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  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Interesting takes on the Subaru Crosstrek.

    Lackluster acceleration; CVT produces tiresome engine noise; substandard sound systems; hybrid model doesn't justify added cost.

    And whether you're driving around town or on the highway, there's no hiding the fact that the CVT's top priority is to minimize fuel consumption. The downside is that acceleration is adequate at best, and you'll need to plan ahead for passing and merging. We've also found that the CVT's hair-trigger responses to gas pedal inputs can increase engine speed unnecessarily and exacerbate noise from under the hood.

    Call me "old school" but none of the following individual items would induce me to buy the "NEW" model, let alone pay extra for the items, options/packages.

    standard with a rearview camera and a 6.2-inch touchscreen with smartphone-app integration. A 7-inch touchscreen is available, as is Subaru's EyeSight safety package with adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning and a forward collision mitigation system with automatic braking. Keyless entry and ignition is newly available on the Limited trim.

    Funny, the 15 GOLF Sport Wagon TDI's MSRP's are CHEAPER ? !
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    ULSD 2.99, RUG $2.97, MG $3.07, PUG $3.17 local.

    For the mileage you do, 1 to 5 year old vehicles makes even more sense that the NEW examples you cite. Indeed, both the diesels depreciation AND the premium (self admitted..."The $3k premium is still the issue") do precipitously drop off.

    ANY car should be able to do 100,000 miles. In your case, 16.67 years is a no brainer. Good reason to keep an 2003 TDI. A car approaches more of a convenience item. I bet if you think it through, you can do without a car ! ? OR have as little $$'s in a car as possible. I mean really, 500 miles a month: HEAVY per mile FIXED costs! ? So for example, $1200 insurance per year = .20 cents per mile driven. My .087 cents per mile driven diesel ($2.99/34.5 mpg) pales in comparison.

    Now if you HATE DIESELS, add up all the excuses and they absolutely makes no sense at all ! It makes sense to me ! Why go EV @ all? Even used, the acquisition costs are @ least 2x to 3x a gasser? I saw a 40k EV @ Costco that seemed the equivalent of a 13k Civic ! To switch due to lower fuel/electrical prices? It is almost nonsensical, especially in your case.

    You want to pay more per mile driven fuel ? ( truly ,given your posts, that is a consistent theme) I am totally fine with your decision. Indeed the 95% + using gassers are also on board. On the 03 Jetta TDI, (your $2.60 per gal ) that is $218./$312. per year.

    New 15 car sales are projected to beat last year's 14 sales @ 16.5 M . So why go new? Last years' USED car sales were estimated to be 44 M. I'd say play in the majority of gassers area and in the much heavier volume arena: used.

    We have one gasser going on 21 years old. My short term goal is 30 years old. By then, we would have had 360 payments of ZERO $ per month ;) B) There is also robust enthusiasts' market for it. I am projecting the same for the (DIESEL) 2003 Jetta TDI. @ my current consumption rate it will post 467,500 miles. To give a low estimate: depreciation = .0385 cents per mile driven (MINUS residual value, aka SOLD for $ @ the 30 year mark/ mileage= cents per mile driven- minus)
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    AUTOS 4/06/2015 @ 4:00AM 8,552 views
    Volkswagen Group: Struggling in the U.S., Succeeding Everywhere Else

    This does NOT jump out in front of one, or hit between the eyes like a 2x4, but it might be easy to infer why this decrease in VW US market sales benefits both consumers and VW's DIESEL side.

    (aka- BUYERS market)
  • Re: Mercedes-Benz GLK technical problem

    14 MB GLK 250 BT with app 17,000 miles here. So far, no issues. The last tank full posted 34.5 mpg. While I will not replace with so called "run flats," they are wearing well. I particularly like how the diesel GLK performs UPGRADE in the mountains (app 7,400 ft). On the downgrade, It has posted as high as 49.8 mpg.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    This is an interesting "Corn" Modern Mavels factoid. It takes 1 gal of gasoline to make 1.5 gal of ethanol.
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