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  • Welcome to Edmunds Forums!

    OK, so the line at the bottom of the text entry box that used to say "You can use Markdown in your post" now says "You can use Simple HTML in your post".

    What has changed and what is different about it? Or are they 2 ways to say the same thing?
    Yup, it's basically the same thing. It means you can use some of the common HTML codes in your post. MOST of the codes you can use are duplicated by the bold, italic, indent, etc. icons at the top of the post box.
  • Extended Warranty...Worth the price?

    This is always a tough question, because if you don't buy the extended warranty and something breaks, you're going to think that you should have purchased it, because the repair would be covered. However, as Steve mentioned, there are multitude tales of third-party extended coverage being a total waste. No matter how thoroughly you read the contract, you're not likely to spot all of the potential loopholes that you could encounter when trying to get work covered. Radiator has a hole? Oh, you must have hit something. Not covered. Something snapped? Looks like it had a speck of rust on it, and that's the cause. Rust-related issues aren't covered. And trying to appeal these "wiggle outs" is usually unsuccessful.

    Additionally, you mention you travel a lot. That indicates the possibility of an away-from-home breakdown, and these contracts usually have restrictions on which shops you can use.

    My opinion is that they are rarely worthwhile, and that over a lifetime of vehicle ownership, you will generally come out ahead by saving back money yourself for unexpected repairs.

  • Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    @abacomike said: He has to completely shave his head prior to the treatments. His SO will drive him to and from the treatments. He has to go to Loma Linda Medical Center for the radiation - they want closer control over the therapy. It's about a 90 minute drive on I-10 from where he lives in La Quinta to Loma Linda.

    So, from what he reports, it seems the cancer is not as aggressive as they originally diagnosed and with God's careful watch, he will be OK, I pray.

    Great news, Mike! I'm sure it will be a tough time, but I'm hopeful that he'll come through cancer-free. This is the beginning of his healing.

    I basically shave my S.O.'s hair for him every few weeks. It's an "in" look these days, and my SO comments on how much easier showering is - only one product - body wash. There's an upside to almost everything.

  • Midsize Sedans 2.0

    @benjaminh said: But charging extra for colors, which is something BMW does, seems a little tricky? But it probably does reflect some real extra costs.

    May be a bit tricky, but $300 isn't highway robbery. Honestly, if $300 was all that stood in the way of me having my preferred color, I'd gladly pay it. Over the period of intended ownership, it's not that much, and if I didn't pop for it, I know I'd look at the vehicle every day and think that I liked it, but wished I'd splurged on the color I really wanted.

  • Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    @nyccarguy said: My parents are currently shopping for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Are they shopping for a new one? A 2014? Consumers who own and have reviewed this SUV on our site are some of the unhappiest owners I've seen for any make/model in a LONG time:

    Ignore the aggregate 4-star rating - our ratings system has so many variables to check that it's possible to have a vehicle with awful mechanical and build quality issues receive a high aggregate rating. Seems that transmission and electrical problems are a very common complaint.