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2011 Ford Explorer, 2005 VW Passat, 2000 Honda Odyssey
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    If you have 3 kids or more (plus their friends) you really can't beat a minivan. We drove one happily throughout their kid years and just as happily don't have one now. Stages of life!
    The toughest part of owning a minivan is actually admitting you need one. Once you get past that you wonder what all the fuss was about.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    "What hampers the teaching and acquisition of appropriate/adequate written language skills is the advancement of technology in the last 15-20 years whereby a writer uses built-in and self-correcting word processing software for correct spelling, word usage, noun/verb agreement, punctuation, paragraphing, etc."

    I found my spelling and grammar actually improved with the advancement of technology. I however do things a little differently than most people, when I get that squiggly line under a misspelled word I go back and rewrite the word until I get it right.
    Now an interesting note; I wrote a book that partially took place in Brazil where they speak Portuguese so I was throwing in Portuguese words in where I though a native might use them when speaking to the main characters. My computer kept telling me the words were spelled wrong and gave me the Spanish equivalent as an alternative.
    You have to watch on those Cubans. Last year a friend went up to Niagara Falls. I tell him to bring me back a couple of Cubans. Now I'm sure he knew what I meant but I did send a follow up email to say I wanted cigars, not actual Cubans.
    There was a Seinfeld episode where Kramer was asked to bring back some Cubans when he went on his trip to Florida. He thought he was getting some cigars but he ended up with a few actual Cubans to bring back to New York.
    Portuguese Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese? The difference can lead to a fight. As the son of a Portuguese father and a Brazilian mother, I know!! :smile:
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Since I'm self employed I usually care very much about the cost of a rental car. Recently, I've been using Hotwire and getting a very good price on ho-hum mid sized cars from Hertz. They all seem to have 40K+ miles on them and on the second set of tires. I really think that Hertz has a few well worn cars in the back that they roll out for us Hotwire shoppers.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    When I took the car in for the 12k mile service I said the steering wheel clunks a bit when I start the car and the steering wheel comes down into position....just check see if it needs oil or something.

    They reported that it was working exactly as it should and it is a ratchet thing. I said I was sorry to make them check out something that was working properly. The service manager said no problem at all, we are happy to make sure it runs perfectly.

    My sales consultant answers all emails immediately, and is always willing to demonstrate or set up anything I need for the car. Has said he would come to the house to set up homelink and things like that.

    Hope these aren't famous last words but the people who work at MB believe they make the best cars possible - they actually say that, and I get the impression, they will do what they can to keep me a satisfied customer. I could be wrong if there is ever a big problem, but, so far they make me feel I would only shop for another vehicle if there was some other car way more superior to another MB - and I doubt that will happen.

    It is so simple and yet so smart, satisfy the customer completely, so that they have no reason to go to another brand.

    I agree with you, the very best companies have a culture about them at dealerships, sales areas, and service bays that differs entirely from what I've seen and heard of the Big 3. It's a 180 experience; night and day. In my case it is comparing Dodge to Honda. Dodge to Audi. Honda and Audi acted amazingly similarly. It is about pride, customer service, and expectations.

    Ford didn't care that my cousins truck engine blew between mile 36,001 and 40,000 miles. Land Rover didn't care that my brother's GF's transmission blew within 2,000 miles of the 50K warranty.
    Again, a sample group of 1. I have an Explorer and have found the dealer experience to be better than the local Honda dealer. So I guess I cancel out your cousin.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Well, that is making a very fine distinction. The car company isn't that interested in using my money for 4 years and collecting interest on it. They want me to buy the service program so I will bring my car back to them.

    I doubt it was intended as a revenue generator. More companies will be doing it...for Audi it is a new concept...and I believe it was a dealer program - not Audi Head Office. You get a discount if you buy the package because it will bring you back to the dealership, and not go to an indie garage. American car companies will follow because service is where the money is these days.

    I hate to pop your bubble, but it absolutely is about revenue generation. Moreover, if you can generate revenue today, not tomorrow, even at discount, better for your financial statement and bonus. BTW, every dealer I know is selling service contracts, but you may be right, many of those may be dealer's.

    I get all that, but to me it is a half glass half empty kind of issue. As an old muffler ad that used to be on said, You can pay me now....or you can pay me later. I am a bank and credit card company's worst nightmare. I don't like to pay interest if at all possible. I enjoy life more knowing I have prepaid my oil changes and that I won't get any surprises down the road. Chances are I will pay less than I would have if I paid separately.

    It is like my Coffee card. I load it up with $20. I know Tim Hortons Coffee Shops (like Dunkin in the U.S.) has my $20 and $20 from millions of people to use as they wish, but, I like not having to remember to bring cash or change with me after a game of tennis. They swipe the card and it is easier on me.

    You can say they are making more money off me and they are...and they get their money in advance....but, the $20 that is tied up won't affect my life too much, and the fact it simplifies my life is well worth the cost.

    The same scenario for gift cards................but, I am not going to stop buying them because I might be getting ripped off. The extra cost is worth it to me and if corporations can make more good for them.

    You can carry a debit card instead of the Timmy's card....but I know you'll say you feel safer losing a $20 card vs. a debit card.

    I will say driver - you have a way of rationalizing anything....
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