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  • brian125

    Hey scwells give me your take on the r-spec genesis... I have mine now 4 months but it sat in the garage alot due to bad weather here in NY. I have 1000 miles on car.

    My review is I really like the car.. Its so fast its scary. What i dont like is the suspension . Here in the nyc area roads are terrible and the r- spec jumps around alot. The regular genesis probably rides alot better... On nice roads this car is a dream. I plan to drive this car for 2 more years then sell and buy the new redesign genny.. Hopefully by then that new look will grow on me.. LOl..

    March 2014
    • scwells72
      Sorry, I guess I hadn't signed up for notifications here so I just happened to see this today. Overall I like the car quite a bit. I miss having a manual transmission (my previous cars were an Audi S4 6MT and an Infiniti G37S 6MT), but I have back issues that make working a clutch difficult, particularly in rush hour traffic.

      The car is very powerful, but the transmission has a pretty significant lag, so you have to learn to build that into the way you drive to keep from getting caught flat-footed passing or merging. Living in Austin, TX, the suspension isn't an issue for me. However, while it's firm, the car still has quite a bit of understeer/roll relative to my previous sport sedans, so it's not really one to take out for a curvy country drive at higher speeds. From a tactile standpoint, I don't like the steering wheel. The diameter is too large and the it's not thick enough, particularly at the 10 and 2 points. There was a plug-and-play aftermarket wheel that was thicker and smaller diameter (and wood-and-leather) that I tried to find, but it looks like it's out of production now. Honestly if I could change only one thing, that would be it.

      Having said all that, considering what I paid for it, I'm thrilled with the car! It would be difficult to find another car that comes even close for under $60K...maybe the Chrysler 300 SRT8, but I'm thinking more along the lines of the Japanese and German manufacturers.

      I also replaced the Hyundai logos with the Genesis logos on the trunk lid and wheel center caps, and it actually does make a difference in the look and feel of the car. If you haven't done that, I recommend it. It's not chintzy aftermarket's the actual parts from the car in Korea where Genesis is more strongly branded.

      I'll probably hang onto this car for several more years. When it's time to look at something new, if I have my back problems sorted out I'll likely look at options with manual transmissions again, but if not, I'm definitely open to another Genesis, especially if they come out with another R-Spec with the shortcomings I mentioned above addressed. We'll see...that's quite a bit in the future...
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