2008 RAV4 2nd row rear latch release

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Anyone run into any problems folding the 2nd row seats from the rear cargo area (using the rear latch levers from the cargo area to fold down the 2nd row seats)?

Before I take the RAV4 back to the dealership, I wanted to check to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

Already tried to properly stowed the middle seat seatbelt. When I pull on either latch, I can hear what sounds to be a lever trying to release the 2nd row seats, but nothing happens. The left rear latch is much easier to pull then the right rear latch.

Any suggestions?


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    Mine take a fairly good pull to operate, but work fine. My friend tried it but was afraid he was going to break something due to the effort required. My only advice is to make sure you are pulling hard enough.

    I assume it is a simple cable-operated release, so if it is not hooked up correctly the dealer should be able to fix it easily.
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    I had trouble the first time I tried to fold my seats down. Then I realized that they were in the recline position. Once I put them fully upright, with the headrests lowered, they folded down easily.
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    I have a 2008 base RAV4 I purchased in October 2007. This past January, I noticed the front door panels and portions of the seats were starting to pill and fuzz. The car had 5500 miles on it at the time. We had purchased it as our fun travel buggy, so it really doesn't get everyday use. It now has about 10,000 miles on it and more portions of the seats are pilling and fuzzing. My dealer and Toyota are aware of the problem, but that's a whole other discussion. I sew, so I do realize that I might notice unusual fabric wear before others might. I've taken the RAV to a local car upholsterer, and he tells me that the fabric really shouldn't be doing what it is doing. What I would like to know is has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    Not yet, but I am under 4K miles still.

    Might want to start a separate topic for this question...
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    I have a similar issue on a 2008 Rav4 after 18000 miles. I have just written to Toyota, who referred me to a dealer. What has been Toyota's and dealers response as to why it happended and what they are going to do about it.
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    Toyota says it is normal wear and tear. Since my seats were pilling and fuzzing so early (@5000 miles), my dealer's customer service rep worked really hard to get me new seat covers. The car now has over 30000 miles and the new covers are holding up fine.
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    How many seats were wearing. I've done the dance with two dealerships. The bottom of the seat on the driver was deemed defective due to the seat backing breaking down. The seat back, 5 inches away from the defective bottom, is fuzzing on the lower outside. This started at 12K, took it in at 17K, and was told the svc mgr needed to look at it. Got it back in and was told it was 'normal', which I don't agree with. The other seats, pass and back look OK. Any suggestions as to who in Toyota to write to. Took some pics that clearly show the fuzzing.
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    I did some research on line and found the name of a Group Vice President (which by now has probably changed). I wrote to him at the following address.
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    19001 S. Western Avenue
    Torrance, CA 90501-1106
    My complaint was passed on to someone in customer relations in their executive offices.
    My RAV started its fuzzing at under 6000 miles. After dealing with my dealership's service department, I visited their consumer relations person. Since I had purchased my vehicle at this dealership, that person was very helpful in addressing and helping me with my concern. In many ways he was the go-between between myself and the Toyota consumer relations rep. I did get new front seat covers.
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