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Volvo C70



  • booker1booker1 Posts: 4
    My third set of tires are Fuzio all season 18 inch with an alignment. For the first time since I purchased the car, it feels safe and like my old Volvo C70. Volvo of North America is a joke and will do nothing to reimburse me. Obviously, the car needed an alignment from the beginninig and two Volvo dealers told me it was fine.
    I love my convertible, but if I had to do it over, I would buy a BMW or Chrysler.
    Spending an unnecessary $1400 for two new sets of tires is ridiculous. I had problems with the dealer in Kansas City where we had leased our other Volvos. They even left the packing grates intact under the carriage and when I took it back for the noise, the guy smiled and said, "I know what the problem is", For an upscale car, Volvo has terrible dealer service.

  • jschiltzjschiltz Posts: 4
    I just finalized on a 2009 C70 through the OSD Delivery program. I will be picking up my new volvo on August 29th and am very excited! I need to decide on how long to stay and what to do while I'm there. I would really like to take advantage of this fantastic trip and am torn on what to sign up for. I am considering the 11 day Three Kingdom tour because you go to Sweeden, Norway, and Denmark. It seems like a good way to pack a lot in a couple of weeks. Has anyone else done this tour or any of the others? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!
  • When my original P-Zero Rosso's wear out (the summer high-perf. tires that came with the 18" wheels on my 2007), I am going to go to all-season tires, although still pretty performance-oriented. It's still a way off, but my initial thinking was Pirelli P-Zero Nero M+S tires. The tread-wear rating on these is almost double that of the P-Zero Rosso's.
  • gsimangsiman Posts: 4
    I am new to this. Just got a C70 convetable. Is the spare tire supposed to be in a "bag" in the trunk and no cover on top of it. How are you supposed to use the trunk,the stuf you put in falls along the sides of the spare.
    Is the backseat armrest supposed to come out of the car when you pull it down.
    Is my dealer giving me the runaround.
    Thanks for any help
  • Is it supposed be to able to beep from the left and the right side in the rear? For some reason, I only hear it from the left side speakers, never the right side. I'm sure that when I was backing up and someone was passing behind my vehicle, they'd be on the right side as well as the left side and it started to beep, left side only. Is something wrong or is this the way it works? I wish there were backup lights as well as the beeps, like I have in my Touareg. I guess that's from the backup camera...something the C70 needs.
  • I have this in the reverse. Only the right side beeps, never the left. Thank you for any info.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yes to both questions.
  • The back-seat "armrest" (speaking for the current C70 model) isn't really an armrest. It's just a padded cover to the pass-through to the trunk (i.e, for skis). It's also where you go to find the tire flat-repair kit (air pump and "goop"), for cars that didn't come with a spare tire. I also seem to recall that there is a sort of tarp provided, for emergency use if the roof gets stuck in the down position.
  • scarvelesscarveles Posts: 1
    I am a new 2003 C70 owner and find that when I make any kind of a sharp turn -- lets say backing out of a parking space and cutting hard -- either left or right, there is this terrible noise like the entire front end is going to drop out. I have returned it to the dealer (used car dealer not Volvo) who says its just needed to be "greased". When they got done greasing, it still shoulds the same. Only happens on sharp cutting of the wheel -- everything is fine for normal turns. Has anyone else had this problem??
  • bobc70bobc70 Posts: 10
    I have a 99 C70 which had the same problem (guessing it is the same body type as the 2003) after going to the dealer for the 3rd time, they told me that in that model year the when you turn the wheels all the way the tire touches the inner side of the fender and makes the noise, so they use to grease the inner part of the fender (where the tires are) which is really a stupid idea, so I've leaned not to turn it all they way. it is a design flow that i was told it is fixed in the following years, but maybe not!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,260
    Well, I know the steering stops for the '98+ S70/C70/V70 models have to be periodically greased. I'm not sure of all the model years affected, but I'd guess since Volvo didn't change their design much until recently, it still applies. It is a grinding noise you will hear while making slow maneuvers like parallel parking, as you described, scarveles.

    However, what bob's dealer says is NOT the same thing. I don't know if they made that up or what. But they don't touch the fenders, they touch the steering stops, but that's what steering stops are there for, after all (hence the name).

    Scarveles, maybe the indy dealer you bought from doesn't know exactly what to grease. I would take it to a volvo dealer or an indy mechanic who KNOWS volvos and have it serviced. Just tell them you'd like the steering stops greased. They should know exactly what you are talking about. If the noise doesn't go away, then you have another problem that needs to be addressed.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    However, what bob's dealer says is NOT the same thing. I don't know if they made that up or what. But they don't touch the fenders

    Actually, it is entirelly possible for the tires to touch the inside of the fender well under full turning.
    Especially if you diverge from the factory tire size.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,260
    yes, with the wrong tires, it could happen. But since he said something about it being a factory defect, I assume he's running stock-sized wheels and tires (although I could be wrong, of course).
    Also, I don't think rubbing the fenders should give what is described as such an ungodly noise. If it did, the damage should be apparent.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Long time reader, first time poster -- I always wanted to say that! :P

    I’m a new owner of a 2008 Volvo C70, and thus far I’m fairly happy. I did have my share of work trying to get the vehicle, but this post wasn’t meant to be a whine…
    For the people that care, it’s

    Metallic Silver
    Off Black Interior
    Climate Package
    Dynaudio Package
    Premium Package
    Convenience Package

    For 39311.60 Net Cap Cost Lease – Purchased on 6/30/2008

    Now for my questions…

    Am I suppose to get two key remotes (key fobs) as indicated on the User Manual (p.112), regardless if I got the Keyless drive feature from my Convenience Package (one dealership saids yes, the other saids no, Volvo Customer Service saids yes, and now I’m confused – but I don’t want to be surprised and have to buy a new one when the lease is up)?

