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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2016 BMW X5 Lease Questions

    Now that you can build a 2016 X5 on the BMW site.

    Is there MF or Residual out yet?
    Not program scheduled to come out Saturday.
  • Re: 2015 Lexus GS 350 Lease Questions

    Question: What are the residual numbers and money factor for the Lexus GS 350 for 36 months/15k miles and 36 months/18 k miles for New Jersey/Pennsylvania area?

    .00060 MF and 58% residual for 15K/yr. $2300 lease cash. Complimentary 1st payment.

    Check with your dealer for 18K/yr. Probably reduces the 15K/yr residual by $0.20/mi. ($1800).
  • Re: 2015 Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid

    @chilehead74 Congrats on the new RAV4!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Luckily my VW store is less than 4 miles from where we live, so stopping by isn't an issue. If it were where the Honda dealer is, then I'd not be real happy as it is out of the way for the majority of trips we take. Luckily, all our dealerships are within a few miles except the Nissan store.
    Must admit that the Hyundai's we've owned have been pretty stellar with the Accent having one warranty issue and my Tucson being almost perfect save for a piece of door trim coming off. Japanese/Korean brands tend to be pretty cheap to keep but the driving experience is pretty boring...I knew after driving the wife's A3 that I wanted that same driving thrill. The first drive of the Golf was so similar that I just knew the Tucson would be gone within the month...and it was. Would I do it again knowing what I know now? Absolutely but I'd have waited for the 2016 model to come out as I really want the usb ports and the android radio that the new models have...consider this a major faux pas on VW's part. Why not put these two things on a new model but wait till the second year of production to add them!! Really pissed off about this as I would've liked both things in my Golf.

    The Sandman :@ B)
    I bet the VW store wishes you lived farther away.. ;)
  • Re: Lease Inquiry for 2015 MAZDA 3

    Thank you guys so much! You have no idea how much it means to me! This is a big deal for me and I have been going back and forth on what to do. I've realize now how much it will really cost to have this car and I can't afford it. Or at least not this trim. Thanks for the down payment advice too. I think I will hold onto it or use to just buy cheap used car so that I don't lose it on a lease. One day though I'll get my dream Mazda! 
    It's always good to have a budget and stick to it.
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