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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I could live with a base Cayman, I think...

    Last week, bought a set of winter tires/wheels from a guy who had sold his E46 BMW.. Long-time Porsche guy.. Had the BMW because his Porsche was a 911 GT3 RS , which is basically a track car.. Sold both of them and got a brand-new Cayman S.. But, with PDK transmission. I'll cut him some slack, because he is in his '70s and his wife is tired of driving a stick. Plus, he is a founding member of the local PCA chapter and chief track instructor.

    Oh yeah... the family sedan? Audi S6 with the V-10 engine. I felt like a little boy.. :p
  • Road Trip!

    Is the telephone at the top of that pole, Oliver?
  • Publicly Owned Mega Dealerships

    In a tight economy, some dealer is always going to jump ship and sell cheaper...."half the loaf is better than none at all". Americans will drive 100 miles for a taco---you think they won't drive that for $500 off on a new car? I bet they will.

    I have to say.. 18 miles is about my limit for a taco... and, then it better be sensational. :o
  • 2014 Infiniti QX70 Lease Questions

    Am I crazy or is that 2014 money factor very low??

    Yes... very low (you might be crazy, too, but I'm not a psychiatrist).
  • Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I've sent him 2 messages now. 1 through ebay and 1 straight from my personal box to his (well, actually, it seems he has 2 emails, which might be part of the problem).

    Not everyone sets on top of their mailbox, watching it like a hawk. Believe it or not, there are still people in this world who don't forward their emails to their smartphone so they can check emails while in the restroom (or whatever)! ;)

    What's a smartphone? ;)