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Honda Odyssey 2006 CD changer problem

saphira2021saphira2021 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Honda
I have a 06 Odyssey. Last month the CD changer (6 disk) started displaying DISK ERROR right in the middle of playing the CD. The problem was intermittent, the changer would also cycle for about 5 minutes after I turn the engine off. It tries to load every disk for a while and then stops. The disks when taken out seem hot. When it is cold outside, the cd player would work for a while and then stop. Now that the weather is warm, it does not work when i start driving, but then after awhile, it seems to cool off and then starts working. The dealership replaced the cd changer once, no good, the problem persists. Anyone had the same problem?


  • rolojroloj Posts: 12
    I experienced the problem twice and both times I took it back to the dealer. They had to order a replacement from the manufacture. they called me when it got in and changed it out.
    Note: If you have CDs stuck in there be sure to tell them and make sure they put that in the ticket as well. That way when they send it back to the manufacture they will send the CDs directly to you. If you don't, then the CDs go back to the dealer but they MAY NOT call you to let you know. Then you have a hard time getting it back. Not that they refuse to admit they have them, but is just time for someone to look for the package is the problem since they may have HUNDREDS of them in a box or stored all over the place.
  • btom1btom1 Posts: 1
    Can someone please shed some troubleshooting steps for this problem.
    The radio still working.
    symtoms: a CD will pops out when trying to insert.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Here is what I saw online, you may give it a try...

    Disconnect the battery and let the electronics reset. Make sure you've got the radio code close by so you can program that in when you reconnect the battery.

    Another way worth a try :
    Fold a paper, hold one end & put the other end 3 to 4" into the slot, then press Load or Eject CD button. It will help to eject the CD as displaying errror message.
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