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Coral Springs, FL
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Compact luxury vehicles and crossovers
More about me
Have loved automobiles since I was about 3 and that love grows every year!!!
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2015 Golf SE/ 2015 Audi A3/ 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/ 2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    The A3 is doing great at almost 9 months and 6500 on the clock. Drives and shifts smoothly up the power band, a very good choice for our needs to be honest. See many A3's down here in South Florida though there are many more of the larger sized Audi's. Now that there are more on the road, see the different colors and have to say, I do like the charcoal color the best followed by the silver. At the time of purchase, there were only black and white available and we really didn't like the black over black though we would have taken one if need be. We used that one to get the white one which the better half wanted so all worked out.
    Very happy with it and it has been flawless. Not sure what I'd do if the wife decides to trade in a few years...would consider selling the Golf and keeping the A3 for myself. But, who knows what the future will hold on hoping she'll keep it for the long haul.

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Tore a blood vessel in my eye where I had the cataract surgery Sunday and was seeing specs of black dots, now know they are called floaters. Called my surgeon Monday and they said go see a retina specialist immediately. Was a nightmare getting the doctors on our plan but found one nearby who sent me to a retina specialist. No torn retina, detached, whatever and told me I was very very lucky...only had a blood vessel burst. Not sure how long the dots will be there but they have grown in number from Sunday to Monday. They were very concerned also because my twin lost his eye to cancer back in '82 and feared I might be going through the same thing as we had similar symptoms. Again they told me yesterday they do not know how long I will have them floating around in my eye but it is annoying to drive which both docs said I could do. Besides my bad spine and now this, I feel old! Seems like we all have something, G-d seems to give everyone some issues to deal with on a day by day basis!

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Took them less than an hour, was a fuse. Told me some chargers are better than others and to use a good one. Asked about the oil change and my service guy said I can come in at 8.5k if I don't want to go out to 10k, which I probably will. Did see a new TDI model with the alloys I had wanted on it, looks sweet and would've loved those on mine but unfortunately, the lack of communication prevented this. Still like the ones I ended up with but really wanted the TDI ones.
    Weren't too busy for a Tuesday morning but I did get there at 7:25 and was taken right at 7:30. Fixed blown fuse, checked out vehicle, wash and vacuum and drove out at 8:40. Not to bad and hope not to go back until the first oil change. I really do like this vehicle...a lot!!!

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    Wife's liking her new A3 and it has been flawless. Got it's first oil change today and they cleaned it up nicely. Very nice vehicle!

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    So far, so good with the repair on the Golf...even though this was an unseen event, they stepped up to the plate, gave me a loaner for the holiday weekend and fixed the problem. It is a fun vehicle and hoping that they do make a cuv out of it in the future, a bit smaller then the Tiguan. I did like the higher seating position in the Tucson but I just felt like I was driving a tank, the newer ones like the HR-V are the perfect size...I just pulled the trigger 1.5 years too early. If I were to buy something right now, the HR-V would be the logical choice. Still have not seen a pic of the smallest Mazda cuv due out soon, again, seems to be the perfect size. Am not sure if the Encore/Trax are a bit larger though they look to be.
    At almost 5.5 months of ownership, I don't miss the Tucson at all! A nice overall vehicle which did everything right except it was too big, cut it down 1/4 of it's current size and it would've been perfect. Did see a shot of the new one and it looks like a smaller Sante Fe Sport but to compete with the Honda and Mazda subcompact cuv's, they'll need an Accent based vehicle in the near future since, according to Automotive News, this niche is the hot one right now!

    The Sandman :) B)
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