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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2016 Lexus ES 350 Lease Questions.

    What's generally the savings of the one payment lease vs traditional 36 payments?
    It varies, but in the case above, he is saving about $70/mo.
  • Re: 2016 Mercedes C Class Lease Questions

    Hello All,

    I went to a Mercedes Benz dealer in Houston, TX (August 2016) to shop around for a new lease. I currently have a BMW428i coupe and it is not due till December of this year so Mercedes stated they could add my remaining payments to this lease. I do not want to do this and would rather pay off the balance myself. Also, I do not want to put any money down. Even after letting them know of what I was looking for -__- they went ignored... these are the numbers the sales person provided me with:

    2016 C300 Sedan
    MSRP: 38,950.00
    Market Value: 52,685.00
    Savings: 5,000.00 (dealer discounted $5,000 guessing since it is a 2016 model)
    Accesories: 2,320.00 (I currently have a 428i and my remaining paymets equal to this amount)
    Adj. Sales Price: 50,005.00
    Tax: 3,070.82
    Doc Fee: 150
    Fees: 202.75
    Net Sales Price: 53,428.57

    12K miles / 36 months

    Term: 36 RES: 61.00 Cash Down: 3,000.00 Payment: 701.05

    This does not seem right so I left the dealer. He assured me that I would not find cheaper payment for the most prestigious car brand. So returning there is def out of the question. lol

    Your MSRP cannot be right, given the rest of the numbers.
  • Re: 2016 Nissan Rogue Lease Questions

    Hi Michaell,
    I would like to review the offer i got from NJ Dealer in 07735 for 2016 Rouge SL with premium Package (wine red with tan interior)

    MSRP - 33,645
    Rebates - 1900
    Trade in - 3000
    Selling -30,858
    Residual - 19,177
    Tax (NJ 7%) and Other fees included
    Perks: 1 year oil change and unlimited car wash
    Monthly Payment $250 OTD with no other out of pocket.

    The Trade in is 2006 Nissan Murano 200K KM (124K Miles) with Canadian Registration/Title.

    I feel that either he is showing an inflated Trade in price and adjusting the selling price or he is giving a genuine trade in price without much cost savings on Selling price.

    Based on the discussions in this forum, I feel that with the trade in I should be looking for some where around $200 Per month OTD?

    Are my expectations right or if this deal is good as it is so i can go for it. Please advise.
    .00003 MF and 57% residual for 36/12.

    Is the selling price before the rebates, or including the rebates?
  • Re: 2016 Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience

    This forum has been really helpful!

    I'll be buying an Odyssey from out-of-state today.

    What documents do I need to ensure I receive at the end of transaction?
    I'll be registering the vehicle myself, so does that involve a lot of paperwork?
    A lot of that might depend on your state, and the state you are buying it from. A purchase from a new car dealer should make it a lot easier. If it's an adjacent state, they probably know everything you will need. If it turns out they left something out, also easy to get that fixed.
  • Re: 2016 Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

    Hi @stever , Thanks for the suggestion on trying Cincinnati and Cleveland. I have also sent request to Detroit last night (Have friends there, wouldn't mind having a road trip over :smile: ), and I have already received much better offers compared to what the Columbus dealers have to offer! Sounds like the choices are much better out there :smile:

    One more question if I may. I wonder if the doc fee is negotiable. I know if I take say $200 off the total then it will look like the doc fee was negotiated, but just wondering as most OH quotes I received so far have doc fee listed for $200+.
    Every car dealer in Ohio charges the maximum $250 fee. Since you know that going in, adjust your offer prices for it. (or mentally add it to any offer made by the dealer).

    If you focus on that fee, rather than on the total out the door price, then they have done their job.
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