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Jaguar XJ
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I like money
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2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS; 2014 Buick; Encore (wife's); 1999 RAV4
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    I'm off to the airport, hope the traffic is isn't too bad. Now that the TSA has hired more fulltime staff I hope they can move those usually long lines at holiday times.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Speaking of Buick, why can't GM build Buick into a super specialty brand competing directly with Audi and Lexus for example. This premium niche appeals to all types of buyers - young and old, affluent and the low profile. The Encore is a step in that direction. Nice interior, efficient use of space and premium looking material. 
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    jmonroe said:
    driver100 said:
    Does anyone have experience with heat treatments from a chiropractor? I still have a bit of a stiff neck since the accident, getting better but slowly. Some of the guys at tennis say this chiropractor is a miracle worker. He has eliminated or really nullified their aches and pains. My wife and I are fans of doctors and modern day medicine, we are skeptical of chiropractors, especially because some do some dubious get rid of toxins by putting your feet in a tub of chemicals, and other hokey pockey stuff I really find it hard to get the nerve to go....I don't know if they could make me worse off. Any real success stories or really bad experiences? I made the appointment for Tuesday, but, I am probably going to cancel it.
    If you haven't yet, now is the time to get a "My Pillow." It should help ease your neck pain and improve your sleep. That is one of the best things that's been happening in my bedroom lately. I feel sorry for you. :'( jmonroe
    No need to feel soŕry the bedroom part was meant to be a joke. 
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    I never paid much attention to the Honda Accord before but yesterday, in underground parking lot, I could not help but notice a gorgeous glistening black sedan with LED lights and all. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be an Accord. Don't know what model year it was but it looked brand new.

    I am sure these cars have been on the road for a while but this one appeared smaller and less bloated than the Accords of late. It even looks like the previous generation Azera (perhaps jmonroe can confirm that) and the size seems just right. Kudos to Honda, in this climate of SUVs and CUVs I hope they are selling a lot of these Accords.
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    Henry, I like your mower buying story but was taken aback by the 8.25% sales tax. And besides, shouldn't used vehicles be exempt from  sales taxes? The original owner paid the full sales tax when purchased new. When he traded in the mower, he of course did not get a sales tax refund. 

    How can the state get away with this double-taxation scam, and at 8.25% to boot. That sounds criminal and there should be a law against it.
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