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minivans, hatchbacks, wagons, hybrids
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  • Re: Can VW Overtake Toyota and GM To Become #1?

    "Science... never solves a problem without creating ten more." Shaw.
  • Re: Does the Extra Large 29er Mountain Bike Fit? - 2016 Toyota Prius Long-Term Road Test

    Bonus points to you - never known anyone who memorized their VIN!
  • Re: 2016 Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

    Kind of a pain, but you could swing by a body shop and ask a tech what they think. Then go to the dealer.

    Congrats on the new ride (good reminder why it's better to pick up a new car during the day).
  • Re: 2016 Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

    Looks like I quoted you FWD prices @marathonlady4 - my apologies.

    $24,370 is around $2,200 below invoice for the EX AWD.

    You might yet beat that price, but inventory is shrinking every day. That said I still see ~400 EX AWDs within 50 miles of 20001.

    Me, I'd likely do the OTD deal for $26,163 and call it a day. If you want to play the game then yeah, sit tight until the 29th or 30th and tell the dealer you are ready to buy for $25,800. Then drive to Georgetown and blow that $300 savings on a great meal. :)
  • Re: 2017 Subaru Forester Prices Paid

    Subarus don't sell well in Florida so that could help you (unlike Colorado, Vermont and Washington where it's definitely not a buyer's market).

    Subaru has done well managing their product, production and inventory. They went big in recent years so the Forester now is as big as a CR-V. That's increased their customer base a lot although some of us who had older Outbacks (me) or Foresters (my sister) think they got a bit too big. My sister wound up with a Crosstrek because she liked the size better.

    Anyway, while car sales are easing, Subaru continues to sell everything they can make without having to go to incentives (they do have some low APR financing). Thus the deals are skinnier.

    So high demand, limited production will work against you a bit.

    Your resale will be hurt a bit since people in Florida mostly buy FWD and the AWD does cause a mileage hit. (22/29 for a Forester, 26/33 for a CR-V FWD). But that helps you when you buy (then drive it to Denver in 3 or 4 years and sell it to CarMax and enjoy a free ski vacation on your profit, lol).

    A CR-V will resell better if you don't drive them forever and expect to trade in a few years.

    But life is short so drive what you like.
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