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  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Yes, and thank you. One reason why there is an expectation for VW America to step up is what I have said about cars in general: ANY modern late model car should be able to go 100,000 to 120,000 miles (first major tune) with normal scheduled maintenance and or care. For them NOT to step up, ( for ones that do not cut it) is an indication of "not ready for prime time. " IF they take care of it, really no harm no foul. They will also reinforce the decisions of a three time VW diesel repeat customer. If they do not, I will be one to say BUYER beware !! So to me, it is a question of doing the right things. This has been a known issue for a few years.

  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Took a night leg UP (8:45 pm) on the SOS/DD trek (210 miles) . The wife packed the GLK to the gills !! ?? Caught a few localized rolling parking lot zones. Even had the A/C on for part of the way. After traffic feathered off and routes opened up, the GLK 250 B/T posted 38 mpg. (for 169 miles) on the up route. Again I kept it @ app 80-86 mph, bursts to 90mph. Glad I am usually out of the way, when the local LEO's shoot past (while I probably should not admit this, OLD Fogie here) ! The over all mpg dropped to more like 35/36, once I included/climbed the mountains. (7,382 ft. Echo Summit) For as much traffic/s as there were in the rolling parking lot zones, there was almost nobody in the mountains! ? Even hit a few late night construction delays.

    Happy 4th of July to all !!!

  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Did a tank full around the area. Did some more aggressive break in's. Kept it under 90 mph. For 428 miles 12.3 gals, it posted 34.8 mpg. ( for an over all tank full drop from the last posting)

  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    By all appearances, they did a bang up job (in a slow mo DEVASTATING WAY) dismantling DETROIT, MI. This was a wildly alive 144 sq miles center of American industrial might and EXPANDING. Today 44 sq miles of "inner city" is fallow, abandoned, off the tax rolls and various states of decay. Any number of OTHER cities (rural areas are not exempt also) are in various states of decay.

  • What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    @gagrice said: We still have diesel buses in our San Diego school districts. Even many of the metro buses outside of the city are diesel. If RUG/PUG is so much cleaner than diesel, why are they forced by CA law to have special delivery systems that keeps the fumes from escaping while filling gas cars? Maybe because gas fumes both raw and burning are far more dangerous than diesel. Nothing is perfect. For my money diesel comes the closest for personal transportation. When they get an E-SUV that will travel 700 miles and recharged in 15 minutes, I will take another look. I expect by the time that happens electricity will be only for the rich and those on welfare subsidies. For the record the Nissan Leaf will take you 84 miles on a 24 KWH charge. My neighbor says more like 70 miles. Cost to charge at 37 cents per KWH = $8.88. More expensive than driving a Passat TDI with our $4 diesel.

    The N Leaf and the VW 03 Jetta TDI might be "competitive for commute". So per mile driven, respectively .12686 vs .0826 cents. E in this case would cost .04426 cents more.

    So to do a trip of 210 miles (normally takes 2.75 hours and ZERO fuel stops, indeed the R/T requires NO fuel stops) would take app 3 fuel stops (6 total R/T) . I do not know the E fueling times. IF it takes a day to recharge, it would turn 2.75 hrs into three days, R/T more like 6 days.