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  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    I'm now at 22,000 miles on my '14 S4 -- the car, in every way has been flawless. Oh, I need to correct that: the Audi Connect feature (free for 6 months) was great (when it worked) when I was "in signal." The thing is, someone at Audi of America made a deal with "the fastest" 3G provider (at the time) T-Mobile. However, at least in SW Ohio the coverage, at best, is poor-to-fair, and overall is 2G to poor. The screen indicator registers 2G about 1/3rd of the time (which renders the feature useless). Now, it is true that when T-Mobile is able to pump out true 3G it can be as good as what sometimes passes for 4G from some carriers.

    I had enjoyed using this feature with the voice command to verbally invoke "Internet Destination, Morton's of Chicago" or other destinations that would have normally had to have been found via calling 411, getting the number, calling the "destination" asking for the address and THEN entering it into the sat nav.

    The thing is, the price for this service is $30/month -- which is galling since the TV commercials claim (for SW Ohio) 4, 4G LTE lines (family promo) for $100/mo.

    Of course, were I to buy a new A3, Audi Connect no longer uses T-Mobile.

    I'd pay $10/month for this crappy (T-Mobile) service -- but $30 for 2G? No way.

    The concept and the technology (in the car) make a lot of sense and when things work as expected (even in 3G) the execution is great (within a two block radius of a certain signal location). Swapping out the radio or "unlocking" the radio via software or some other method (the sim card?) would make my experience with this vehicle "the best ever."

    For those folks who want driving performance, I can assure you the S4 (with the 7-speed DSG) is, let me see, effortless to drive, meaning that there is nothing (within reason) the car won't do without breaking a sweat. Another descriptive term: "carve" -- driving the car is as effortless as cutting warm butter with a hot knife.

    Obviously, I am off-put by one little piece of tech that some folks who live in a strong T-Mobile reception areas probably can't relate to. But in terms of reliability and "tightness" this S4 is as new-feeling at 22K miles as it was with 22 miles.

    That's the story so far.
  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    Has anyone here yet test driven an Acura TLX Advance SH-AWD or a high-spec Mercedes C class?

    If so, please post your driving impressions -- the TLX seems to be getting less than stellar reviews from the likes of Automobile, C&D, MotorTrend & R&T. Funny thing, to me at least, Acura put the transmission that the paid car reviewers seem positive about in the 4-cylinder rather than in the high contented, big motor, SH-AWD version.

    The TLX 8-speed dual clutch (but with torque converter -- a rarity) transmission in the 4 is everyone's darlin'. Then the review turns ugly by suggesting that the 9-speed V6 just feels [essentially] fat, sluggish (due to its apparent porky-ness) and a lot less fun.

    On the other hand, the new C-Class is lauded as a baby S class.

    Who's driven these here? Tell me more, tell me more -- in many ways, your opinions are the ones that matter most.
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