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  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    An article written by the sites name sake: his self!

    In light of "Hogan's Heros" an old Hollywood TV show, I found this almost hilarious : (then VEE send in Schultz ) ;)

    ..."Volkswagen decided it could literally drive around the requirement by burying cheat codes in its diesel engine control software. The test patterns used in lab testing are very strictly defined, and that made it possible for someone to craft software that would only turn on the NOx control system when someone dressed in a lab coat was looking.

    No one expected such a brazen tactic from a major auto manufacturer, and the EPA knows it can't let this happen again. According to Automotive News, "EPA officials have said little publicly about the enhanced testing, saying only that vehicles would be kept longer and tested in unpredictable ways." "...

    Ah trust... BUT (no) verify!! ??

    It is particularly telling that the EPA/CARB will STILL not real world test any to all GASSERS also and publish actual N0x figures! . To me, that speaks volumes on how endemically flawed the system was, is, will remain. No doubt those responsible for closing the gates after the horses have long since escaped will face the consequences,... steep PROMOTIONS?

    Being as how the article comes out of Santa Monica, CA, the LA county local "smog" gov agency (in Diamond Bar, CA, aka feels like 41 miles away) can confirm the statistics that N0x standards are far exceeded by fed,state EXEMPTIONS ALONE !!!! When you just add in gasser N0x...So really don't take my word for it! Again they can totally remove all diesels in the PVF and they won't even be able to measure the real world difference !!

    It's a bit like gun control in Chicago. They have some of the STRICTEST gun control laws, but the highest gun murder rates. They don't capture, hold & punish the criminals that use guns in commission of the "alleged" crimes???? People in the places where this alledged crimes are committed know what's going on. Yet everybody pulls a " Sergeant Schultz " It's a very environmentally friendly catch & release policy & procedure! No doubt the policies & procedures are taken from fly fishing for trout ! Not that I even want to suggest criminality in smog levels in LA County, CA :D
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Ruking, be careful while in the city, this may not stay upright. Another cover up that will end up in court.
    Too funny, the building might wind up being taken down explosively. That too might end up in court. Most folks don't understand that below Montgomery Street, SF, CA used to be underwater! So if the foundations are not done beyond right...... (bed rock as I recall it's about 250 feet)

    Is that what the Eco Cons mean about rising waters in the "low" lands!? ( building ill conceived & executed sinking app 2 to 3 ft)

    I can't even make this stuff up !! It would've been even funnier if DiCaprio owned part of this building.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    ruking: I pay 24 cents per kWh, in NO CA.. I'm sure no eco con sees the massive % profit here!?

    Lucky you. on my latest bill the first 393 KWH were at 19 cents. From there on up it was 39 cents per KWH. We suffer in the heat to keep our bill from going into the stratosphere. You have cheap alternative with the Geysers thermal generators. We are stuck paying for W&S farms that only work part of the time. So we need NG backup generators also running. This guy has found the best way to beat the system. If it was only diesel. B)

    OMG! As I scrolled down to see the picture, (sorry hosts) my visceral reaction was it's an odd house! I'm glad I wasn't sipping coffee, as I scrolled further & saw it built into a Prius!!!

    The (odd house) picture reminded me of old upstate New York odd houses. (never thought I'd be waxing about the old days) Do organizations like the hysterical society preserve houses like that , for hysterical value of course?
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Some next generation EV's.

    The ranges (186 to 200 miles) for commutes (ours-15,000 miles per year) vs 2009 Jetta TDI (40 mpg-550 to 580 miles) , puts fueling @ 81/ 75 vs 28/26 stops. (188% more EV fuel stops)

    EV logistics are not new habits that I would like to get into, not to mention the extra time & costs. Many folks on this thread used to complain that diesel fuel stations were like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

    I'm not sure of the exact point when the EV 12.5% fuel range degradation kicks in. When it does, the metrics change from 81/75 to 92/86 fuel stops. This is not even counting the "environmental" conditions degradations. (winter, spring, summer, fall: desert to city, etc.)

    Well this is moot, if the cities that I happen to travel to will let me put in solar arrays & batteries 2 @ $30,000 each = $60,000.

    One of my South Tahoe, CA neighbors is a developer/building contractor. We were talking one day, I asked them about how much it would cost to put solar arrays on each of our properties. :p and he just about had a coronary ( Barney Frank lead in). So.... how about them Cubbies? Of course, there are the 4 story tree issues...
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Tesla CHEATER (33%) ?

    Liar liar pants on fire ? What, US market outrage ? ;)

    Funny no mention of tested torque!?
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