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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2017 BMW X5 Lease Questions

    Hello - Here is what I was given by the dealer. I am in Texas and the $5500 is a trade in. I can't figure out how they got to the final number. Thank you for any help.

    "Gross Cap" is the selling price + $925 acq.fee + $5 fee
    The "Cap Taxes" is the sales tax. Seems like that should have been added to the "Gross Cap" at that point, but it isn't. Texas charges sales tax on the full selling price, even on a lease.

    The $1112.66 upfront is the first payment + upfront charges $340.25. (doc fee, license fee.. prob inventory tax for the rest of it, but that isn't listed).

    The CAP reduction is the $5500 trade value minus the upfront amount.

    So add the Gross CAP + CAP taxes, then subtract the CAP reduction, resulting in the NET CAP.

    The residual is 58% of MSRP.
    The money factor is .00176, but that is marked up from the .00136 base MF.
    That markup alone is adding $37/mo. to the payment.
    The calculations are correct.

    This model has a $1000 incentive from BMW, so the $3500 discount is not that great.

    Another $1000 off, plus the base money factor and the payment would drop to $704/mo.
    That wouldn't be the best deal ever, but would be fair to both sides, I think.
  • Re: 2017 BMW i3 Lease Questions

    Hello gentlemen,

    I have been getting quotes on a 2017 i3 REX. I haven't been offered the 1000 option allowance, only the 7500 for the tax credit. Is the option allowance still in play?

    I've seen MFs from .00156 to .00176, and residuals of 62 and 61%. What numbers are you guys seeing this month? 36 months, 10k miles/yr.

    .00136 MF and 58% residual for 36/10.
    61% residual would have to be a 30/10 lease.
    $1000 option allowance is still there.

  • Re: 2017 Audi A6 Lease Questions

    I'd like to take advantage of the Audi's European Delivery Program for a 3.0T Premium Plus for 10K/36M. I know that according to Audi's own published document(Link Here) They will offer a discount of 5% off of MSRP. Now my question is are the RV and MF the same as cars in dealer's stock? and is there an additional discount they can offer on top of Audi's offered 5%, considering in-stck cors receive a 6% to 8% discount.Any help is appreciated
    The way I read it, it's an additional discount, and you negotiate from there. But, of course, they don't come right out and make that clear. That's the way BMW's program works. The actual dealer cost on the ED car is less. No experience with Audi ED program to give you actual knowledge.

    Residual will be the same as US cars, and money factor might be.
  • Re: 2016 Chevrolet Suburban Lease Questions

    Hi, Interested in Suburban 2016 LT MSRP 58,240, Net Price of 54,000. What is the MF and Residual for 36/15 in Houston. What other info is relevant and necessary for the calculation of the monthly payment? Thanks
    .00152 MF and 58% residual

    The only other number you need is the adjusted CAP cost. That's the selling price + any additions - any money paid upfront.

    Be ready for Texas sales tax. You pay the 6.25% on the full selling price of the vehicle, even on a lease.
  • Re: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Lease Questions

    Could you please post the MF, residuals, and any incentives on the R-Sport and Prestige for October 36months/10k miles per year? Thanks!
    Assuming gas engine:

    R-Sport: .00015 MF and 54% residual
    Prestige: .00072 MF and 55% residual
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