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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • 2014 Nissan Altima Lease Questions

    Going to the dealerships tomorrow. Whats the MF and RV for 2014 Altima 2.5 S, SV, SL for NY(Long Island) for both 12k and 10k. Need all 3 because I'm leasing for two people who want different things. Appreciate the help here. Thanks!!!
    36 month, 12K/yr

    .00003 MF

    S: 55% residual
    SV: 54%
    SL: 52%

    Add 1% for 10K/yr
  • Lease 2015 Awd Loaded Hyundai Genesis With Tech And Ultimate Packages

    I am New to leasing and clueless on lease negotiations and the maze of Money Factor, Residual and Cap Costs ... Yikes !

    I love the 2015 AWD Genesis fully loaded with tech, sig and ultimate packages and eager to lease for 36 months - excellent credit + thru 11/3/14 Hyundai has a $ 1500 rebate lease promotion.
    In studying the discussion boards, I've learned from the moderator, and other members if you want to Lease - you First get the best purchase price -

    Done - My best purchase quote for the 2015 AWD Genesis fully loaded with Tech, Signature and Ultimate packages on vehicle MSRP of approx $52,400 is only $48,500.

    -However, I just learned Hyundai is now offering a Manufacture $1500 lease promotion running thru 11/3/14.

    So I should be basing my purchase price @ further reduced price of $47,000 factoring in the Hyundai Lease promotion and deduct $1500 from my best negotiated purchase price - Correct ?

    Assuming purchase price of $47,000 (after applying Hyundai's Lease promotion of $1500) with MSRP of $52,400 what monthly should I expect to see in a 36 month 12K annual miles lease ?

    I'm clueless on the maze of reasonable Money Factor and Residual numbers I should expect to see from Hyundai dealerships playing it straight; and NOT trying to add extra costs to increase your monthly lease payments to make up for the negotiated discounted purchase price.

    One discussion member warned to look at the Cap costs - as this is where dealers try to add in costs ?

    Would really appreciate help from moderate and other more seasoned Hyundai Genesis - purchase and lease discussion members.

    Thanks so much !

    The $1500 is a "conquest" incentive.. You have to own a competing luxury brand vehicle to qualify. .00150 MF and 60% residual for this model. With your MSRP and proposed sellling price, the payment would be about $550/mo. You would have to pay acquisition fee, 1st payment, title/license/doc fees at signing.
  • 2014 Infiniti Q60 Coupe Lease Questions

    Playing around with the 2015 Q60 AWD payment estimator I see that I can only choose the 42/48/60 month lease term. Shows normal lease terms for the journey trim, what's the deal with that?

    On Infiniti's website? No idea.

    Alright, can you give me the res and mf for the 15' Q60 AWD with sports, premium, and navi, 36mo/10k and 39mo/10k. Thank you.

    .00046 MF and 57%/56% residual.
  • Rustproofing a Mazda Mazda6.

    A bad job could actually make your car more prone to rust.. Ask me about my 1982 Accord.. ;)
  • 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Lease Questions

    Hey there.

    I'm in chicago area, looking at either:

    2014 Santa Fe sport 2.0T AWD with Tech Pkg (navi/sunroof)  $33500 quoted

    Or, they JUST got in stock...
    2015 Santa Fe sport 2.0T AWD with Ultimate Pkg (navi/sunroof, renamed from tech) $36000 quoted

    I'm looking 36 months, 12k, no money down.

    Can I get MF and RV for each?
    How does lease cash work?

    If easy to do, can I get a ballpark of what the monthly might be (minus tax/fees)?  If not able, skip it.  Thanks!!

    2014: .00010 MF and 55% residual. $1000 lease cash.

    The $1000 is a dealer incentive... use that knowledge to negotiate a lower selling price.

    We don't have any 2015 Santa Fe numbers.