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  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    You need to get over your "I got screwed by a Neon" complex...

    Every single manufacturer has gone through significant changes (for better or worse) since the
    mid-90's when you owned your Neon. In fact, if things hadn't changed I'd be right there with you. My first car was a 1992 Chevrolet Beretta GT (bought brand new) which had a myriad of problems that concluded with the loeb of the camshaft (2nd from the top) completely wearing down at 61K miles. For years I swore off GM and Domestics in general. I'm sure I even vowed at one point (most likely on these boards) to never set foot in a D3 dealership again. Durability and reliability have increased tremendously across the board. Horsepower numbers are up (and so is weight). Significant weight loss seems to be the next trend. Each manufacturer does make a performance oriented car that given proper modifications will perform very well at the track. There are very few cars out there that are "no compromise."
    The part that bugs me the most is that it wasn't even his car. It was his parents'. I figure his grandkids will be the ones to give up the grudge.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    I don't worry as much about the poor Latin Americans who are coming into this country illegally, looking for a better life, as much as the others who get in with malicious intentions. That's mainly why we need to secure our borders.
    That's how I feel as well. The vast majority of illegal aliens are usually looking to improve their lot in life. And they come from all over the world. I was surrounded by a construction crew at a previous employer during renovations. Other than the foreman, every worker there save one was illegal. They were all Irish and each stayed in the country when their visas expired.

    Securing the borders is important but we have to have some sort of immigration reform. Both of my parents are immigrants. They came to United States just before I was born. They didn't have high school diplomas nor any special skills. More than likely, they would not be able to immigrate today. There are only 5,000 green cards available to low skill workers out of the 675,000 that can be issued every year. Back in 1910, 5,000 low skill workers entered through Ellis Island every day. Unless you have close family connections or can bring a special skill, most people can't enter the country legally today.

    As a nation, we don't have enough people willing to do labor intensive or service jobs that employ many illegal aliens. Illegal aliens clean our houses, mow our lawns, build our houses, make our coffee, care for our ill and elderly, et al. They are willing to do so because others in our country think that work is beneath them. Many of these illegal aliens would jump at the chance to become legal if the opportunity were presented.
  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    Cadillac dropped their wagon, too. It had a lot of good press. Unfortunately, there's still that stigma that goes with wagons.

    I remember when having a Mercedes Wagon was height of knowing you made it. Had neighbors who had zero need for a wagon, but bought a Mercedes Wagon for the cache it supposedly gave them.

    I always saw it the other way.. the Mercedes wagon people were "old money", that just bought a wagon, because they wanted a wagon... The S-class people were the "nouveau riche".
    Me too. E Class wagons were for those with old, moldy money. They also had a Grand Wagoneer at the shore house.
  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    Nicer interior, better warranty, dealer experience and luxury brand. For a young guy, pulling up to pick up your date in an Audi versus a Vdub could be a game changer. LOL.
    Perhaps the young man should reevaluate his date if that's what the measure she uses....

    ...and that brings us back to the reason the vast majority of these ELLPS' are sold - prestige and the look at me factor.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    Millennials are tech oriented and use technology to improve their lives but they aren't as glued to their screens as Gen Z which are people born between the mid 1990's and today. It's the kids in high school and college now that are the real screen addicts. But smart teachers are using that to improve their learning. Rather than tell the kids to put their phones away like the Millennials were, they use those tools. "Kids, quick survey. Text everyone in your phone this question and we will tally the results at the end of class."

    Millennials don't care about driving because they can't afford cars, are paying back six figures in student debt, and have to share an apartment with 3 people because the wages they make as an independent contractor at a company who doesn't want the hassle of employees.
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