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2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS; 2014 Buick Encore (wife's)
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    GG, Cadillac wants to make you happy. Here is an excerpt from their limited warranty booklet on their Alternative Dispute Resolution Program.

    Customer Satisfaction Procedure (page 31)

    Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to your dealer and to Cadillac. Normally, any concerns with the sales transaction or the operation of your vehicle will be resolved by your dealer's sales or service departments. Sometimes, however, despite the best intentions of all concerned, misunderstandings can occur. If your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the following steps should be taken:

    You have already taken steps One and Two (i.e. to contact dealer & GM)

    : Both GM and your GM dealer are committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with your new vehicle. However, if you continue to remain unsatisfied after following the procedure outlined in Steps One and Two, you can file with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Auto Line Program to enforce any additional rights you may have.

    The BBB Auto Line Program is an out of court program administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus to settle automotive disputes regarding vehicle repairs or the interpretation of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

    Although you may be required to resort to this informal dispute resolution program prior to filing a court action, use of the program is free of charge and your case will generally be heard within 40 days. If you do not agree with the decision given in your case, you may reject it and proceed with any other venue for relief available to you.

    Contact the BBB Auto Line Program using the toll-free telephone number or write them at the following address: BBB Auto Line Program Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
    4200 Wilson Boulevard Suite 800
    Arlington, VA 22203-1804

    By the way, somewhere in the booklet it says that outside expenses such car rentals is the responsibility of the customers.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    I will repeat that surprising statistic. Although luxury automobiles make up only 5% of the auto industry sales they however generate over 50% of auto makers profit. So a shout out to you guys for subsidizing my driving addiction.

  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    Since others are bragging about their recent purchases I thought I'd share my nearly new wheels.

    It may not be not have the pedigree of Germany's Big Three but my 1999 RAV 4 purchased in Japan and shipped 8,800 miles across the Pacific, has arrived at its new home in the Caribbean. Sorry oldfarmer this one is spoken for.

    Note: the steering wheel is on the right since they drive on the wrong side of the road in the Caribbean.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    Congrats on purchase and I'm glad the dealer did everything possible to earn back your business and hopefully your loyalty.

    With that said, that is the deal of the century--$15K off sticker? Wow!
    Don't know if it is my browser but I cannot see the Flickr images.

    And by the way, two Cadillac sales in two days, not to shabby for good old GM.
  • Re: Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences

    @henryn said:

    I predict within the next 10 to 15 years, cars are going to be sold at a fixed price. It is what the majority of consumers want, and sooner or later the market will have to pay attention to what the customers want. It seems (at least to me) that it is the car dealers, not the manufacturers, who want to maintain the present status quo.

    I agree with you to a certain extent. The base price (with minimal options) will probably a fixed price, but the options will be priced as single options or as packages. This will lead to even higher prices for the consumer; Exhibit A, the cable and telecommunications companies.

    Price is not only a function of cost. It is based upon other variables such as supply and demand, prestige, information, and time sensitivity. As long as these factors are not in equilibrium prices will fluctuate; and that is how a market based economy works.

    By the way, Warren Buffett is getting into the car dealership business. Don't know what the overall impact will be but it sure will affect those areas where the dealerships are based.
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