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Mini Cooper S; parts of other cars
  • Mystery car pix

    Sorry Graham, no bunny.

    These are actually so rare in their GMC form, that it's hard to find an actual photo of one. I actually know of a real one near me, so maybe I'll post a picture of it later.

    When you're all ready to surrender, let me know.....maybe this will motivate you....

    I haven't a clue what the model name is but I'm pretty sure the photo is of a scale model (1/24? 1`/18?).

  • Mystery car pix

    OK--in order to get the coveted Chocolate Bunny you have to tell me not only the make, (well duh) but the actual name of the truck as it was marketed.

    Hint: This is a USA model truck.

    Hint @2: The actual name of the truck is (make + two other words) and one of those other words isn't "pickup" or "truck". :)

    And none of that "search google for this image" nonsense. Spyware is monitoring your every keystroke.

  • Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    The trick to driving in California is, IMO, to NEVER be indecisive. Whatever you plan to do---do it! There's the quick and the dead, that's it. Alternatively you can hang in the right lane with the truckers, most of whom know what they're doing (let us pray).

    I survive using quick acceleration to do everything. Get it done and get out of there. I have no time or inclination to punish stupid drivers. LL parker? ZOOM. I'm around you and outta there.

    I find that "planning ahead" constantly is a great way to deal with CA traffic. Having a small fast car is very handy for me. If I waited politely to be allowed to move over 3 lanes to an exit, I'd still be out there heading to Mexico.

    Coupled with the crumbling infrastructure of the nation's highways, a day on the freeway can be a pretty wild ride. Lane changing at 75 mph between two huge SUVs while going over potholes and trying to hole shoot an exit---no wonder 5 pm is cocktail hour at the Shiftright manor.

    Oh, man...

    Just got back from a short trip to Los Angeles and got reminded of just how terrifying the freeway are down there. I guess I used to drive like that myself but, seriously I don't think I could venture out on an L.A. freeway today.

    Took super shuttle from LAX to San Pedro and was a nervous wreck when I got to the hotel. Tailgating at 75 MPH, constant lane changing, nearing running into the back of a semi and watching people merge with two feet of clearance.

    The shuttle ride back was even worse. A motorcycle going at least 80 MPH passed us by lane splitting with inches of clearance. I watched the motorcycle zig zag through cars and large trucks. I was so happy to get to the airport!

    Maybe I'm just getting old?

    Between December 2009 and November 2013, I made 23 trips to Los Angeles (staying for 7-12 days each trip). My cousin (and best friend) was battling Inflammatory Breast Cancer (the most rare and aggressive form) and she has three adopted kids with various behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Between multiple rounds of chemo and radiation in addition to SEVEN different surgeries, she needed all the help she could get. She lives in Woodland Hills, which is on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains adjacent to the San Fernando Valley.

    Her kids attend two different schools and all three play multiple sports, so there was at least one practice or game (usually two or even three simultaneously) every evening. My primary function was driving the kids to/from school, friends houses and extracurricular events and I spent four to six (or even more) hours driving every day!

    I've lived in Atlanta all of my life, so I am very comfortable driving in traffic and dealing with gridlock. In my 24 years of driving, I've even managed to survive Atlanta traffic with only manual-transmission vehicles (never owned an automatic....yet). I've also driven numerous times in D.C., Chicago and even in a few European cities. So I am a fairly seasoned city driver and I usually have little trouble finding my way around major cities with heavy traffic. But NOTHING can quite prepare you for driving in Los Angeles!!!

    The first time I went out in 2009, I arrived three days prior to my cousin starting chemo. She wanted to spend at least a day or two showing me how to get the kids' schools (two different ones, located about 10 miles apart) and where their various sporting events and practices would be. Several of the places I would be driving involved getting on "the 101" and (far worse) "the 405"!

    I think she was impressed with how well I handled driving bumper-to-bumper at 80+mph with the countless other cars. But I made my first mistake within 30 seconds of getting on the 101. As I worked my way over to the faster-moving left lanes, I signaled my lane change just like I would at home or anywhere else. Apparently, in Southern California, use of a turn signal to merge or change lanes (or turn, for that matter) incites aggressive behavior from all surrounding drivers! Anyone in the lane that I was trying to move into would rapidly accelerate at the first flash of a signal indicating that I was planning to get in 'their' lane!

    Luckily, my cousin has a Lexus GX470 SUV so it's larger (especially taller) than most other cars on the road. So I quickly learned not to signal until I was already half way into the lane I wanted to be in then they would back off because I was bigger than them! And it was also great at forcing all of those slow-moving Prii (plural for Prius) out of the left-most lane! I fully expected to pull back into the driveway one day only to find a Prius stuck to the grille...but it never happened. Other than the sheer size of the GX, the 4.7L V8 had enough power to accelerate much quicker than most other drivers would expect. So if I saw a gap in traffic that I wanted to squeeze into, I could floor it then bully my way into the opening.

    So now I drive like almost everyone else in L.A. The only issue I have is re-programming myself when I get back home to Atlanta. For the first few days after each trip, I tend to drive more aggressively than usual without realizing it.....
  • Subaru Crew - Meet The Members II

    Another senseless tree attack. What are they trying to prove?
    More Pictures of the Mustang. The 'incident' that got me a new paint job. That was the original paint and all the original metal. No dents ... no scratches ... no rust ... and only one door ding!

  • Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    You haven't experienced NM summer heat yet. You'd fry in that little german skillet. :)
    Funny. That would probably work pretty well here. Little rain, and since it's cooled down some, I'm seeing more convertibles than I did six weeks ago.