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    Glad it all worked out for you. I had a horrible GM experience as well, and attempted a buy back. This was back in 2000 with a 99 Olds 88. I finally tired and just traded out of the car at a loss. I spent a good bit of time away from GM and told my story all the time. I've since gone back, but hearing stories like yours make me cringe.
  • Re: Rental Car Experiences?

    You know, for all the talk about why you shouldn't buy a used rental, you really don't see that many posts about people having problems with them.

    That kind of fits in with the motorcycle theory that, for best performance, you should run the heck out of them from the get-go, skip the break-in period, etc.
    I know many mechanics whose theory has always been "Drive it like you stole it" from day 1.
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    I don't want to start a tire debate, but overall I'm never happy unless my cars have Michelins. I've always had the best luck with them in all aspects.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    One of my best friends came over for a cookout on Saturday. He is retired Ford engineer. He did 30 years with Ford, and is now an engineering consultant, making more working part time than he did working for Ford, full time.

    Anyway, he just bought a 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum with his Ford Employee discount. $50+K vehicle. And, I think it would proably put just about any other luxury SUV to shame. It is quite opulent. It has very comfortable tufted leather seats throughout. Ford really stepped up their game with the version of Synch in his vehicle, which operated without a hitch when he let me test drive it.

    Great suspension. Handled well for such a heavy vehicle. Laser Cruise, self parking, high quality materials throughout, excellent Sony stereo, very well put togehter. Just a nice piece throughout. Had good punch from the turbo V6. Steering was very communicative and smooth (no "hitches" in the power steering, which again reminds me how broke my CTS really is).

    Those who are in the market for an SUV should at least test the new Explorer.
    The Explorer is a really nice vehicle, when it came time for an SUV last year it was on our short list. In the end the wife just preferred the styling and (what seemed to be) larger interior the Enclave offered. The Ford definitely had the Enclave beat on technology. I'm not so sure how GM can sell these nearly 50K SUV's without smartkey. I don't miss it, but every once in a while the wife says she liked the keyless start our Lacrosse had.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Hi All,

    Looks like most of the gang is still here.... new thread, same chatter! I've been gone forever, but wanted to give a quick post!

    After my son was born, I lost track in almost all my forums, and now I'm catching up. My wife is due any day with our second! A daughter this time. We are really blessed!

    On the car front, my Lacrosse went back and I picked up a 2015 Enclave (need the room!). I've still got my Florida special 04 MGM (fresh from the body shop, after a knucklehead rear-ended me on the Atlantic City Expressway)

    Anyway, gonna try and stick around. Lots of conversations to get in on!
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