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  • Re: Mystery car pix

    That's just like a normal day in any Italian city!
    On Sept. 3 1967 Sweden went from driving on the left to driving on the right and it got a little crazy>

    Lots of interesting iron in this pic including some Yank tanks.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Actually the American-born children of immigrants speak very fluent English as a rule and speak their "native" language rather badly. After all, who wants to talk to their parents? B)
  • Re: 1st Time Selling Car. How should various minor issues affect pricing?

    I think in this price range that most (reasonable) people do not expect a perfect car. These "issues" may bother person A but mean nothing to person B. It's up to the buyer to fiddle with everything and try it out---radio, AC, wipers, etc. You are selling a car "as is"---of course, answer their questions but don't belabor it. If you start reciting a laundry list of these small defects before they've even driven the car, that could be discouraging. It's better to respond to their little disappointments with an incremental drop in price. So start off asking a bit more than you'd like to have.

    "I like the car but the AC doesn't work"

    "OK, I'll knock off the price of a service---$200"

    things like new wiper blades and a radio knob and the remote key---they can deal with that. You aren't building them a brand new car.

    Besides if the car is going to live in San Francisco and be parked on the street, it's going to be subjected to further torment anyway. :)

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Once again Charlie Brown goes to kick the football and once again Lucy moves it at the last minute.
    Message to GG!

    So, the dealer isn't asking for their XTS back? Are they expecting you to come in one day and pick up your car? Have they stopped working on it?

    I took my car in yesterday for a complimentary wash, inside and out. When I picked it up last November I found they hadn't loaded the GPS. My sales guy said he would come to the house to do it. I said I was driving by their place the next day so I would just come in. He gave me the gift certificate for driving down there.

    After I got the car home I noticed a chip in the plastic bumper - once I got home. I don't think it was there before the wash, but, no proof either way. I took it in and they said it would be pretty well impossible they did it. I don't think it was hit or it would cover a larger area, about 3/4 in X 1/4 inch, black spot on a white bumper.

    It is pretty low to the ground so it was probably a stone chip. They sold me touch up paint for $28 and then they put it on....looks pretty good.

    It would have been nice if the dealer covered it, but, that would have been asking too much....I can't say who caused the damage. But, I was treated like a full wash and always courteous service. Made me think about GGs experience - it's like the opposite.

    Audi too....only look at how they can get out of doing anything that might cost them a few $$$s

    Driver....They haven't said a word about giving the XTS back. That's quite different than their response earlier this year. Nothing new to report. Waiting on parts. This is the 5th straight week it's been in their service dept. Lawyer that it would be a pretty easy case. He said going further would cost more than just a few hundred dollars. However, he feels I have a very good case for a buy back.

    So, I have to decide to float a $1,500 retainer to the lawyer in the hopes he'll recoup those fees for me. Or, go it through the BBB in the belief they stick to the local Lemon Law rules (which in my case, Cadillac has broken many).

    Mike...hope you and your son have fun. You both deserve some.

    Lots of health issues flying around here. Went for an eye exam this a.m. because it seems I was seeing shadows out of the corner of my left eye that weren't there. Turns out, I have a detached retina. I guess it's bad enough that they wanted me to have surgery before I left their office. But, since I had eaten a power bar for breakfast and some coffee, I couldn't because of the anesthesia. So, first thing tomorrow morning it is. What a way to get Labor Day weekend started......
  • Re: Project Cars--You Get to Vote on "Hold 'em or Fold 'em" says "John" Voight on the registration.....:)

    Extra value for movie status? Well, it had better be one famous actor and one famous movie and one big fat part for the car. I remember one auction where they were hawking a car that Amy Grant sat in for one minute in some bomb of a movie. I don't think anyone cared.
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