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Mini Cooper S; parts of other cars
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    If it were me, I wouldn't waste time chasing holdback money. I'd just set my ideal price and hammer away and not get distracted by all the rest.
  • Re: Real-World Trade-In Values

    Neighbor of mine has a 1996 Lexus SC300, 37,000 original miles, immaculate car. SF Bay Area. I thought if he was patient he might get $7500 for it. Ideas?
  • Re: Tow Hitch

    THIS PLACE seems to have what you need. You might give them a call and explain what you're trying to accomplish.

    As for towing a motorcycle, keep in mind that max tow weight is 1000 lbs, which includes both the bike and the trailer and any cargo or passengers in the car. So if you have one passenger, a small trailer and a Harley, you're pushing the limit right there.

  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    We can build him a Hellcat beater for less $$$. Check out this month's issue of Hotrod magazine.
  • Re: A Mechanic's Life - Tales From Under the Hood

    What we need is a European -style apprentice program, but geared toward American needs and culture.

    For instance, if parents are going to fork over $30K to $60K a year for a kid's college education, but this kid is really into Porsches and Ferraris, why not pay an independent Porsche facility to educate him instead?

    This system relieves the shop of having to support a non-productive newbie for a while (the rule being that an untrained person at a repair shop costs the shop money for the first 6 months, then "breaks even" the next 6, and finally starts making the shop some money after that).

    It also relieves the apprentice of having to work at the shop after his training and can also pay for his tools. Part of the apprenticeship would be in business management, so that the newbie will have a better chance of success once he's on his own.

    This program would be for young people who really want to go to the top of their game, and carve themselves a reputation perhaps in auto sports, aftermarket product development, restoration work, or even sales.
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