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Lexus ES 350 Paint Problems



  • sbergersberger Posts: 2
    I'm also not aware of any actual lawsuit being pursued right now, but would also like to know if there is one being contemplated and how to enjoin with it. If anyone has information on this, please share so we can figure out how to participate. Longer I have car, the more chips appear with just normal routine driving....
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Sorry, we don't allow info about specific lawsuits to be posted in the Forums.


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  • Good Luck trying to get any satisfaction from Lexus! I have a 2009 ES350 and the paint problems started the first time I washed and waxed the car. The clear coat is flawed, it scratches very easily but it also chips very easily. Lexus dealers and lexus themselves position is to deny deny deny. I have spoken to a dealer and they just bounced me from piller to post without ever giving me a straight answer, so I contacted Lexus directly. I have never been treated with such disrespect in my life. The paint looks so bad I am ashamed to drive this car. Probably the best complaint to make is to tell all your friends and to do exactly what Lexus wants and go away.
  • nealk1nealk1 Posts: 2
    That is why I filed the Lawsuit. Please click the link in my post then contact the attorney and add your name. It won't cost you anything and it's the only chance you''ll have at getting anything.
  • qtgritsqtgrits Posts: 2
    I didn't see a link. Could you please post it again? THANKS!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Sorry - we do not permit organizing legal action within the forums.


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  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited December 2011
    A fact-of-life: The water-based paints used by ALL car manufacturers these days chip very easily. The paint isn't as durable as the older paints. It mattters little who made the car--they will all get chips. Don't blame Lexus, as it's not their fault. Blame our Federal Government--they mandated the use of water-based auto paint.

    Washing: If you use automatic car washes--STOP, unless they are the "touchless" type. The brushes kill your finish. All the grit from previous cars going through is rubbed on your paint. Wash your car by hand at home, starting at the top & working down, with frequent rinsing.

    Clay bars & waxing: If your paint has dulled, a shiny finish can be restored by using a "clay bar", followed by a good quality wax. Forget liquid waxes & carnuba wax. Use a good brand of synthetic paste wax, like "Ice" for the most durable finish. Wax at least every six months. Clay bar about once a year.

    Repainting: If done with water-based paint, you've not fixed a thing--the chips will return. If you can find a body shop the will break the law & use a good solvent-based lacquer or enamel, your paint may look better longer. Maybe. Get ready to pay a fortune though--many thousands of dollars.
  • mella1mella1 Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    I have a 2008 ES 350 Midnight blue, I purchased the car directly from dealer brand new, As others have stated I too have been noticing scratches on my car since I purchased the vehicle. I make an effort to always park my car at a distance away from other cars. At first, I too thought someone was keying my car!! I try to at least have my car fully reconditioned and waxed once a year, however they continue to pop up:( I had to replace my tires within 2 years of purchase, and also brakes and rotors. It's not like I dont take care of my car, I take the car to the dealer consistently for oil changes, in additon to random certification check ups to ensure the car is upto par. !!!
  • mella1mella1 Posts: 2
    In any case was interested about the class action LS going on, Please contact me!!
  • Hi, I have a midnight blue Lexus with the same problems. I am wondering about the class action lawsuit. Is it too late to be added?
  • billeveebillevee Posts: 15
    Enough is enough Paint problems all over the car (2008
    Black Obsidian with a WHITE UNDERCOAT go figure !!!!
    At 50,000 miles car looked 10 years old
    Engine was knocking ( dealer said it was fuel
    Injection which is BS) On top of this right headlight
    had to be replaced at a cool $500
    Got $21,000 on a trade in from Carsense and
    Got a 2009 BMW 528i with beautiful paint job
    And only 23,000 miles Walk out price with warranty
  • My car is obsidian black - in addition to chipping if someone touches the car their fingerprint seems to leach the paint and leaves a "print" where the car was touched. The "fingerprint" is very noticeable. It dulls the paint in that spot. Most prominent in the trunk area where you would put your hand on the truck to close it and on the doors. Very bizarre - also happening on our 10 yr old silver highlander but after ten years we expected see some paint deterioration. My local dealer refuses to accept any responsibility. Anyone else having this issue or know of a resolution.
  • goldscjgoldscj Posts: 1
    Did I mention my crappy paint? OK, so I now have this 2013 ES350 that has bad black paint and they tell me the district mgr will have to review. One month later they make an appt. and sit for an hour only to have the regular service person tell me there is nothing wrong with the paint and they will give me a 50% discount for their polishing service.
    Looks like Lexus needs to man-up and take care of there crappy paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • zoe8910zoe8910 Posts: 1
    I just noticed on my 2008 ES350 Lexus, which is a Burgundy that the top of the roof is peeling. Should I take it back to the dealer, repaint the roof, repaint the entire car, or just get another car???? I don't know what to do. Everything else is great and my car only has 20,000 miles on it.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    edited April 2017
    With those low miles, I would consider repainting the roof, if the color can be matched to the rest of the car. Repainting the entire car would be pretty expensive. You'd best examine the rest of the car carefully before you do anything because all of the vertical surfaces are subject to this kind of clear-coat disintegration.

    Do you keep the car under a cover outdoors sometimes?

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