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Jaguar XJ
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I like money
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2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS; 2014 Buick Encore (wife's)
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    We are under another storm warning again. All schools in the Boston are closed.

    On a related note, last Friday's snow storm left heartbreak in my town of Canton, MA, when a six year old girl died when a snow laden branch fell and crushed her to death. Not very far away, a neighbor received the same fate when a tree branch fell on him. What a tragedy. Condolences to the families and may the departed souls of their love ones rest in eternal peace.
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    bwia said:

    I want to like the MB GLC 4Matic SUV but although the base price is tantalizing at $40K, however, a reasonably equipped model will set you back $46k +. What's up with that nickle and dime pricing formula.

    bwia - you are looking at a MB, not a Honda or a Dodge.  Drive it first - then drive a Honda or a Dodge or a Nissan.  Then decide which is the better vehicle.  You pay a premium to drive a MB or a BMW or an Audi.  ;)

    Agreed somewhat. But there is a difference between perceived quality, refinement & handling and reality. Add to that our nature of aspiring to buy what we cannot afford is the secret sauce to aspirational branding. A MB, BMW or Audi may be premium but at double the price of functionally a similar vehicle is hard to justify. Private colleges do it all the time. A Harvard undergraduate education is no better than Umass, but parents swear by it because of the cache and status it projects in the minds of the petit bourgeois.
  • Re: Buick Encore

    If your wife is like my wife or many of the other middle-aged women I met a the dealership she definitely will go for the Encore. My daughters have a 2015 RDX and Terrain and recently a 2014 Escape. Nice vehicles in their own right, but we believe they are too big and not as luxurious as the Encore.

    We have the 2014 saddle-leather trim level with all the goodies except for the 6-speaker Bose stereo--in hindsight a big mistake. Since my wife is the primary driver of the Encore I merely tag along for the compliant and quiet ride.

    The vehicle is spacious enough for 4 adults but certainly not five; and I agree with everything that @suydam said. The GPS and infotainment system is very intuitive, at least for me, since I also own a Buick LaCrosse. However, the GPS address entry is cumbersome. We do not use that feature, instead we rely on voice command or Onstar. The voice recognition is great, very infrequently do we have to repeat instructions. Nonetheless, the high resolution 3-D map is first rate. Kudos to Intellilink.

    One major and two minor complaints. My wife believes that the liftgate should have an automatic feature. When it is raining it is very inconvenient to manually open the lift gate. Although the Encore looks and feels upscale it lacks push-button start and directional grid lines in the back-up camera. Not a deal breaker but it would have been a nice touch.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Downloaded Windows 10 to my 2-year old Toshiba Laptop. It's an upgrade from Windows 8.1.

    I'm debating trying to upgrade my 9-year old HP Pavilion laptop(AMD Turion ML37 (2 GHz)) to 10 if it will try.
    Currently Win XP Pro version used for Media Center. I have a copy of Win 7 that I can try installing on it first.

    As for my other two laptops, I think I'll clone each one to a spare hard drive. Then if I don't like Win 10, I can just clone my original drive back onto each.

    No worries; you'll like (love) Win 10 but that 9-year old HP has to go. RIP
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Actually, the S Class I like the least is about a 2010 model like one of my neighbors has. I have only ever seen him in it, and he is probably 5 ft 8. What he needs this giant car for I don't know. His house is nice but is about 60 years old, I have never seen his car go out or go into the garage, and I doubt if it would fit anyway.
    Hey Driver, aren't you a tad judgmental? The man has BIG car because he can afford it and an older home because of its charm and coziness. Be a good neighbor and offer to help him clean his garage so he can park his car inside.
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