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minivans, hatchbacks wagons, hybrids
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Road Trip! Follow me on Twitter @SteveForumsHost
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2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
  • Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    It's all good - you're spending money on a car. B)

    Now, if you don't like the new ride, you'll be able to blame the OEM or aftermarket parts as you please.

  • 2015 Subaru Forester Lease Questions

    Thanks (I let Michael and Kyfdx handle the heavy lifting though, lol).

  • Road Trip!

    I've Zillowed dozens of houses lately (and my wife has looked at a couple of hundred I bet). It amazes me how most people don't declutter before listing their houses for sale. That place in Roseburg looks like it has a baptismal font in the living room and all the photos on the frig really junk it up. Staging, people.

    Like the NW coast but the damp is a no go with my wife (summer working at a camp on Vashon Island). She does fine south of, oh, Santa Cruz.

    For entertainment in that part of the world, you can watch the highway department blow up beached whales. Just don't park your Olds too close to the action.

  • Road Trip!

    I "made" money on my first two houses - that was in '77 and '80. The other five have been, at best, washes.

    It's kind of like cars, life is short so drive what you like. You need to live in a place you like and in an area you like. Stuff like resale or taxes isn't even (much) on our radar.

    Just had an enjoyable talk with a neighbor around the corner that we don't know well. She and her ex flipped 10 houses in 20 years down in lower Michigan. No wonder she wound up going through a nasty divorce. :'(

    In other news, we've been back home a week and I'm about 80% sorted for the final move. So now my wife wants to do a road trip south to visit my relations in TN and VA. Well, there is some junk I'd like to dump on my brother, sooo....

  • Road Trip!

    Brick is nice for low maintenance, but I really like stucco. Good for fire protection too.

    But it's back to getting a vernacular house that's made with readily available local materials. They just look "right" for the area. Kind of like visiting Vermont and seeing tons of Subarus or all the Buicks in Florida.