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Mini Cooper S; parts of other cars
  • Help! What classic car is this grill from?

    Yes it is a 1938 Graham. I can't tell the exact series because I can't see the entire car.

  • Which year of the VW Jetta TDI is the best?

    The best TDI, and for that matter, all used German cars, are ones with warranty left on them. Not because they aren't good cars, but because they are expensive to repair.

    If you won't want to, or don't have the time to be proactive with a used German car out of warranty, or you can't connect with a reliable independent repair shop, or do some DIY yourself, then don't buy a German car out of warranty.

  • Is Tesla A Game Changer?


    Okay, I'm just back from a good long 45 minute road test of the Tesla S and here's what happened:

    Styling Exterior-- I liked the styling very much "in person". For a large, heavy car it does a nice job of disguising its size and weight. There are no jarring lines or kitschy details.

    Styling Interior -- nice choice of fabrics or leathers and trim. Not a warm and friendly place though--maybe if you choose the wood grain trim option, you'd feel a bit more cozy. It feels like I'm sitting in an iPhone. Speaking of seats---

    Comfort -- seats are TOO HARD, especially in back. Punishing. And the rear floor is very high in relation to the seat level, so that tall people sit "knees up". I would not be a big fan of this car if I were relegated to the rear seat. Front seats are better, but the windshield is too narrow top to bottom. One gets the feeling that if the road suddenly started to rise, you'd lose the sky completely (probably not but one does get the "tank slit" impression now and then).

    Accessories -- you'd kind of expect more for your money. There's a giant NAV and DIC screen, but the NAV doesn't give you directions unless you buy the $3700 additional "tech package". So for $85,000, you don't get turn by turn directions or voice command. Say what?! Also no driver assist such as lane avoidance or collision avoidance, even if you option all the way up to the $130,000 maximum Tesla. There's also no SAT radio. They did build in Slacker and there's a 3G system. Very nice driver interface and good ergonomics all in all.

    Performance -- acceleration is awesome. Feels like 400+ HP, Crazy fast car for its size. Crisp turn in, flat cornering, but you can certainly tell the car wants to go straight in a turn. This isn't a sports sedan.

    Driving -- easy to drive but the regenerative braking takes some getting used to. It takes a little while to become smooth driving the car. Realistic range in normal driving? I'd say 250 miles max. Push it hard and it's down from there.

    Shifty's Verdict -- an impressive bit of engineering but conventional luxury cars are already surpassing it in features, and probably for less money.

    it's time for Tesla to up its game.

  • Air Intake questions. 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix.

    It depends on how well it is designed as to whether it will have any benefit or not--it also depends on how your old air box was designed. So there's no sure answer here, except in general terms:

    It might or might not throw a check engine light, but most don't.

    The HP gain will be very little, and most of that at WOT (Wide Open Throttle). A great deal depends on where this device is sucking air from. If the air filter intake does not extend to the outermost part of the grille then you aren't getting cold air---so an air filter element inside the engine bay with no intake runner to outside cool air isn't going to do much of anything except make noise. And if you live in a very warm climate, ditto.

    You have to look at your engine as one long tube. If you open just one end, and neglect the middle and back end, you aren't going to change very much.

    Some CAI do show positive dyno results---that's the only way to measure it for certain, despite any manufacturer claims.

    I don't see why you can't return an item that is still boxed up? Maybe you need to start yelling at someone?

  • 2013-'14 Honda CR-Z Gets Dealer-Installed HPD Supercharger Kit |

    This is one of those cases where, if anyone asked me about it, I'd say: "Look, if you want a faster car, sell this and go buy a faster car". With 197HP you aren't going to be Top Gun anyway.