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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta Lease Questions

    Hello! Spent most of the afternoon at the dealership today and would like to verify some of their pricing, which was coming in very high for two models:

    2015 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan SE 1.8T w/Conn (automatic trans)
    2015 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan S 2.0L (Base - automatic trans)

    Looking for the residuals at 24, 36 and 48 months and the money factor.

    Thank you!!!

    Either model:

    .00030 MF and 55% residual for 36mo, 15K/yr. $500 lease cash.

    You can do the "Sign then Drive" program for 36 months, but you can't for 24 months... at 48 months, the money factor goes way up.. So, 36 months is the only viable term.
  • Re: 2014 GMC Acadia Lease Questions

    Thanks Michaell. Here is the part I don't get. If the incentive money is used to reduce cap cost then I won't get the full amount unless I purchase the vehicle at lease end. (I won't be getting the residual percentage of the incentive).
    Wouldn't it always be better if I apply any incentive to any upfront cost that doesn't have any residual value at lease end? (like title, bank fees, etc)
    What's wrong with my logic??

    That is incorrect.. .anything that lowers the selling price or CAP cost flows directly to your pocket, as it lowers the lease payment by that exact amount.. The residual stays the same..

    So, if your CAP cost is $41K and the residual is $25K, you pay $16K in depreciation. If you get a $1000 incentive that lowers the CAP cost to $40K, the residual is still the same (it's a percentage of MSRP), so you only pay $15K in depreciation.. $1000 in your pocket.
  • Re: 2015 BMW 4-Series Lease Questions

    Hey guys,

    First question: soliciting your opinions on the current lease specials on the 428i and 435i.

    The deal on the 428i is $389/month (39 months, 10k/year), $3,000 down, and $0 deposit with holiday credit included in the payment. The lease states a MSRP of $44,100, and the end of lease purchase option is $26,901. The 428 comes with sport line and metallic paint.

    The deal on the 435i is $469/month (39 months, 10k/year), $3,000 down, and $0 deposit with the holiday credit included in the payment. The lease states a MSRP of $51,550, and the end of lease purchase option $31,446. The 435 comes with the M Sport package, metallic paint, and driver assist package.

    When I do the math using the residual values and money factors found here, these leases seem like good deals. Is that a correct assessment or can I do better?

    Second question: I'm looking for a shorter term lease 24 or 30 month and 10k or 12k/year for either the 428i or 435i. I couldn't find a recent set of those numbers for the shorter lease periods. Would one of you mathemagicians kindly provide the corresponding residuals and money factors for that data set?

    Thanks in advance!

    The lease deals are just okay..

    The money factor for the shorter terms is the same (.00130), but the residuals aren't enough higher to make any of the shorter terms viable.. $100s of dollars/month more..
  • Re: 2014 BMW 3-Series Lease Questions

    Can I get the numbers please for:

    2014 328i GT xDrive
    2014 335i GT xDrive
    2014 328i xDrive

    15K Miles Per Year.

    Thank You.

    .00130 MF and 60% residual on all three models.

    But, the 328i xDrive sedan has a $3500 Holiday Credit, and the other models have no cash incentives.
  • Re: 2014 BMW 3-Series Lease Questions

    Hi All,

    This forum has been incredibly helpful for me. I was wondering if I could get opinions on this deal I'm working out. I'm in Raleigh, NC:

    2014 328i Sedan (auto, tech pkge, m-sport pkge, driver assist pkge, estoril blue)
    MSRP: 49,770
    Negotiated Price: 41,685
    Money Factor: 0.0013 (still pondering MSDs, but lets assume none for now)
    Residual: 62% for 10K miles per year for 36 months
    Due at signing: $200 Doc Fee + TTL + 1st Payment
    Monthly Payment: Need help here - If I'm doing my math right I should be coming in at $413/mth inc. taxes?

    I really appreciate the help! On top of the monthly payment verification, is there anywhere you feel I could do better? It's getting to be December crunch time, but I'm not sure if I can push the negotiated price down anymore.

    I get $395/mo. If I add in $725 for acquisition fee, then it's $