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Coral Springs, FL
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Compact luxury vehicles and crossovers
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Have loved automobiles since I was about 3 and that love grows every year!!!
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2015 Golf SE/ 2015 Audi A3/ 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/ 2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Called VW service just now, no news on my Golf, so looks like the '15 red Jetta will be staying for another night. Definitely like the push button start though can see it being a potential issue down the line. Has the same 1.8 as the Golf but seems a better fit in this vehicle and assuming it is a heavier vehicle since it's a bit longer in length...have been keeping it outside since don't want to have any issues with the garage door or the A3. Funny, the neighbor came over and asked my wife if I bought another vehicle, again!! She laughed and said no, just a loaner...besides, my vehicle always goes into the garage, always! Had all 4 vehicles home for the long weekend so I just let it sit and we used the kids vehicles...the Versa needed an oil change/rotation and an alignment check, got her a 3 year policy which came out to be well worth the price.
    Guy comes out and says the battery is "marginal" and as he starts with the price I ask him to check his computer and sure enough, we replaced it in September '13 so a new one is installed gratis! Glad I service the vehicles at the same place and keep all the receipts as not sure they would've looked if the kid went in by herself. She's almost at 72k and hoping to get this puppy up to 100k before we start looking, she drives a lot for her job so don't want her in something that continually breaks down.

    The Sandman :) B)

    P.S. Even though she likes Nissan, plan to show her the HR-V when the time comes as I think it'll be the perfect vehicle for her needs at that time. Also, would love one in the family to be honest!! And I plan to keep my Golf for a long while!!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    We've never ever owned a vehicle for less than 3 years until the Tucson, and truthfully, if the wife had not bought her A3, we'd still have it right now. I just wasn't in love with it or the was a bit big for what I am comfortable with but guess I had to get it out of my system since I've only owned economy cars. And I don't really consider the Golf an economy vehicle, think it's a step above really. The Tucson did move when I punched the accelerator though, the 2.4 was a sweet engine and I was never at a loss for power but again, the size was just a bit too large for what I felt comfortable with.
    So far, am loving the Golf though I'm thinking the black interior would've been a better choice since there are a few marks right now, nothing too bad but I know they're there. But 90% of the time, I'm the only occupant. Mine has more miles than the A3 now but I drive a bit farther on the days I do work and lately when we go out, I drive. But in time, hoping things even out though it doesn't really matter because I don't see myself in the market for a pretty long time...expect to do about 13k per year if things keep the way they are now. Have been cutting my commute down to 3 days a week which should help a bit. Great vehicle though and I really do love it more than anything up till now, even the '06 Civic, a tough act to follow. Only regret is that the 2016's will have an upgraded sound should've gone into the new 2015 model!

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Naturally VW brings out these new goodies the model year after the one I bought! Would be nice to have the most up to date tech in a brand new model but hey, I'm just a consumer who now feels a bit screwed over by the company! Such is life but, it just kinda stinks to be's need to start really thinking about the consumers more and putting our needs first! I'm a bit pissed off but it could've been any company for that matter.

    The Sandman :@ B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I do not want to pay an activation fee so will take all your advice when I call the cancellation department next week. Just have to find the phone number as I've put the promotional material I got recently in that same place where the lost sock goes in the dryer...never to be seen again!

    The Sandman :) B)
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Breld, that's my car and those were the first set of rims that I had though they were the 16" ones instead of the 17" ones that I've got now. My new ones are 17" ones that came off a Jetta they had for sale...they had given me a choice of 2 different Jetta wheels. The ones I really wanted are in the brochure. Contacted corporate about getting me the wheels I really want but they've basically ignored me so will just keep what I've got now. The car does look good though!!

    The Sandman :) B)
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