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  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    The administrative legwork to dodge the $2600 is probably costing more than $2600. It's pennies for them, but large corps are often thoughtless in such matters, especially the financial sector.
    After many years dealing with insurance companies, all I can say is "don't take it personally". They really don't CARE if you win (they don't get all hang-dog and weep softly at their desks) and ironically they don't even care if THEY win (they don't fist-pump or high five behind your back).

    All insurance companies care about is the bottom line at the end of the year. Black ink, good. Red ink, bad.
  • Re: Buying American Cars What Does It Mean?

    I think those that are left behind just didn't see it coming---that between robots and the need for further job education, they got blindsided. I completely sympathize with their situation BTW, but one has to face facts and deal with them rationally. Many folks hate "change" and they don't want to change. But other generations have done it. Horse and buggy people went into automobiles, housewives went into industrial work, poor immigrants went to high school and college.
  • Re: Real-World Trade-In Values

    I don't know how cashier's checks got a reputation for being airtight, but they ain't!
  • Re: 06 pontiac torrent issues

    Sounds like your AC system is freezing up. You should have the HVAC system scanned for trouble codes first thing. You might have a bad sensor, a faulty switch, overcharging of the refrigerant---hard to say more at this point.
  • Re: CARMAX or dealership

    That's a good question and I'm sure you'll get a variety of answers based on individual experiences. I think if you want the easiest way out, then CARMAX is not a bad solution, but if you're the type that likes to haggle, you'll probably....probably...get a better deal at the dealer, even if it takes a few weeks off your lifespan.

    Aside from no-haggle being attractive to some people, they also offer a 5-day return policy for a full return. Try THAT at a dealer!

    On the dealer's side, they offer CPO cars as part of the deal, while with CARMAX if you want any kind of extended warranty, you'll have to pay extra.

    I think choosing between dealer and CARMAX also depends on the type of car you want. The new car dealer is likely to have a much deeper inventory of the brand of car you're looking for. CARMAX can locate a car for you and have it shipped to your branch, however, and if you don't like it, you can walk away from the deal.

    So, to summarize, CARMAX for ease of purchase and refund policy and probably better "disclosure" of the car's history. DEALER for possibly better price, better selection and better warranty options.

    As for trade-ins, that seems to be a jump ball, and you should get quotes for your trade from both parties.

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