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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2017 BMW X3 Lease Questions

    Is the BMW ultimate care+ a good/ necessary option for 2017 x3
    Not sure what that is, but if they are selling it to you in the F&I office, you probably don't want it.
  • Re: 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser - Toyota Financing

    Thanks for the incredibly quick response Stever - I'll let you know ends up - will take several weeks, I'm sure
    Definitely line up your own financing.

    There are never incentives on this model. TFS financing is likely 4.9% APR or higher.
  • Re: Audi Q5 in Atlanta, GA : Lease or Buy ?

    Hi everyone,
    I have already cut my teeth on a car lease with a 2015 Lexus Rx350 and believe I got a decent deal out of it (msrp : $52k+, less discount $6,750 with the lowest recommended money factor - can't remember the invoice price off-hand).

    At this point, I am in the market to replace my second car which has aged quite a bit. My question is, what makes a good buy vs lease argument ? I am leaning towards an Audi Q5, a BMW X5 and the Mercedes GLE/K.

    At last count, it made sense to lease if we intended to keep the car less than 7 years, and buy if we planned to keep it more than 8.5 years (from 7 - 8.5 years being no man's land). Any other thoughts on this ? Of course price makes a huge difference, but if we take it out of the equation .... ?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.
    I think anything over 5 years, you are probably better off buying.
    Audis don't lease all that well, so that definitely tilts it towards the buy side.

    The GLK has been replaced by the GLC.
  • Re: planegeek614's 2001 Honda Accord

    My wife leased a 2001 Accord. EX like yours, but an automatic.

    Unfortunately, she was rear-ended about 11 months into the lease. Around $15K in damage, but they fixed it. One advantage of a lease. At lease end, you can just turn it in and walk away (which she did).
    She had an identical 1999 Accord EX before that (also, leased).

    She put 50K miles on it, in three years. Other than the accident, not a hiccup.

    I really like those Acura wheels.
  • Re: 2017 Mercedes Benz GLA-Class Lease Questions

    Do you have the December 2016 rates for the GLA? I'm looking for a standard 36 month lease with 12,000 miles per year. I'm not too particular about the model, preferably one with the highest residual value. If there are different month (33, 39, etc.) leases that offers a better value for the residual please let me know.

    Are they doing any customer loyalty programs right now? It's december 1st and I'm not sure how up to date their websites are. So far it doesn't seem like there's any lease specials on

    Thank you!
    .00094 MF and 61% residual for 36/12.

    No info on loyalty programs.
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