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  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Kind of sounds like a Subaru - my '97 Outback had the notorious parking light switch on top of the steering column, as did my sister's '05 Forester. If you wiped down the dash, you had a good chance of turning it on without knowing that you did.

    My sister called one day saying her lights were on and couldn't figure out why, and I knew right away. And I had a dead battery one morning after leaving the driver's side window halfway down and once of my cats climbed in the Subbie and stepped on the switch.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I am still not convinced it was an effort to cheat.
    Maybe VW admitted to the cheat because they were too embarrassed to admit that they couldn't explain to CARB how their engine worked using off the shelf parts from K-Mart's Performance Division? :D

  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    It kind of sounds like everyone cheats in the EU and that the regulators don't care. So the big capital cities with some clout wind up banning cars entirely.

    Social justice warriors eh? Had to go dig out my Fintail CheatSheet for that one. ;)
  • Re: A Mechanic's Life - Tales From Under the Hood

    "When your mechanic took my console out, he found $100 bill and brought it to me in the waiting room. I misplaced that $100 last year and did not know where it was." (link)

    Guess it's time to list all the rings and other stuff found by mechanics when they work on someone's car. Not sure if I want to hear some of the gore stories though. :D
  • Re: VW TDI Settlement - buying a TDI now

    Oh no - I wasn't implying that HE is representing a firm. I just want to make sure a law firm is not representing to @urbansurfer that he could become an "owner" for the purposes of a class action suit that is outside of the proposed VW settlement.

    So based on their advice, he goes and buys out his lease, thinking he'll become an Eligible Owner for the purposes of the VW Buyback, but this law firm is actually representing something else.
    Oh, okay. Sorry -- sheesh, first VW and now you can't trust lawyers?
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