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  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    When I took the car in for the 12k mile service I said the steering wheel clunks a bit when I start the car and the steering wheel comes down into position....just check see if it needs oil or something.

    They reported that it was working exactly as it should and it is a ratchet thing. I said I was sorry to make them check out something that was working properly. The service manager said no problem at all, we are happy to make sure it runs perfectly.

    My sales consultant answers all emails immediately, and is always willing to demonstrate or set up anything I need for the car. Has said he would come to the house to set up homelink and things like that.

    Hope these aren't famous last words but the people who work at MB believe they make the best cars possible - they actually say that, and I get the impression, they will do what they can to keep me a satisfied customer. I could be wrong if there is ever a big problem, but, so far they make me feel I would only shop for another vehicle if there was some other car way more superior to another MB - and I doubt that will happen.

    It is so simple and yet so smart, satisfy the customer completely, so that they have no reason to go to another brand.

    I agree with you, the very best companies have a culture about them at dealerships, sales areas, and service bays that differs entirely from what I've seen and heard of the Big 3. It's a 180 experience; night and day. In my case it is comparing Dodge to Honda. Dodge to Audi. Honda and Audi acted amazingly similarly. It is about pride, customer service, and expectations.

    Ford didn't care that my cousins truck engine blew between mile 36,001 and 40,000 miles. Land Rover didn't care that my brother's GF's transmission blew within 2,000 miles of the 50K warranty.
    Again, a sample group of 1. I have an Explorer and have found the dealer experience to be better than the local Honda dealer. So I guess I cancel out your cousin.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    I agree bwia. If we all refused to use products because of one person's experience, nobody would buy anything.

    That's not really a fair statement. It's the "N" degree or severity of one person's experience that's the problem here. It's one thing to have a bad car, another to have a terrible one. Another yet to have a horribly terrible unsafe one, and then have the lemon buyback process treated even more despicably to make matters even worse.

    There are degrees of unreliability, it's all relative, and when you go off the cliff on the bad side of the equation that is when you lose customers for life, and then need bail outs to stay in business.
    Oh I think it's quite a fair statement. Remember, we are talking about a sample size of 1 car and all we have is 1 side of the story. I don't believe that gg is embellishing his story. But we have not heard from the dealer or Cadillac itself.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    I agree bwia. If we all refused to use products because of one person's experience, nobody would buy anything.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    Maybe something like this:

    That is merely someone's rendering - it does not pretend to be anything official from GM.
  • Re: United Automobile Workers of America (UAW)

    "The decision is bad news, however, for the plant’s 1,280 full-time employees, including 1,000 or so UAW workers who had expected to begin negotiations on a new contract next month. They are the only unionized workforce at a Japanese-owned auto factory in the U.S."

    Mitsubishi Pulls The Plug On U.S. Factory After Years Of Subsidies (Forbes)

    Bottom line, Illinois is a horrible state to do business in. Even when they are generous with tax payer dollars.

    “If they could have a do over, I’m sure they’d rather have a non-union plant in a right-to-work state that could offer them more tax breaks than cash-strapped Illinois.”
    Unfortunately that wasn't a choice when they built the plant. It was a joint venture with Chrysler so a non-union plant wasn't in the cards.
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