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Mini Cooper S; parts of other cars
  • Buying my first car ever, need your advice

    Toyota Corolla or Camry, 1996-2002 ballpark years should work for you, although "fun" isn't in the equation unless you are doing something ELSE in the car as well :)

    You can buy these very reliable cars in quite decent shape (but higher miles of course) in the $2500 range.
  • Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    RE: Cadillac. The Cadillac debacle in the 1980s was pretty bad. I think the name is permanently scarred, like Comcast. The brand name is somehow radioactive. Some evidence for this is how well GM brands can do in China, where nobody knows the past history. The cars can succeed or fail on their own merits. But here in the USA, everyone who ever owned one during the Dark Days will have to die first, but even in their dotage, they influence their children and younger relatives.

    Even Jaguar and Rolls Royce, which put out some gawd-awful cars in the 1980s, didn't willfully self-destruct as badly as Cadillac. It's a sad story, really.

    That's why I was suggesting an autonomous new brand name for Cadillac. I know that Maybach failed, but Lexus sure didn't. I wonder of the old LaSalle name has any legs? Too old-fashioned probably. People like clean, techy names now, with no actual association to a real thing.
  • Nissan Maxima rough idle

    have you checked for a vacuum leak somewhere? On a car this old, vacuum lines can crack and/or come loose.

    Your idle speed can actually be adjusted on this car.

    Also the Idle Air Control Valve is suspect, as is the EGR system

    Perhaps a computer scan (onboard diagnostic test) would give you some hints as to where to look next.
  • 2000 Saturn SL2 Transmission Trouble

    hard to say from this distance, but no reverse when warm is somewhat typical of a high mileage Saturn with a defective valve body in the transmission. So you may not need a complete overhaul but you may need someone to get in there and examine things.
  • United Automobile Workers of America (UAW)

    Looks like the State of Nevada has out-porked even the UAW. Each job that *may* be created by Tesla will cost the Nevada taxpayer $78,000 per job in tax breaks. These jobs may not be new jobs either, but more likely jobs that move from one state to another. Oh, and Tesla doesn't pay school taxes either.

    Seems like the american taxpayer gets to choose who extorts them---corporations or unions.