, I don't think they were quite as prone to buckling over the rear axle, but would rather accordion-up a bit. But, that extra distance between the gas tank and the rear of the car helped. However, on the downsized A/G bodies, there wasn't quite as much room, and those cars were prone to leaking in a rear end collision. It would take a much harder hit to make one leak than it would with a Pinto, but they were implicated in a few fire-related deaths. I remember reading about a 1980 Malibu sedan in Texas that stalled out on a back road. The woman driver left her two small kids in the back seat and got out of the car to find help. Along comes a flatbed truck and plows into it, and it burst into flames, killing the kids. There was another incident where an early 80's Olds Cutlass Cruiser was stopped at a toll booth, in Jersey perhaps? It was rear-ended at high speed as well and burst into flames, resulting in some deaths.

    Of course, any car will leak fuel if you hit it hard enough, and in the right spot. I remember when GM got implicated in that saddle tank fiasco on the '73-87 pickups. People used to ask me if I was afraid of my Granddad's '85 Silverado. I'd tell them no...first of all, gas tanks used to be IN the cab! Second, if I get t-boned at 73 mph, chances are I'm going to die regardless. And third, I'm not into model rockets. :p
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    IMO a shabby BMW or Lexus looks as bad, and a shabby Caddy looks worse.
    Back in the early 1990's, someone who worked at a local pool hall in an iffy neighborhood around here had a 1967 Sedan Deville he wanted to sell for $800. It was done up in a primer black/charcoal color, so lord-knows what sorts of body work/issues it was hiding, and the interior was a bit ratty. I drove it around the parking didn't have tags on it, so the owner said do NOT take it off the premises. Gotta admit, I felt an odd attraction to it, and the engine sounded great!

    But, I passed on it...probably a wise decision, too. Plus, if I still had it by the time I got to know Lemko, I'm sure he would've given me the evil eye.

  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    It was $729K. Here's the complete listing. My first thought was "Suddenly it's 1978!", but it was built in 1983. It had a den off of the living room that had this textured wallpaper stuff that somewhat resembled rattan, or flattened bamboo. VERY dated, but in good condition.

    One major bonus is that, even though the house only has a 2-car garage, at least it's a large-ish 2 car garage. I could easily fit the DeSoto and 5th Ave, my two longest cars in, with room to spare. I've seen some houses where, even though they're advertised as a 2-car garage, they often have a small staircase going up to the side door, that cuts one of the bays to about 15 feet.

    I'd have to build a second garage, but at least this house has a large, level yard. Some of the homes I've looked at might have had large lots, but they would be hilly, have mature trees, etc, and just not very conducive to building a second garage. One of them was also on a steep hill, and I just kept having these mental images of my DeSoto at the top of the hill, losing its wasn't a pretty image! :s
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Last week, I went for a walk and spotted an early 80's Mercury Lynx RS. Abandoned, apparently for awhile, in the woods along a local hiker/biker trail that used to be a railroad right-of-way. I thought I knew about all the old abandoned cars around here, but this particular morning, at this time of year, I guess the morning sun hit it just right and the reflection caught my eye. Anyway, here it is, in its full glory...

    I'm actually surprised the taillights are still intact, since most of the other easily broken stuff has been smashed out. I was sort of tempted to pull them off, in case anybody ever needed them in the future. But, I guess there aren't too many people out there restoring cars like this! Sometimes my hoarder mentality kicks in...
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Only problem with those older cars, is that the GPS was a bit more low-res. Here's the display from a c1982 Trans Am...

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