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  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I think the diesels are fairly politically neutral - there will be enough cheapskate low cost buyers to even out the eco-dorks and affluent old hippies who think "clean diesel" means "no emissions" - at least when talk of money comes up and they drive their Jetta from CO to Chicago to make some kind of weird point.
    I met one of those old hippies and his wife that you're talking about @ COSTCO. Both of us were looking to buy one of those 22 ft little giant ladders. He said without question, he could fit it into a Toyota PIOUS! ! I just looked@ him & smiled. I didn't say a word, but rolled my eyes, so my wife could see. Passing them in the parking lot, it was almost hilarious to see the ladder stick out of the back, blocking the hatch lid from closing. I knew before buying we had no issues with the 12 VW Touareg TDI. But really, this is not diesel related !
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    carboy21Producing batteries pollutes the environment
    Disposing the batteries pollutes the environment
    Producing electricity pollutes the environment
    Kalifornians want all the pollution in someone else's backyard

    All very true. I would be willing to bet you could not build an entire Hybrid, EV or Smartphone in the state of CA. The regulations would stop them cold. Yet the state mandates their use. California has one of the largest known reserves of Rare Earth Elements. And they tried to produce them and are again shut down. No way we can compete with China and other countries that have little concern for the environment. So when the state and Feds say no more products can be sold in the USA that are not made under the same strict EPA rules as we are forced to do business under, I refuse to believe they are serious about the environment.
    The real reason why we fought the war in Afghanistan ! The US CIA estimates $10 trillion in rare earth minerals, not to mention gold. China is trolling for mining contracts! As most know, Afghanistan has been the provider of narcotics for at least the last 75 years. Narcotics are useful in "urban renewal" the so called ... demo portion.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    ;) Easy for you to say.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    You bet it'll be mandatory, I mean for VW. Now if you mean, will California force owners to do it if VW refuses to do it? I don't think so, (probably not even legal) but they may stamp each car with an ID exemption plate. That in turn might turn out to be a stigmata of sorts for resale. --"oh, that's one of the dirty ones". I'm just guessing about that--I have no idea how it'll spin out.

    I don't think people who don't live in California get this---the environment is the equivalent of a church in Middle America. At least in the major metro areas. Literally.

    Again you acknowledge agreement! I have been saying all along that the environmental thing /climate change is the defacto state religion

    Not at all. Religion generally requires that one never changes one's requires that you must be prepared to throw out everything you thought was true....but only when you a better explanation and better science. In this regard we are at polar opposites in how we regard California's position on environmental matters.

    California set a quantitative standard. It didn't ask VW to "believe" anything. VW couldn't meet the standard so it cheated. Other companies met the standard using their brains.

    Well no, & no & yes & no! Now you might think we are @ polar opposites!

    That quantitative standard is routinely granted huge exemptions that you could literally drive huge trucks, huge ships and planes through. Not to mention exemptions to off road construction & agricultural etc,etc equipment! Nice try though !

    If diesel emissions were stricter you'd call them draconian; if they have exemptions you now call them hypocritical. Perhaps you are really an anarchist at heart when it comes to environmental laws?
    Let's see, you want to call me an anarchist (@ heart) when I point out the REAL anarchists policies? They don't even believe their own narratives! Like I have been saying, I can't even make this stuff up !
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Absolutely and wholely predictable! Disapproved ! Resubmit it in 90 days for final disapproval!
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