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  • saucylexus
    am in the caribbean so these claims are out of my reach.My rx 300 transmission is out and even a use one is expensive so what about this plan.the 2001-2003 Rav 4 is based on the same design plan as the rx 300 and carry the u140f transmission but maybe a different bell housing,Is it possible to swap the rx bell housing onto the Rav 4 and install this transmission onto the rx 300.
    April 22
  • mapleisland12
    I do most of my work myself so I looked for a used stroke sensor Part #89510-47010 and I found that part online used for under 50.00.Looks simple to install.
    However when talking to their head mechanic at Toyota, he suggested replacing the skid control ecu part #89540-47100.
    I also found a SS50170 brake control power mod part # 89680-47020.
    I could replace any and all these parts. Any advice or recommendations. I use this car for my livelihood and need to get it right Thanks for any input.
    October 2015
  • mapleisland12
    reading your input on prius skid control sensor. Best info I have read so far. My car did this from the day one when I bought it used in 2009 with 40k miles,I complained to two seperate dealers . One said they found nothing. the other said it was normal for abs to kick in. Obviously neaither were correct.
    It now has 427k with a second motor. However recently the braking system is malfunctioning in this way. When I brake, I need to do short bursts to stop vehicle. If I stay on the pedal too long,my brakes malfunction and go to an almost manual style mode(requiring much more pressure to stop)
    If I stop the vehicle with short bursts and braking system does not switch to (manual) mode,Once at a full stop, the braking system wants to let off, requiring additional pressure to stop again and again. If I throw tranny into neutral, system stays engaged and does not malfunction(doesn't let loose nor go to (manual) feel.
    I was told it was stroke skid sensor and the dealer wanted 2742.97 P&L
    October 2015
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