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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: AWD Lock and a couple of other issues

    We live on a gravel road and can only go 15 to 20 mph tops and I clocked it yesterday while driving into town and after 3 minutes, it shut off and we were not at the pavement yet. How does the AWD system work with this off?
    When it senses the front wheels slipping, it automatically engages the rear wheels for extra traction... Frankly, that is the way most compact SUVs work (CR-V, RAV4, etc). Most don't even have the option to lock into AWD, like the Rogue..

    For your use, the Subaru would probably be a lot better.
  • Re: My car with less than 9,000 miles, the transmission was replaced 2 days ago!

    We had a Honda Accord... transmission went out at 19K miles. Replaced under warranty... Never a hiccup, after that. (if that makes you feel any better).

  • Re: CR-V lease ending in May...decisions...decisions....please help!!

    A 26K mile CR-V sounds like a great deal for $16,700. At your rate of mileage, you could drive it for 6 or 7 more years...

    Of course, even with buying a used car, you are going to have "payment shock" after leasing the last one.. A 48 month loan on $16K @ 2.9% is $353/mo.

    If you look at the long-term, buying that CR-V should be cheaper than anything else, and I assume it's been a good car?
  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    @kyfdx - ok so you are saying they have great lease value but not to Own the same car which said manufacture is betting they will have decent value at said lease end. Making the $750 a month a bargain over 3 years because you can trade it in for a lot of coin- or if you keep it the extra year and get even more value per month held due to less depreshiayion in said 4th year. I love when people talk leases and think they are getting a great value but don't understand that buying the car could be a better option. Not so much - exactly.

    That's why I ask again what are these cars selling for .. ?? Is it really a50k car or is it a 42k car ?
    Yes.. I am saying that they are a great value to lease at $350 compared to the purchase price. So cheap, that you'll be many thousands worse off by buying the car, then selling it after three years.

    Infinitis often have great lease programs that aren't in line with their actual resale value. It's the manufacturer's method of heaping big incentives on the car. It's not a general lease vs. buy argument. It's specific to the situation.
  • Re: 2015 Mazda3 Lease

    Any way I could get lease info on the 5 Door S Touring, 36 months 12k Miles for South Dakota?
    Sorry, forgot 2015 automatic.

    .00044 MF and 55% residual
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