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  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    I was not able to get a lock on the cable TV video.

    I watched your post with interest . So even with license plates and video felony evidence, LALA lands "code" seems to be the three monkeys policy: hear , see, say no evil. Submit for disapproval. Resubmit in 90 days for final disapproval. :D Case closed. Funny how a foreigner/emigrant/refugee from Harry Reid's devastated NV state instigated the episode. Send that SCUM refugee HOME! :D

    Where are the RACE baiters when you need them? Off topic but really on topic. The WSJ reports a WORLDWIDE and massive glut on COTTON !? Aka price depressions. Now a days this is an economic dagger to the heart to places like Lubbock Tx and the Punjab, India. ;)
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Right ;) part of the "lunch eating procedure" is the 35,000 profit per car! Much of that is due to the MASSIVE fed state and local tax credits AND deductions. Most are unmatched by more conventional power plants.
  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    That's exactly right. Make an unsignaled lane change in front of a legal lane splitter, you are at fault. And you deserve to pay. More and more bikers are using cameras to record their game of Russian roulette, so oblivious car drivers need to pay attention, or face deserved financial ruin.

    The random stupid left turn has claimed a lot of bikers too, and thanks to broken laws and idiotic judges and prosecutors, probably not enough punishment.
    How can a lane splitter not be at fault in a crash for he decided to take a chance and risk the procedure.

    A lane splitter might be splitting lanes in a constant monotonous direction and velocity, with no change in direction or speed (did I just say the same thing twice?). The "other" vehicle that decides to change directions and/or speeds abruptly at just the wrong moment would be impeding a right of way to the lane splitter, and therefore would be at fault in my mind.

    It's the same idea as you can't decide to make a left turn in a way that causes oncoming (straight-direction traffic) to hit you. If your turn requires them to slow down or stop, then you are in the wrong by impeding their right of way. Unsafe turn. You should only make a turn when you can do so safely without any action or correction from anyone else.
    Lol! Too funny! As if you really believe that lane splitting motorcyclist 's signal @ significantly higher %'s than car drivers!?

    Might be a subject for your dash camera! You can disprove your own specious claims ! ?

    I would not expect the year to year motorcycle segments CA carnage figures to change much. It may trigger some CA Sureme Court cases, some years after legalization. It does beg the question: IF motorcycle lane splitting is as safe as they claim the study says it is , then make lane splitting for cars legal also.
  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    Obviously, running the dude over is NOT the way to go. I do, however, want to point out that, in the news report video at about 1:30, the reporter states the biker said "he kept looking back and tried to get out of the way." Really? The right lane is totally unoccupied leading up to the wreck.
    AH yes, a "LEFT" narrative if I ever heard one (pun intended). Especially since the basic speed law is "keep right except to pass" or because it is a city street, unless making a left hand turn. Or was that ones' OTHER left? ;)
  • Re: Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)

    I have read that even in the case of avoiding animals (same advice applies with cars) that the best thing to do is to just go straight . It would seem like the choice of swerving, was beyond the abilities to recover and proved to be the undoing of the person who got killed .

    When swerving, the driver should already know and have taken into account the vehicle they are driving and its handling limits and capabilities, the tires conditions and capabilities, the road and weather conditions, and of course have the situational awareness of any objects around them in any direction.

    Going beyond your vehicle's limits and capabilities to try and avoid something is a rookie driver error.

    Thank you for confirming what I have said . However, being a follower of motor sports, it would seem that it's not confined to just rookies , i.e., Indianapolis 500 practice runs, cars seem almost magnetically driven to walls. :D B)
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