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Coral Springs, FL
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Vehicle(s) that interest me
Compact luxury vehicles and crossovers
More about me
Have loved automobiles since I was about 3 and that love grows every year!!!
Vehicle(s) I currently own
2015 Golf SE/ 2015 Audi A3/ 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/ 2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I personally like the 2003 to 2007 C Class and find that size just right. Have never driven one but would love to find a low mileage one. But, am very pleased with the lack of any issues so far with our time in Germany and that starter wire issue seems to have been a fluke really as it was super hard to find as it only happened a few times. Besides that, nothing to speak of and of course, the A3 has been flawless. The bubble on the side of the tire was related to my wife's driving as she probably went over a deep pot hole and forgot about it. Can't fault the vehicle for a tire issue like that.
    Still, am getting the bug to switch into something else as I approach the two year anniversary in December. But to keep the other half happy, won't move on it unless something spectacular comes along, something I just can't live without!

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Midsize Sedans 2.0

    I drove 3 new Optima's yesterday, a couple white over black and one white over beige, and I think they really are the best midsize vehicle out there, besides the Sonata which drives about the same. Seating is very comfortable for 5, dash layout is almost perfect with great ergonomics, decent stereo system, great get up and go and never feels sluggish. I'd buy one tomorrow if we needed such a big vehicle to be honest as I think it's that good. Hertz has a lot of them in their fleet and many go to auction at around the 10K figure. They do maintain these vehicles because I am one of the folks that drives them to the maintenance area so if buying one from a used car lot, folks should feel secure in that they were taken care of properly by Hertz.
    I think if we weren't in our German phase right now that we'd both be driving Kia/Hyundai products. We both like the Forte and Rio and the wife was about to purchase a Forte last time until I told her to check out the A3 just to see how it drove...little did I know that a couple of weeks later, she'd purchase the A3! She wanted a small vehicle and the local Audi dealer is right at the side of our housing development so it's close. Never ever did I think that she'd decide to purchase one as the price was more than we've ever spent on any vehicle and my limit is really $25K, my comfort zone.

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Since I'm averaging 13K/year now while working, by the end of 2018 think I should be somewhere in the 50 thousand range and if the vehicle is still working properly, should then be ready to trade. But sure, lots can happen till then and who knows, could still buyout the A3 from the Mrs., just do not know. After losing one sibling at 57, and another on their 58th birthday, I no longer make long term plans on anything in life. The one passion in my life besides my family is my love for the automobile and driving them. And now, if very careful, I can purchase every so often vehicles I never thought I could before. Thank you dad and grandma!
    So yeah, I'm all over the place on what I want to get next time but hey, that's part of the fun. And yes, anything at 170" or smaller is my sweet spot.

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Just left the Mini Cooper dealer, it's next door to the BMW place. Drove the base Mini Cooper with auto and sunroofs plus a few extra stuff. Liked the acceleration from the 1.5t engine and similar to my 1.8t. All they have are black interiors on these models and just can't do that in the Florida heat, am surprised my wife ain't complaining one bit about that. Think if she had waited a bit, could've gotten her into one with a grey interior or even beige like mine to cut down on the heat. Hated the skimpy wheels and that everything including Sirius/XM is an extra charge. Crazy!!!
    They did have a 20152 door coupe in an odd greenish color with stripes, sunroof and these blacked out alloys, 17" I think. They are pushing this unit out at $23,500 about which is a screamin' deal but it's already 2 model years old. Sales lady said they have some other '15 models at similar savings but think with a Mini, I'd want new. Wasn't wowed away here like I was on my first drive in my Golf and on the way home, smiled because I really like the Golf as it does everything right!
    Next on the list is the Honda HR-V. Just want to see what the fuss is all about. Hate the knobless infotainment center, same goes for the a/c and heat. We like knobs and we need knobs. Anyways, want to wait till the 2017's are out to see what tweaks they made and also to check out how good, or bad the CVT auto is.
    Even though I'm looking still doesn't mean that I still won't consider taking the A3 off my wife's hands a couple years down the road. Hate the black interior and the ovalish rear view mirror but that's my only gripes with a fine automobile. Sure I could learn the infotainment center instructions in no time.
    So, for the time being, I drive the Golf and continue my search. Who knows, could end up in a CPO'd Tiguan SE or even SEL as that's my favorite right now. It's my Golf just afew inches taller, something I wouldn't mind even if my twin has one!

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I guess all the recent buying here lately has got me thinking. Thinking I might get more from someone with a Golf at under 30K as mine is in pretty great shape right now. Maybe some kid with a load of cash might just want it. Not a GTI but looks pretty sharp with the Jetta alloys and the blue over beige combo.
    Really thought the BMW would give me the same silly grin as the A3 and Golf did when I first drove them. It didn't, and neither did the Mini today. Who knows, maybe the Tiguan will and if it does, I've got my answer! But, it would have to be any color besides black and white! Next thing on my list...go drive one and see.

    The Sandman :) B)
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