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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • 2014 BMW 4-Series Lease Questions

    @jasonvenice385 said: If you lease based on the advertisement of bmw? would this be a good deal?

    for example:

    The advertised lease assumes a dealer discount of $1000 from MSRP, in addition to the $1000 of buildout cash from BMW... That's not much of a discount.. Invoice is about $4K under MSRP... so, that gives you another $3000 to play with... I'd think with some shopping around, you might be able to knock another $2000 off their selling price. So, instead of $4274 due at signing, shoot for $2000- $2500 due at signing, with the rest of the terms the same...

    Don't forget about tax, title and registration...

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Lease Questions

    @capitan666 said: I see you mentioned how NJ sales tax works. Any idea how FL sales tax works on a lease? Thanks ahead of time.

    You pay tax on any upfront downpayment, and acquisition or dealer fees.... Then, the monthly payment is taxed, after that.

  • Lease: 2014 Nissan Maxima SV

    @rayd7 said: Hey All,

    I am looking to lease a 3.5 Maxima SV (leather interior, rearview camera, monitor package, etc.) and would greatly appreciate your advice. I am putting 5k down for a 39 month lease and have the following info from a dealership:

    Monthly payment: $239 No. of Months: 39 Money Factor: .000030 Residual Value: 52% MSRP: 36,500

    The decision process has become a bit confusing because of the 5k down payment. Should my monthly payment be lower because of the 5K down payment? Is $239 a deal worth taking?

    Thanks in advance and please let me know if you need additional info from me to provide an answer.


    The money factor is .00003 and the residual is 52% for 39mo, 12K/yr. SV Base model. So, that looks good.. But, more info is needed. Do you have the selling price of the vehicle? Does the price include tax? (if so, what state?). Do you have breakdown of the $5K? How much goes to fees, 1st payment, etc... and how much is a CAP cost reduction?

  • 2014 Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

    @andrewdruiz said: Really great tips here. I'm in the market for a '14 Accord and I sent out a million e-mails to all the dealerships in my area (I'm in SoCal) - I asked for a '14 LX with 0 options for $21k OTD + .9% financing for 60 months with $6k cash down. I got a response from a dealership that will do $21,333 OTD with 1.9% financing for 60 months, as they can only finance at .9% for 36 months - is that true? The only thing I forgot to mention when I sent the e-mail out to the dealerships is that I actually want a decklid spoiler. I'm in no rush, and if what he says is true about the financing, I'm assuming it's something directly from Honda Finance, which no dealership has control over - can anyone confirm? If that's the case, I might hold out for $21k OTD + the decklid spoiler @ 1.9%. The extra 1% represents an extra $390 paid in interest, and the decklid spoiler is about $299, so that's a decent trade. Thoughts? Should I just hold out? I'm in zero rush whatsoever.

    Honda is offering 0.9% up to 36 month and 1.9% for 37-60 months...

    If you bring your own financing, there is a $1000 incentive available to the dealer, which could lower your price.

  • Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    This guy is looking for opinions.. not that anyone in this discussion is opinionated... :p