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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2015 Honda CR-V Lease Questions


    Can I have the Residual and MF for a CRV-LX in the NYC/NJ area? I've noticed a lot of questions regarding 3yr/36k leases. Would you happen to know if they do 2yr leases? If so can i get the numbers for that as well? thanks

    .00105 MF and 65% residual for either 36 or 39 months

    24 month residual is 72%

    @kyfdx Does residual and MF change if I want EX instead of LX? This is for a 24/12k lease. thanks

    Only the LX gets the .00105 MF... .00160 for all other CR-V models.
  • Re: 2014 BMW 5-Series Lease Questions

    Hi I'm looking for a 535i xdrive or 535 diesel xdrive around 70k MSRP in NY tri-state area. If I am in the top credit tier, are there any discounts to each model? I am also coming from a MB E class. I am looking for 24 months and am open to mileage from 12-15k. I anticipate around this price around 600/monthly with taxes (8.875%), first month, DMV, delivery fee upfront, in total about $2700. No cap cost.

    Also are MSD applicable to NY? I read on some forums / sites that NY does not allow MSD. Any help would greatly be appreciated, thank you.
    24 months is not a good term for a BMW lease..

    MSDs are not allowed in NY.

    Very, very doubtful you'll get a $70K 5-series to come in at $600/mo. (more like $800/mo.+, I think, and that's on a 36 month lease)
  • Re: 2014 Honda Odyssey Lease Questions

    I have been offered the Honda Odyssey EX-L with RES.  2015 brand new. 

    MSRP 38,205
    Selling price   32741.04
    Residual 55% (21,012.75)
    Money factor.    .00056
    Monthly payment:  418 inc Tax (8.1%)
    36 mo/ 12k 

    Please let me know if this adds up?  Plus can you verify that insurance premiums are now dependent on your state law as opposed to leasing requirements for leased vehicles?

    Thanks for your help!
    How much is due at signing?

    What is the adjusted CAP cost?

    No idea on the insurance laws of your particular state. Most leasing companies can specify a minimum amount of coverage, since it's their name on the title. In my experience, their minimums are no more than the coverage you should have, anyway.
  • Re: 2015 Lexus IS 250 Lease Questions

    When two scores are used example me primary (646) and cosigner (756) how does that affect the selection of MF, do they use my score do they use cosigner score or do the average the scores (701) half way between both and use that to select MF
    I'm not sure that we have any insight on how co-signer credit scoring is determined.
  • Re: 2015 Honda Accord Lease Questions


    Would you please provide MF and RV and any special programs Honda has available for Accord lease?

    2015 Honda Accord EX
    12K miles a year
    36 months

    Thank you
    .00039 MF and 58% residual.

    $1000 lease cash and $500 bonus cash.
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