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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2015 BMW X1 Lease Questions

    Hi, can you confirm the 2016 X1 MF and residual on a 36/10 & 36/12 please?

    Thanks a bunch.
    .00134 MF and 60%/59% residual
  • Re: 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Lease Questions

    Lease a 2015 Sierra Denali 

    MSRP - 59,300
    Agreed amount - $54,540
    aprx $57,000 with taxes and fees 
    Down payment $6650
    Monthly payment = $507 x 39 months @ 12k miles a year

    $1500 cash down 
    $2150 in rebates 
    $3000 trade in allowence

    Do you think is is a good deal? 

    Residual value = $ 33,062
    .00040 MF and 55% residual. $1050 lease cash.
    Can't really reconcile with your numbers, as your residual is not a whole percentage of the MSRP given, so something must be off a little bit..

    But, if the CAP cost is $50,350 ($57000 minus $6650), then I get a payment of $526/mo, which is a little higher than your quote.

    So, if you are happy with the selling price, then the lease numbers are in your favor. Not a bad price for a $59K MSRP truck.
  • Re: 428 vs 435

    I am in a quandary and would like some input. My 2015 428i GC was just totaled in an accident a couple of weeks ago. I planned to order another and was told by the dealer that all of the 2016 428's are exclusively SULEV. I avoided this last time and now feel stuck. They suggested going up to the 435(an add'l $3000). I had plenty of power in my 428 and I'm just not interested in the 435. The other disappointment is they are no longer offering the same rims I had with the luxury package. Should I roll with the SULEV? What do I need to know about SULEV that I haven't found digging on the net? Thx in advance for the input.
    Not an expert, but we've never heard anything negative about SULEV models. Just drive one and see.
  • Re: 2016 Subaru WRX Lease Questions

    Can I get the money factor and residual on 2016 WRX Premium and 2016 Limited for both the 6MT and CVT in zip code 85018?

    36 month/12K miles
    Tier 1 and Tier 2 credit.

    Do options impact the residual? I am looking at the Harmon Kardon + Nav for each?
    Premium. 64% residual. .00160/.00170 MF for stick/auto.

    Limited. .00150 MF and 62% for stick, .00130 MF and 61% for auto.

    Options don't matter, other than trim/transmission.

    Add .00025 to all numbers for Tier 2
  • Re: 2015 BMW X1 Lease Questions

    Hello, are there any incentives for the new 2016s? Is trying to negotiate 15% off MSRP crazy talk?

    Also, is Acquisition Fee and Destination & Handling the same thing? $795 OK?

    No incentives. 15% off seems very unlikely

    Destination fee is part of the MSRP. Acquisition is a lease fee and is $925
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