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  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    To answer the question raised by this thread's title, all it took was Diesel dropping to below regular unleaded gasoline per gallon in price in CA to make us pull the trigger on a TDI.
    BUT, more importantly, there are @ least 2 more ratio kickers in diesel's favor!

    The same is absolutely true for like model MB's GLK's :

    350: 22 mpg, PUG $2.89

    250 BT: 36 mpg, ULSD $2.63 .

    /18,000 miles per year =

    818 gal PUG

    500 gal ULSD

    = 318 gal (63.6%) MORE (PU) GAS use!

    @ above local prices = $2,364 - $1,315 = $ 1,049

    gas is 79.8% more $$'s to go the SAME miles .

    Third: People also have a very hard time understanding the barrel of oil (42 gals) refining ratio: 19 gals gasoline / 13 gals ULSD. It's really quite simple,. IF one wants to refine LESS oil, one has to have higher percentages of diesel's passenger vehicle fleet!

    Fourth: diesel fuels can (simply) get a divorce from that barrel of oil refining ratio. For diesel you don't necessarily have to drill for oil!!!

    Just so happens here is a clarion call article for: a RAMPAGE of ... DRILLING!

    To wit, it is not only far easier to produce ULSD, there are far more raw/ finished product supply streams than gasoline!!

    Through a very interesting quirkiness (which most people do not understand) are that E 85, E 15, E 10 are NOT fungible. To beat another dead horse, the $$'s costs are way higher that they have to be!!

    Get the big rigs, garbage trucks, transit buses & on to abundant natural gas & 73% of the problem goes away!
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I think in very many ways that's too bad. VW has been the only OEM that I've ever dealt with that has ever stood as solidly behind its products (diesels in this example). Believe it or not, they make better products!.

    So over the years, none have been even close: Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Ford. Again this has been my anectotal experiences.

    On the 2009 Jetta TDI, the est cpmd depreciation/ownership = 3.338 cents. for 140,000 miles.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Ugh; made in China, is it? That doesn't sound promising, but we'll see when the time comes.
    That was my take also.BUT.......

    My dad (when he was alive) was a US GM fan; specifically Pontiac. I learned to drive on his 1960 V8 Pontiac Catalina. He got a Corvair as a knock around car. We measured distance in quarts of oil consumed. He was not a German or Japanese OEM fan. He was not amused when I bought my first car, a used 1970 Beetle.(10,500 miles) He joke once that the VW was Hitler's revenge. He was a World War II Navy veteran. He saw Pacific theater action.

    But then on the other hand, he was not amused with the decline & demise of (Pontiac) American cars quality.

    He watched me drive that VW all over CA. He was so concerned about possible VW break down, that he had me fly to Denver, Co (my first job assignment) he then later drove the VW to Denver, Colorado. He wasn't real impressed with the VW's power over 1,3000 miles. But I actually bought it for the mpg (@34 miles, poor student mentality) He was very dissatisfied with the Pontiac my mom drove with him to Denver, Co. and he drove on the return trip. After about four months, driving all around Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Utah,etc. (6,00 miles) I took the 1970 VW the rest of the way (1,750 miles) to upstate New York.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    The Eco Cons double standards have been,is, remains the a central issue! It's true for solar, In this article documents wind . How many winter turbines do you see in any city ? It has been true for diesel.

    ..."The environmental left has been unrelenting in its insistence that the federal government, states and academia exhaustively scrutinize all possible health risks from traditional energy extraction and generation. But when it comes to green energy, they don’t want the same standard of scientific inquiry."...
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    It very well might also be a bump in the " diesel" road. I was "heartened", if that is the appropriate word by the latest Wells Fargo Bank experiences. More to the diesel point, the GM, Ford, Chrysler, other OEM's TDI entries.

    I know that this site & our hosts are particularly sensitive to political discussions. I'm fine with that, in isolation. But one has to really have a Pollyanna or Sergeant Schultz view of the world, if one does not see (let along act like) politics drives EVERYTHING! Now this should NOT be!! In the very worst case we should at least have the illusion that it doesn't :D

    One relevant example, the revelation that US regulators want to leave VW Corpoate in a very very weakened financial position, for a relatively small (but diesel) infraction, where much GREATER & worse systemic (gasser) US infractions by notably GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota are barely given a wink or a nod.

    This is also beyond my pay grade, as VW's US yearly sales market share is between 2 to 2.5%. Also, if 20% of the VW's US yearly sales are diesels, that puts the gasser US market share percentage at less than 1.6 to 2%. With the majority of VW's being gassers & small gasser cars @ that, VW has a very small US market yearly sales footprint to begin with.

    The % of affected US market share TDI (475,000) units versus the PVF diesel (3.45%) percentage and also total 2014 passenger vehicle (.001729%) percentage demonstrate overwhelmingly anti PVF (VW) diesel bias.
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