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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • 2015 Kia Sorento Lease Questions

    EX residuals are 1% higher, but the MF is .00024 higher.. Most likely, an EX and an SX with the same MSRP would have about the same payment.
  • 2015 Kia Sorento Lease Questions

    Just left the Kia dealer in Danbury CT with the following deal: 36 months, 12k miles/year lease on an SX. $0 out of pocket at signing. MSRP $39,245. Selling price of $37,000 (no negotiating was done yet). $1606 of fees rolled in, $2500 in rebates ($1500 rebate from Kia, and $1000 rebate because we're coming from a Q5 - competitor rebate). Adjusted cap cost of $36,701. 55% residual, .00069 lease factor. They are showing me a base payment of $460.10, and a total of $489.32 once tax is included. This is the exact number I get on my own, so I'm not questioning their math. Just wondering if the lease factor is goosed up at all, and if the residual appears accurate? According to True Car, I can theoretically get the selling price closer to $35,500 or so, which would get my payment down in the $411-430 range, which I'd gladly take. Also, the fees they are showing are: $595 acquisition fee, $185 mv fees, $69 lemon law, $499 doc fee. Any of those negotiable? Thanks!
    Kia has two regions for leases, and we only have the information for one region.. The other region could possibly the same (or worse)... Unfortunately, CT is in the other region.

    In the region I have, the 2015 SX AWD is .00047. It is very likely that your MF of .00069 is correct, because Kia dealers that mark up the MF usually go for the full .00040 increase.

    So, it's doubtful that your MF is marked up, I just can't say so with certainty.

    $499 doc fee seems high. But, you'll have better luck getting them to cut the price of the car, to make up for it, than getting them to actually dump the fee.
  • 2014 BMW 3-Series Lease Questions

    Hi - I am evaluating lease-end options for my current 2011 328i, including a roll-over to a comparably-equipped 2014 328i. I was hoping that you could help me evaluate an offer I received today (Sept. 18) in the Seattle area. One of the dealerships here quoted me these numbers for a 36 mo. lease on a 2015 328i:

    MSRP: $41,950
    SELL: $39,981
    DOWN: $0
    MILES: 10k/year
    MF: 0.00120 (with MSDs already applied)
    MONTHLY: $531 (incl. tax)

    Looking at the numbers from others in this forum, I'm pretty sure that's not a good deal. I'd have to negotiate the selling price and the money factor, at a minimum. The sale price is a few hundred better than the Edmunds True Value price, but it still doesn't beat invoice.

    On the MF, am I doing the math correctly to assume they must be starting out at 0.00170, or higher, before applying the MSD reduction?

    My desired configuration would probably require ordering from the factory, so I assume that takes away much of my leverage, though.
    .00129 MF and 63% residual. $500 Innovation Credit.

    You are correct.. they are marking up the MF the maximum amount, before applying the credit for MSDs.. The price could be about $500 less, but not bad..

    Ordering should not hurt your deal on a new model.
  • Details about the CDI number on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Hi, I'm thinking about leasing a 2014 Grand Cherokee. I have a CDI number. I'm pretty sure that having that number locks the local dealer into the selling price of the vehicle and also requires him to give me all rebates and program money that is available. (let me know if you disagree on this). My question is this: is that dealer also "locked" into giving me the best interest rate/money factor or is he allowed at that point to play around with the numbers so he can make money on the deal from the back end, so to speak. Thanks.
    I don't know Chrysler's rules, specifically, but some general observations.

    1) Dealers usually aren't required to participate in the program, or aren't required to offer it on every car.

    2) If they do participate, then your statement is correct.

    3) Financing is usually not part of it, and you'll have to make sure you are getting the lowest rate, just as you would on any other purchase.
  • Lease Numbers for 2014 Ford F-150

    Thanks @kyfdx‌ Think I'm about to pull the trigger on an FX4 Supercrew, 4WD, 5.0L with 402A package, moonroof, nav, & 20" wheels/tires with the following figures:

    1. MSRP: 52085
    2. Sale Price: 41712
    3. Lease #: 60% & 1.75% rate for 36/10.5k
    4. Texas lease with 6.25%
    5. Fees: 852.55
    6. Payment: Quoted as $442.15 (I'm calculating about $1 more for some reason...but I'll take their cheaper quote)
    Look correct?
    Yes.. I get the same number..