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Viva Las Cruces
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Viva Las Cruces
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minivans, hatchbacks, wagons, hybrids
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2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Had to go to El Paso today, which is an hour down the Interstate. Took our friend's 2013 Cruze. Wished my wife liked it better since I enjoy driving it.

    Did 80 part of the way and had no issues passing anyone or stoplight racing in heavy traffic in town. 138 hp. Weighs a bit over 3,000 pounds.

    So tell me again why I need more hp?
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Just nailed down another iPhone 7+ for personal use. It took a week or so to get used to the size. But I wouldn't want anything else, now.
    I. We have a year left with the Enclave and are totally in the woods with what will replace it.
    Welcome to my world. :)

    I got my wife's iPad3 this week since she upgraded. First thing I did was take the cover off. I drop stuff as much as anyone but I figure I'm paying for the sleekness and I want to enjoy the skinniness. It does dig into my palms playing pinball though.

  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    lol, the last time I went through a car wash was in Anchorage in my Tercel. I had worked one weekend and parked in an alley, and some yahoos were spray painting a building. After I yelled at them for getting spray on my car, they gave me $5 and I washed it down at the car wash out by the Spenard La Mex.

    Irritated me because I had to take the roof racks off. That was probably 1995 or so.

    One shop in Boise washed my van as a courtesy after doing a sensor repair. The driver's side mirror fell off in that one (someone smashed it in Venice CA and I had epoxied it back together). Best to avoid those mechanical monsters. :)

    I just ordered new glasses, some more photograys and this time I got a pair of clear lenses for night driving. You know how you can be cruising along a highway and spot a deer on the shoulder just after you pass it?

    That happened to me a couple of weeks ago on a 40mph surface street. Only this time it was a pedestrian with dark clothing on. If my wife had not yelled at me to move over, I may never known he was so close to the white line. I pulled over and made her drive the rest of that evening.

    Don't know if EyeSight is doing that yet, but I'd like the extra help.
  • Re: Road Trip!

    I enjoyed the "It's called the 405 for a reason: It takes you '4 o' 5' hours to get anywhere" quip.
  • Re: Rental Car Experiences?

    We were in the '09 Grand Caravan and I had a feeler out on a car last week in fact. The little Chevy spun us around about 160 degrees.

    Not encouraging there @fintail, not that I have any sentimental value in the van. There's just no value in the van at all even when it was mostly pristine. :D

    Enterprise was nice and called as soon as they got the claims info from the Horace Mann intake person. I can get something up to $50 a day (so no Suburbans) but we'll wait and see if the adjuster thinks it can be fixed.

    Oh, from talking to the traffic cop, the 16 year was driving on a learner's permit and a licensed 18 year old in the back seat made it legal for him to be driving. Apparently the father has long been out of the picture and the mom abandoned her kids in the last month. Can't wait to sue and get some turnips.
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