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  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I think Steve's right. Most of that shale oil could be going to Asia. Oil companies have no national loyalties. They are beyond the rules of national sovereignty. If Asia will pay more for fuel than we will, it'll go there. My feeling is that all our natural resources are the birthright of the population and we should have a say in where it goes.
  • Re: Do I still have to pay my parking tickets if I sell my car?

    That's true, you could leave town and MAYBE beat those tickets---but I've heard some states have reciprocity agreements about these things.

    Yeah, parking tickets make me sick when I get them, too, but it only gets worse when you ignore them. I have fought them sometimes, though, and once I beat a ticket entirely and another time I got a reduced fine. So if there's even a sliver of an argument, it's worth a shot. At least it FEELS better than just lying down and taking it.

    The one I beat was for parking too long in a 2 hour zone. I actually moved the car before the 2 hours but kept it on the same street. The law says that you have to move it at least one block away. My argument was well why isn't that on the sign with the two hour warning? The referee or judge or whatever she was said "well, okay, just this once".
  • Re: Engine over revs and blinkers don't work (sometimes). Help! Olds Alero.

    No matter if you just changed it--if the battery light is still on, you have a charging problem, and if the alternator or battery isn't functioning well enough to provide proper voltages to the car's electrical system (hopefully somewhere around 13.8 to 14. 2 V), then your car's modules are going to go nuts.

    So back to square one here, and have someone at least put a voltmeter on the battery terminals while you rev the engine, and see what it reads.
  • Re: Mystery car pix

    Well it's "European" and the Chrysler is "American" and it shows, you're right about that. If anything is on the Chrysler's side, it's that it is certainly built better. And yes, there are only a handful of these lovely Masers around and rarity counts in this case, for a lot. I would guess these Masers are now fetching....what....1/2 mil to 750K? I haven't checked lately.

    Still for a fraction of the price, you will get no fewer eyeballs on you in this '55 Imperial than you would in the Maserati, at least from the general public.

    Driving? Well, the Maserati would be a lot more thrilling, but a '55 Chrysler is a nicer ride than one might suppose. There's just nothing sporty about it.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Arguing about a Tesla S's "economy" is pointless. You have a cap cost of over $100,000 dollars for gawd's sake. You'd have to drive to Neptune and back to pay that off.

    Put yourself in a perfectly nice VW TDI (hardly a vehicle relegated to the "dirt poor") and you are $75,000 ahead at the starting gate.

    Ain't no Tesla ever gonna catch *that* Rabbit.

    And secondly, at least gasoline companies compete with each other. Your utility company? Monopoly.

    As the late great Lenny Bruce used to say about the telephone company monopolies (back when they really were monopolies), "oh, you don't want to buy phone service from us? Fine, here's two dixie cups and some string".