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Mini Cooper S; parts of other cars
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em"

    "For Sale. Mercedes 300TD wagon. Converted to run on wood. These cars can easily go 900,000 miles. Needs bodywork, upholstery, tires, brakes, exhaust, tune up, AC recharged. Radio doesn't work. Windshield cracked but not in driver's view. Some chrome pieces missing. Minor rust in floors and trunk but I have a new floor from another car ready to install. Transmission slips but only when cold. No smog test needed! Won't last long at this price. $12,500 or best offer."
  • Re: Mystery car pix

    What an odd duck! Check out those sparrow nests over the headlights, and the death ray ports on the windshield header---and the C pillar---oh, my! And that big "M" in the grille, as if you needed a reminder? Friends don't let friends Drink and Design!
  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    In Oregon I've noticed also that they employ invisible stop signs at almost every intersection. This invisible sign overrides even a green light, as well as re-inforces intersections where there are visible stop signs to the right and left. They are highly effective in created an "accordian" traffic pattern.
  • Re: Mystery car pix

    Sorry Graham, no bunny.

    These are actually so rare in their GMC form, that it's hard to find an actual photo of one. I actually know of a real one near me, so maybe I'll post a picture of it later.

    When you're all ready to surrender, let me know.....maybe this will motivate you....

    I haven't a clue what the model name is but I'm pretty sure the photo is of a scale model (1/24? 1`/18?).

  • Re: Mystery car pix

    OK--in order to get the coveted Chocolate Bunny you have to tell me not only the make, (well duh) but the actual name of the truck as it was marketed.

    Hint: This is a USA model truck.

    Hint @2: The actual name of the truck is (make + two other words) and one of those other words isn't "pickup" or "truck". :)

    And none of that "search google for this image" nonsense. Spyware is monitoring your every keystroke.