    I got a tire repair kit (version 1), based on the User Manual (p.186), am I suppose to get some sort of toolkit as well (not the jack, but the wrench to take the tire off)?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Congrats on the new car!
    Yes, you are supposed to get 2 keyfobs.
    No, you don't get a tool kit if you have the tire repair kit.
    The tire is repaired on the car.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Congrats on the new car!

    Fully loaded, isn't it?? :surprise:
    Hope you're gonna love it.

    About your questions:
    In my country the car always comes with 2 fobs, regardless of key or keyless.
    And in case of a tire repair kit: no, you don't get any tools (neither jack nor wrench)

    Nevertheless: Enjoy your rides :shades:
  • schuhccschuhcc Posts: 5

    Sorry that I'm late to the game here. I did overseas delivery on my wife's 2004 XC90 (I have a 2000 C70 w/135k miles). I did not take any of the tours that they had. Instead I did about 1800 miles driving from the factory to Prague, Vienna, Budapest. Then up through Koln and dropped the car off in Belgium (100euro fee) to be shipped back. The OSD program by Volvo is probably one of the richest offered. Volvo takes very good care of you while you are there and everything was incredibly easy. I would highly recommend you do the pre-made tours if you haven't been there.

    I got stuck twice (almost ran out of gas, and got a cracked windshield on the autobahn) and the 800-numbers they give you for assistance is TREMENDOUS. I pulled into an all Diesel/Kerosine mega plex at 11:30 at night far North from Dresden with 15 miles til my tank was empty. I got a help desk person on the phone who located a gas station, asked them to stay open, and directed me to them. I really can't say enough about their customer service while over there. They take care of everyone during OSD.

    I will be doing OSD with an Audi in April of 2009 but will have to foot my own airfare. BMW, Audi, Saab can't hold a candle to Volov's OSD program.
  • schuhccschuhcc Posts: 5

    Sorry for being late to the game on this post. I've never had Pierelli's but this forum was huge in making sure I never got them for my 2000 C70. Mine came with the Michelin Pilots and during my 135k miles I've had 3 sets.
    Michelin (adequate) lasted 40k (~$225)
    Bridgestone Protenzas (noisy for first 5k but awesome in the rain) 40k (~$175)
    Falken ZIEX (AWESOME) 40k (~$120)

    Falken blew everything away and is actually decent in snow which is big for me just outside of Chicago.
  • Thanx volvomax and henkbw for the quick input

    as a quick gave me a new key now I have 2
    but would you believe I found a crack in the interior of the rear tail light on the underside of the trunk door?

    Great car...but now I need to do a full inspection to see what else is going on and bring it up to the dealer.

    I hope that's the only thing...the trek over there is a long one...even if I do enjoy the's a time killer
  • jschiltzjschiltz Posts: 4

    Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. We decided to sign up for the 3 kingdom tour and I'm really looking forward to the whole experience. I have to say, being that I've never been out o f the US, I'm a bit nervous about driving my new car in another country! But, it helps to know that Volvo's customer service takes good care of the OSD customers.
  • tomkat73tomkat73 Posts: 5
    jschlitz - we take delivery of our 2008 "in stock" Metallic Silver/Off Black 6 spd (Premium, Climate, Convenience, Bluetooth) on Sept 1 - so we might be 'C70's passing in the night' in Sweden. We drop it off at GOT FDC for shipment back to Seattle on Sept 14, flying back Sept 16.

    This is our 2nd Volvo OSD (05 V50 T5 AWD), but 4th overall. Back in '79, we picked up a Tourist Delivery VW Diesel Rabbit - and in '86, we bought a VW Vanagon Camper. Volvo DEFINITELY has the best Overseas delivery program out there.

    ALL have been terrific experiences - so you're gonna have a GREAT time in Scandinavia. Your post above sez you opted for the 11 day "3 Kingdom" Tour. We've not taken advantage of any of Volvo's tours (my wife is 1st Gen US citizen..parents are Swedish and Norwegian), but description of tours looks inviting and we've visited all the places recommended on the 3 Kingdom tour.

    Most 'younger' Scandinavians speak English...and are very friendly - so language should not be an issue. Not sure if you got the Nav system in your C70 (we didn't cuz my Swedish speaking Navigator is riding shotgun - and I ALWAYS follow her directions). Anyway - you're gonna have a terrific time.

    Ping me back at if you have more questions. TC
  • tomhewtomhew Posts: 3
    I just got this car and it has about 27000 miles on it. Does anybody know where I can get a "wind deflector" for my '04?

