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  • Re: Buying American Cars What Does It Mean?

    CEVT sounds like a simple way to absorb IP rather than steal it. Doesn't sound like a lot of sharing, being based where the bought out entity was/is located. Who is gaining what?
    They both are gaining something out of it. Geely gets the expertise on high quality platform development and Volvo gets a platform they never would have been able to develop on their own. It's nothing really different than what Ford got from Volvo. Is it really any different than Daimler partnering with Renault for development of an MB pickup? Daimler gets Nissan's BOF expertise - could they be absorbing it as well?

    Keep in mind, I'm no apologist for Chinese companies. But you can't paint every single one with the same brush.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Today we went on a tour of the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart. All the E's are made at this plant, as well as S's and they make other models. It is a great tour, about 2 hours long, and one a day is given in American/English.

    Some interesting facts,
    Lots of robots and they seem almost human as they pick up an instrument panel, wedge it thru a door frame, and put it in place,

    Sometimes 2 robots work together, one holds a part while the other applies glue,

    A car with a Panorama roof is stronger than a car without it,

    30,000 employees, produce 1800 cars a day, have a fire department and 3 full service stations

    6 restaurants and serve 15,000 meals a day

    OF 1800 CARS MADE EACH DAY, 1300 GO BY RAIL, 300 by train, 200 are picked up at factory

    There is a vent behind left rear quarter panel to let air escape when you close a door or air pressure will be too great.

    They crash almost a car a day to test for damage from accidents.

    It is an incredible place to see.....highly recommended if in Stuttgart.
    Actually E Classes are also made in Mexico, China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Egypt. All North American bound E's are made in Germany.

    As for the vent behind the rear quarter, I believe all cars have those. They allow stale air to leave the car when the HVAC system is on.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    The hyundai recall sounds like they will inspect and replace IF they determine there may be damage to the main bearings and rods by hearing the looseness due to wear.
    I can't believe they would replace every engine just-in-case.
    That's the way I understand it as well. They will inspect the engines and then determine if replacement is required.

    On a personal note, I just got back from a quick 5K run. What a beautiful morning - 60 degrees, crisp air, light breeze. I felt like I could just keep running...

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    I just turned 7,000 miles and it still rides and handles as good as the day I took delivery.
    At 7,000 miles, a modern car better ride and handle as the day it was new. I'd be awfully disappointed if it didn't.

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    PMD thinks VWoA is toast.

    That article is hilarious and outrageous. If killing people on purpose with bad ignition switches doesn't take down GM, why would a little NOX take down VW? In fact, unless you are a tree hugger, I don't see this VW scandal as much of anything, since the customer benefits from the defeat device with better performance and fuel economy which saves them money $$$.

    Customers don't benefit at all with the GM debacle, unless they die and then the family benefits with a settlement, but lose a loved one. I just don't see these issues even being in the same ball park, but for sure it is a serious issue.

    So I can get stoned to the beejeezus belt on booze and drugs, get behind the wheel of my GM car and wrap it around a tree at 70mph and blame GM for my injuries, but VW can build 11 MILLION VEHICLES that would not be allowed to be sold because they break the laws of the land in whatever country they were shipped to, and that is just fine?


    If the driver was stoned and/or drunk, I think that makes blaming the ignition for the crash a weak(er) case. I have a feeling that out of all the people that died where the ignition is being blamed, only a small percentage were drunk and/or high on drugs, but I could be wrong.

    I'm not saying what VW has done is fine, just pointing out that it appears VW motives for doing what they did actually improves the customer's experience, whereas what GM has done in the past is anti-customer. If you are buying a vehicle because it has low emissions; shouldn't you be getting a Prius anyway?

    I know we chose a TDI not because it was supposed to be green, but because it gets great mileage.

    VW deliberately gamed the system, but they didn't put people's lives at risk.
    But what if I bought a TDI due to it being advertised as a clean alternative? Such false advertising did nothing for my customer experience. In fact now I would feel that I was duped.
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