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Viva Las Cruces
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minivans, hatchbacks wagons, hybrids
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Road Trip! Follow me on Twitter @SteveForumsHost
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2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
  • Buying a new Toyota Highlander model here in MD, needs tips.

    There's a lot of info on the Car Tips & Advice page, so skim there if you haven't already.

    You can get pricing info here under the Make Model tabs above. Start at invoice (or even below), add in your taxes and fees (don't pay too much for doc fees), and get a target OTD price. Then email or visit some dealers and get some quotes. might be a good benchmark for your area.

    Take your time and don't get car fever - get up and walk out and sleep on a deal if it doesn't seem quite right (or if you're just tired and need a break).

    Generally speaking the better deals come around at the end of the month but a lot depends on your local market.

    Can't help you with the kids question. :)

  • Road Trip!

    That's anther fun thing you can do camping.

    First get an old fashioned windup Big Ben alarm clock and swap the top bells for a rattlesnake rattle you've glued onto the striker.

    Then set the alarm for around 9 pm and hide the clock behind a log or a bush near the campfire.

    Along about 8:45, when everyone is nice and mellow, start telling snake stories....

  • Road Trip!

    Got home - feels good (camping at Ojo Caliente for a couple of days, then near ABQ before landing in Las Cruces Sunday).

  • Road Trip!

    The sushi was okay but I think some people stacked the Trip Advisor reviews a tad. :)

    Tried to boondock on BLM lands last night near Salinas but couldn't figure out the roads across the river. But found a small "boater" campground with that nice running water background noise. Just had to pay.

    And another day, another flat. Got packed and the TPMS light was on. We were 7 miles to Salinas so I drove in. While the tire guy was checking the tires to see which one was low (it wasn't obvious), I spotted a nail. First guy didn't think it was repairable and didn't have my size in stock so he sent me to town. That shop said they'd fix it (must have laxer liability standards) and we walked around the corner for coffee. The nail wasn't in the sidewall but was within the first tread. We'll see what happens when we walk back at 9am MST.

    Great stars last night on the 4 am GGP run.

  • Do You Really Think Acura TLX Will Replace,TSX and TL in one fell swoop?

    Good time to go out and buy one.

    Best New-Car Leftovers for 2014