    Additionally, I'm not real keen on the way it handles. Has anybody ever installed the anti-sway bar upgrades advertised all over the place?

  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,208
    Easiest place to get the wind deflector is at your dealer. It is expensive, but worth it. It really works. Occasionally there's one on Ebay, but you have to make sure it fits your year. In the back seat above the speaker/reading light do you have a hole/circle? My 99 has a slot, believe the mounting changed from the slot to the hole around 02. The slot "male ends" wont work with the holes and vise versa. Some sellers will say it fits all years, but it wont. It should come with a storage bag too. Good Luck on Ebay.
  • jschiltzjschiltz Posts: 4

    Thanks for your response. Your MY08 in stock sounds just like what I had originally wanted. When I inquired back in June for a 6 spd metallic silver, the OSD dept said they had no manual 08's in stock. I wonder how you were able to find that one! I really would have loved to have taken advantage of the MY08 savings, but I was set on getting a manual trasmission, so I ordered a 2009. Here's what I ordered:

    6 speed manual
    electic silver metallic
    off black interior
    heated front seats
    park assist rear
    sirius satellite
    wind blocker

    We drop ours off for shipment in GOT on September 9th and flying back on the same day. Sounds like we'll be there during the same time frame. We take delivery of ours on August 29th and will be heading to Norway on August 30th. Maybe if our plans work out, we can meet up. It sounds like you and your wife know Scandinavia a lot better than we do. It would be fun to meet up with another pair of OSDers! Let me know.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sway bar upgrades are a must.

    Also, I would look into a strut tower brace.
  • whecwhec Posts: 5
    Have found ipd ( in Portland, Oregon to be an excellent source of Volvo C70 "after market" items, including suspension, exhaust, etc; and Technical Information.
  • schuhccschuhcc Posts: 5
    Overseas delivery is a breeze. Don't be worried about driving in Europe as I assure you, they are much better drivers there then in the States (I'm in Chicago so I see a lot of stupid stuff). Also, you'll find that there is not a ton of traffic as Europeans do not have the driving culture we do. The big cities can become congested, but outside of them it's smooth sailing. is a great resource and I tend to go to them for most of my needs (Brakes and rotors especially). If you are looking for performance as well I would suggest I recently bought the handheld ecu updater and the muffler from there. My 2000 C70 HT had always been fast, but now it is scary quick and other then the muffler searing off the skin on my shin once a month, I love it.
  • tomkat73tomkat73 Posts: 5
    Sorry jschlitz - tuned out of this forum for a bit.

    We think our 'in-stock' 6 spd was a fluke. :shades:

    We started OSD shopping (2nd time ...1st was an 05 V50 T5 AWD) in mid April when my wife's cousin's wedding plans firmed up (Sept 6 in Vaxjo). Our local dealer's OSD specialist checked the in-stock list twice...and we just missed out on a couple of very nicely equipped 08 'cancelled order' Celestial Blues with auto and most of what you ordered above.

    We were also just about to order a 6sp 09 when our OSD sales guy called his contact at OSD (in LA?) - turns out that 3 or 4 of the 08 'in-stocks' were miss labeled as autos. :confuse: We jumped on this on May 2 as the N/C Premium, Climate and Metallic Paint (all were Silver) promotion was still on. Lower deposit for in-stock 08's swung the deal...and we paid for the already installed Convenience Package...and to have Bluetooth installed at the FDC on our sales guys advice (better job and cheaper than having it done when we get it back).

    Looks like we'll be the proverbial "C70's passing in the night" as we arrive in GOT on Aug 31 - spend a few days in GOT...and then hed south and east to visit Rellies. Won't get back to GOT until Sept 11, drop off at FDC on the 12th before flying back on the 14th.

    If your 3 Kingdom Tour takes you into "Kingdom of Glass" territory (Kalmar, Oland) before you head back to GOT...let me know and we'll continue the discussion 'off line'.

    Take advantage of the Swedish Meatball lunch and Factory tour when you pick up your new C70! Tomkat73
  • erisamanerisaman Posts: 99
    Hi Volvomax and Co - it has been a long time since I visited this forum so you won't remember me. Am based in the UK and took delivery of a C70 T5 Auto in January 2007 - had loads of problems with it and 'got rid of it' in June 2007. We won't go into the problems now, it's water under the bridge as we say.

    Since then there have been other probs, my mum passed away and I had a heart attack so, all in all, not a good year.

    BUT!! Guess what - I may buy another C70! I loved the look of the car, they've now had time to sort some of the problems and I may go for the D5 2.4 diesel. Is that now available in the USA? Any opinions on them?

    And are there 'after-market' trim kits available - I don't like the light coloured wood trim, would really like a Piano Black centre console etc. Any experience of diesel tuning boxes on the C70 - boosting power somewhat?

    Hey, it's good to be back, I almost 'lived' on this forum two years ago!!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sorry, no diesels here in the US.

    There aren't any aftermarket trim kits that I am aware of.
    However, you could buy plain plastic trim pieces and have them painted however you like.
    Some people are doing that w/ the C30.
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