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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Well as you know I am no big fan of BMW reliability history but I always thought their engines were pretty sweet regardless. I guess I'm just a sucker for the 'ol straight 6 of bygone years. It's my favorite config.
    Whaddaya mean, "bygone". Straight six in all three BMWs at my house. ;)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Started in Georgia though. Been around in 14 months.
    Red leather and a stick! I'm okay not being the first guy to put my hands on it..
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Top 5?

    Mostly because they were different or interesting..

    In order of acquisition

    '76 Jeep CJ=5
    '67 BMW 2000CS
    '84 Porsche 911 Targa
    '88 Mazda 323 GTX
    '06 BMW 330Ci ZHP (daily driver for the last 5+ years)

    But, the best car was the '82 Accord hatch.
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Okay.. I feel compelled to trot out my list.

    '70 Ford Galaxie Coupe auto ('76-'76)
    '77 Ford Cobra II stick ('77 - '81) 1st new car
    '76 Jeep CJ-5 stick ('80-'82)
    '82 Honda Accord hatchback stick ('82-'94)
    '67 BMW 2000CS stick ('85-'91)
    '84 Porsche 911 Targa stick ('90-'94) my first car with A/C
    '90 Nissan 240SX hatch auto ('90-'94) It came with the wife.
    '94 Acura Vigor auto ('94-'97)
    '88 Mazda 323 GTX stick ('94-'95)
    '95 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4X4 auto ('95-'98)
    '97 Honda Accord EX auto ('97-'99)
    '98 Honda CR-V EX stick ('98-'02)
    '99 Honda Accord EX auto ('99-'01)
    '01 Honda Accord EX auto ('01-03)
    '02 Honda CR-V EX auto ('02-'08)
    '03 BMW 325i Sport auto ('03-'05) sold to my friend, who still owns it.
    '05 BMW 330i Convertible auto ('05-'08)
    '08 Subaru Impreza stick ('08-'10)
    '08 BMW X3 auto ('08-'11)
    '92 Acura Legend sedan auto ('10-'13) kid's car - in family since new
    '06 BMW 330Ci ZHP stick ('10-present) my current daily driver
    '87 BMW 325iS stick ('11-'13) kid's car
    '11 BMW Z4 auto ('11-'11) had car one month. wife hated it..flipped lease to a friend.
    '11 Infiniti G37XS auto ('11-'14)
    '11 BMW X3 auto ('13-present)
    '95 BMW M3 stick ('14 present) kid's car

    I guess that's 26..

    My daily driver has been a stick for 30 out of the last 40 years.. The other 10 years sucked.

  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    In 40 years, since I bought my first car, I have only had 12 cars that were my daily driver or extra car, just for me. Seems like it should be more than that.

    But, my 22 year old is on car #3 (I paid for all of those), and my wife is on car #10, just since we got married in 1993.

    So, that's 25 total in 40 years. I found it was a lot easier to justify a big payment to my wife, if the car was "hers".

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