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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • 2014 Toyota 4-Runner Lease Questions

    New member on these forums, thanks in advance for your help.

    I just got quoted the following at my local Toyota dealership:

    Dealership is in TN
    36 months @ 15K/year
    $1,000 cash back
    $7,000 Trade-In Allowance (2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport)
    $21,270 Residual
    Monthly Lease Payment $412

    Seems high to me, but I respectfully submit to other's opinions. This will be my first lease and the process and terms are a bit more complicated than buying. Thanks Again!
    Seems high to me, too.. Amortizing the $7000 trade, your payment is almost $600/mo. for a $36K car.. I would shop around.. 4Runners have great resale. Before I'd lease at that amount, I'd just buy it and with the $7K down, have payments of $600/mo for 60 months.
  • Top 11 Crossovers and SUVs with the Best Highway Fuel Economy for 2014 |

    @jonee said: 'I think I do a bit better with my 5-speed Forester'. This is because over-cautious, kneejerk Subaru drivers never hit the gas pedal.

    Welcome to the forums.. and thanks for promoting negative stereotypes!

  • 2015 Acura MDX Lease Questions

    @soapdish616 said: I would like to lease a 2015 Acura MDX SH-AWD w/ TECH package. MSRP is $49,735. What's the best deal I can get on this? Assume 36 months, 12k and 15k miles numbers ($0 down). Please be sure to share the sell price, money factor and residual value so I can double check the data the dealer gives me.

    Can I get this for something like $540/month + tax? 0 down?

    .00124 or .00154 MF, depending on region. 62%/60% residual for 12K/15K per year.

  • 2015 BMW X5 lease

    @gcook said: is this an ok lease deal? 2015 X5 35i 10k miles/yr is 57% and the Money Factor is at .00170 , $63,425 , $10K down? Credit score is over 800.

    The money factor is marked up the maximum allowed over the base rate of .00130.

    Why put all that money down on a lease?

  • 2015 MB C300 Sport Price Paid

    @lillybeth said: Plano, Texas Premium package and multi-media package. We got 1500.00 off sticker. Sticker 50,250.00

    Congrats on the new Mercedes!