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Mini Cooper S; Dodge Dakota 4X4
  • Re: Is Tesla A Game Changer?

    Good! Purrs like a mashed cat!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    It is a lot of money for an example with high miles and cosmetic damage. You'd really have to want one to pay this kind of money. I can't find a price guide that puts it over $3500 or so.
    The ad itself speaks of some "normal" dings and dents, but are you seeing something more from the pics?

    There's another example on eBay that only has 86k miles, but you'd never guess it from the pictures (rips in the drivers seat, noticeable dings and dents, etc.). I'd gladly take twice the miles if it was properly taken care of.
    No I didn't actually. I can see that it's had a very vigorous detailing, kind of lathered in armor-all or some such.

    It's possible I'm not in the loop on this trend, but I'm not aware of any serious pressure in the market driving the price of this particular car upwards. My impression is that this car falls into the same realm as those old Mercedes 300 diesels. Yeah, they can bring decent money if they are super nice, but on the other hand, prices are pretty stable because everyone who wanted one, now pretty much has one.

    I think the buyers for these modest Japanese "classic" cars are only willing to go so far--once it hits a certain ceiling, that's it. (notable exceptions---certain Supras, Toyota FJ40, NSX, '93 Mazda Twin Turbo, etc.

    On the other hand, there are 79 "watchers" on the car, so there may be other brelds drooling over this.

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    They are actually pretty good cars, and useful. You'll probably run 0-60 in about 9 seconds, so bring a magazine to read on highway on ramps.
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    And if you wanted to get in touch with your bad self--you could even order the new 250 cid 6 cylinder!
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    "He also mentioned that they looked at Maseratis and the sales guy and service manager both said that the Masers had rock-solid reliability."

    That's not a lie. Many Maseratis are very good at imitating rocks. B)
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