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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2016 GMC Acadia Lease Questions

    looking for MF and residual on the following for April 2016 for New Jersey 

    2016 GMC Acadia Denali 39/10 & 39/12
    2016 GMC Acadia SLT-2 39/10 & 39/12

    thank you 
    .00070 MF and 57%/56% residual. $275 lease cash

    Either model
  • Re: 2016 Hyundai Genesis Lease Questions

    Hello everyone,

    I got an "interesting" offer from a local dealer in Michigan, which I could use your help to decipher:

    2016 Genesis Ultimate
    MSRP: $53,370
    Sale price: $40,747

    36/12 lease
    MF: 0.00179 (vs .00046 base)
    Residual: $29,253 (55% - vs 60% base)

    $490/month (w/tax)

    $1,490 due at signing:
    $490 first payment
    $285 license plate
    $15 title fee
    $234 doc and CVR fee
    $405 tax on rebate

    1. If I simply plug all these numbers into my lease calculator, I get a total of $1,631 LESS than the quote, so something's amiss. For instance, I'm guessing the acq. fee has been left out, but that still leaves a $1,000 markup. Any ideas?

    2. I've never seen a dealer mark down the residual, and I'm trying to figure out whether that's an honest mistake, new financing terms, or just plain wrong. Hyundai's main website says 60% residual for my zip code, as of today. What do you think's going on?

    My concern:
    With the inflated (quadrupled) MF, decreased residual and mystery extra $1,631, I end up with a total lease cost that's $7,114 (62%) higher than calculating the total lease cost with the base MF and residual!

    While I understand that this offer is a negotiation baseline, I've never seen such a combo of markups. It makes me question whether I can be bothered to negotiate with this dealer, who might force me to watch out for weird tricks for every step until I sign the contract. I don't have time for too many shenanigans (cue Super Troopers quotes).

    Yet, this is also the only full Genesis quote I've received. I've had a torrid time getting detailed quotes from all of other local Hyundai dealers - no matter how politely I ask.

    I'm increasingly tempted to walk away from Hyundai as an option and stick with my local [other brand] dealer, who always gives me a full breakdown and the base MF without any prompting.

    But first, I figured I'd get you guys' thoughts.
    It's either a 3rd party bank lease.. or, it's a 2015 model.

    My bet is on 2015.
  • Re: 2016 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid

    Hi, what are the residuals/MF on a 2016 Corolla S Plus in Las Vegas, NV for 12/36?

    Thank you
    Don't have NV numbers, but MF should be in the .00018-.00039 range, with 63% residual.

    Most regions have $1000 lease cash from TFS.
  • Re: 2016 Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

    Hi @stever
    The same quote I sent last time..
    Now the dealer says he can do 33,000 OTD.

    does it look good?

    Selling Price 32,995.00
    Discount 3,600.00
    Adjusted Price 29,395.00
    Protection Package 1,595.00
    Total Purchase 30,990.00
    Taxable Fees (Estimated) 100.00
    Trade Allowance
    Trade Difference
    Predelivery Service Fee 699.00
    Tax 1,973.29
    Non Tax Fees 156.50
    Net Price 33,918.79
    Trade Payoff
    Cash Deposit .00
    Balance 33,918.79
    Customer Approval:
    $2300 in garbage/fees.. Wow.
  • Re: 2016 Mercedes GLC Class Lease Questions

    Hi, would really appreciate some help on what appears to be a bad deal on a GLC 300 4matic in Minnesota. Lease is 36months /12k miles

    msrp 48525.00
    selling price 44000.00
    accessories 1050.00 (told this is maintenance fees)
    doc prep 75.00
    license/title 540.00
    other fees 72.75
    acquisition fee 1095.00
    tax on collected items 1679.40 (not sure what this is)
    total cap 48512.15
    down/cash cap reduction 4422.73
    net cap 44089.42

    36 monthly payment 577.27

    due on delivery 5000.00 (1st payment 577.27 + down 4422.73)

    MF 0.00236
    residual 60%
    mn state tax 7.775%

    appreciate any insight on how to lower this as the MF and acquisition fee appear to be really high..

    Thanks in advance!
    MF is marked up from base rate of .00166. 60% residual is correct
    Sales tax in NY (this is NY, right?) is collected upfront.
    Acquisition fee is marked up from the $795 base.
    I would assume the $1050 is for prepaid maintenance (but, I would want to know for sure)

    The money factor markup alone is adding $50/mo. to the payment
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