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  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Congradulations are in order to the new grandparents !

    I am alo glad that Gagrice had a good trip up yonder in the Pacific Northwest ! Sounds like you and the Mrs. are enjoying the Touareg.

    Filled @ a Chevron in Irvine, CA for $3.39 with Vons .20 per gal discount for 15.9 gal, 529 miles.

    Interstate 5 was done about the speeds mentioned by Gagrice. We ran the slow lane (50 miles or more of 183 miles leg, 80-90 mph) with a CHP in the fast lane that we could not keep pace with. We finally past him when he decided to head back the opposite way on patrol. The altitude was app 4200 ft later @ the grapevine. The normal rolling parking lot was the LA area traffic. Weather was gorgeous !
  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    yes ruking1 - there is no real hope in USA for a diesel of my ilk, much as I did enjoy 4 diesel VWs in previous years. nonetheless yesterday i was freakishly thrilled to see on the local highway a new dodge ram 1500 diesel pickup with temp/paper tags on it.

    A diesel thing that thrills me more are the good-ole-boys with monster diesel dual stacks emitting clouds of smoke worthy of a locomotive. My 05 GTO always inspires these guys to stomp on their loud-pedals on the highway - usually I give them the thumbs-up, but for the last one i opened the window and gave him a solid/power double upwards fist-pump. USA! USA! (Australia too.)

    I actually would love a (higher # ft of torque) diesel with a VERY robust 7 speed M/T by someone like Tremec. As you and I both, and most know, 7 speed ROBUST M/T's are not destined for our shores. EVEN if they were, they would be outlier and tricky @ best.
  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    a 450 hp volvo diesel with electric-driven turbo might be what it takes to get me into a diesel. (except for the part where there is no way it would ever be available with a stickshift.)
    My take in terms of some of the parameters you mentioned for the US markets

    1. stick shift
    2. $$$'s
    3. the fact NEITHER gas (aka TRIPLE turbo) nor (article hints @ 1 turbo diesel will probably be offered in US markets

    is it is a "Waiting For Godot " proposition. (the article indicate a GASSER, aka 450 hp PETROL, triple turbo, 4 cylinder engine ) AND (less than 3 , most 2) turbo diesel ????

    (..."Volvo has revealed a similar concept based on a gasoline engine." (sic, AUDI electric turbo with exhaust gas turbo, that HAPPENS to be on a diesel),
  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I had to fill up my Legacy this AM for the 1st time since taking delivery last Saturday afternoon. 17.069 (18.5 Gallon Tank) took me 482.8 miles (28.3 mpg) and cost me $.126 cents per mile to drive. The good fuel economy is just the icing on the cake. I'm happy and very impressed with the car so far.

    This neck of the woods sees (or should I say, I see) a lot of Subaru owners. So if they send you a survey, how would you rate it?

    One customer satisfaction survey (I posted in an earlier msg) puts Subaru #2 behind MB @ #1 and just ahead of #3 VW. Lexus came in #4 behind VW.

    VW did rather well, especially in light of being one of the world's big three automakers. MB, Subaru, Lexus might be considered more niche market oem's.

    I am glad you are happy.

  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Diesel is down to $3.40 here.
    It always seems like when the price of oil goes UP, the price of ULSD goes up FAST or even FASTER. Now that the price of oil is literally CRASHING, and with OVER SUPPLY ( oil AND RUG/PUG, ethanol, D2) , the price change downward is SLOW as molasses !!! ;)

    SOS/DD down grade leg posted 31 mpg overall on the same tank (12 VW T TDI, 541 miles, est 8.95 gal left) . It felt like it took forever to get down to point B. However, overall time was actually much less. There were also lots of (@ altitude & with altitude change ) stop and go trips with lots of delays for road construction sites (side trips, two lane mountain roads necked down to one lane).

    The King Fire, Pollock Pines, CA is mostly contained (95% +) even as it has consumed 153 sq. miles of National Forest.

    The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS, even as the temperatures have ranged from 36 degrees F to 95 degrees F. !!!!