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  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    The new TLX with SH-AWD ought to be the IT car right now in this class (and maybe on this forum). Content-wise, this (and from an actual cost, not MSRP basis, the Q50, too) ought to be setting the world on fire sales-wise.

    Seems tho to not be of too much interest here. Once again, my wife and I looked at this car from a bang for the buck perspective (the TLX Advance V6 w/SH-AWD): What even comes close to the combination of features and alleged capabilities for the money?

    Now, still NOT having driven one, perhaps the TLX just seems like an expensive Accord -- but on paper, it would seem not.

    Further, it seems far enough UNDER $50K to merit "our" attention.

    Of course the car magazines are just giving the thing the briefest of "test-reports" -- and I would say the reviews from the performance perspective are rather mixed, despite the recognition that there seems to be a lot of car for the MSRP.

    What am I, what are we not impressed enough with -- the styling, the tinny sounding doors when slammed?

    I have a regret, now that I think about it -- I wish, for a lousy $1,000+ bucks that I would have gotten the torque vectoring diff on my S4 (Audi's SH-AWD).

    Any TLX SH-AWD owners or wanna be owners here?


    Is this thing on?
  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    Mark I just had a 15 loaner a4 - and missed every bit go the s4 power for those 2 days. With The new s3 at almost 3oohp I would guess the power bump for the next s4 should be close to 400, but I have not seen any publications on this figure. Maybe that is to high of a figure given the s6 is at 425- that would get us to the Sq5 's 350ish listing. I would love to see a dyno of a stock s4 and a stock sq5 - something tells me they are closer the you think.
    Here's my [generally in violent agreement] thought about that power figure, sween: Ever escalating abilities to get power, coupled with a market that seems to have an endless appetite for more power may well take the next S4 (not the RS4, the S4) to 400 HP. Yet, there may be good reasons NOT to go there. For instance, isn't it true that part of the cost of our auto-insurance is based on HP (not torque, HP)?

    If my assumption on that matter is correct, perhaps AoA will lobby for whatever the next lower HP (below 400) is but press for more readily available torque. Economy and emissions, too, would have to be a consideration, no?

    The current 3.0T in the S4 puts out a conservative 333HP and 325 pound feet. The beefed up version in the SQ5 adds 21HP (taking it to 354) and 21 pound feet (getting us to 346). The crank is a heavier duty part than in the S4 iteration and apparently the SQ5 engine is "strong enough" to be cranked to another like increase without breaking much, if any, of a sweat.

    A new model S4 with 375HP and 367 pound feet might just be the Goldilocks answer (at least in the US). This would leave plenty of "headroom" for either a blown V8 or an even more tightly tuned V6 (T) to be fitted into an RS4 model. Indeed, based on what is easily do-able these days with plain ol' "normal" forced induction (super or turbo), twin-charging (super AND turbo) or other, "compound induction" derivatives, I wouldn't be shocked to "hear-tell" of an S4 with a 4 cylinder engine of some-kind or another, putting out an easy-peasy 350HP with gobs of low end torque, either.

    Program note:

    For reasons that would require at least two more paragraphs, I will tell you that I was cruising along at about 67 MPH on I-71 N (north of the I-275 interchange this Saturday PM last). I had the "need" to "punch it" -- and for the count of 1, 2, 3 floored the S4, cleared the incident, glanced at my digital read-out and found it reading 100. Under the circumstances (light traffic, four lanes heading north, etc), I was simply able to coast down to a relatively legal 68 without the need for the dampers. I realize the S6 seemed to do this exact same thing in what I "recall" as 1,2,3 -- the difference is that the S6 did so with practically zero drama. The S4 made all kinds of fun sounds as it made the jump to light speed.

    Newer S4's will, due to market conditions, surely come with more grunt than current versions, but for the life of me, I find it difficult to imagine ever being able (or rarely so) to use such power.

    1,2,3 -- the thing is like a freakin' sling-shot.

    Dizzy with the rush of speed, I leave you saying "Drive it like you live"!

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